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Everyday it seems there are reports of “miracle” new health discoveries or advances in cosmetic surgery and preventative medicine. Many of these reports either feature products that are not obtainable by the general public or are so experimental in nature that many years will pass before they are cleared for sale. However, from time to time a new advance in health and well-being comes on the market that is both easily obtainable and that seems to quickly demonstrate major beneficial results. The story of how Glyconutrients transformed Stephen Bragger’s life from constant pain to radiant health in six weeks is a case in point.

On a summer’s evening in June 1993 Stephen was travelling along the A1081 when a car pulled out from a minor road and hit him sideways on. Stephen was catapulted through the driver’s window and ended up on the back seat of the car unconscious. His horrific list of injuries included a closed (internal) head injury, a severe neck injury, a right arm broken below the elbow, a spine badly damaged in two places, a smashed jaw on the right hand side plus a broken right hip and socket.

At 26 Stephen was to face 11 years of operations, chronic pain, physiotherapy as well as large numbers of pain killers and other prescription drugs. A very fit, healthy and active young man before the crash, Stephen became a heavily overweight recluse with unpredictable mood swings and speech problems. He lost his short-term memory and had to walk with sticks.

In March 2004 he learned for the first time about Glyconutrients or cellular sugars and they were to have what Stephen calls “a totally miraculous effect” on his condition.

He lost three stone in weight in 12 weeks, recovered his short-term memory, regained his clarity of speech (losing his speech impediment), gave up his walking sticks and stopped taking all the prescription drugs including Ventolin which he had been using for Asthma since the age of thirteen.

Now energetic and totally healthy, Stephen has taken up a number of sports and is devoting his time and energies to motivating others to overcome mental or physical challenges and to educating people about Glyconutrients. He has written an e-book and last month addressed an international medical conference in Mauritius to alert doctors to the remarkable opportunities that Glyconutrients offer.


Glyconutrients or cellular sugars

For years, we have known that vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins), essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and water are the building blocks of the human body and that we need to take them as our body requires. Until recently, very little was known about carbohydrates other than their ability to provide energy. The newest and most exciting scientific advance is the discovery of additional special sugars called Glyconutritionals which are non-toxic, plant-based and are key ingredients in cell-to-cell communication.
Healthy bodies are comprised of many components working together in sophisticated harmony, and therefore must have accurate internal communication to function properly. In its most basic form, this communication occurs at the cellular level.

Only two of these eight special sugars are commonly found in foods we eat. Our diets have changed in response to demands for quicker, cheaper methods of mass producing food consequently we are not eating foods that once supplied a greater variety of these sugars. While the body has the capacity to manufacture all of these Monosaccharides (sugars) from common sugars like glucose found in the diet, the conversion process is complicated, requiring energy and time as well as numerous enzymes and vitamins.

Whenever these necessary Monosaccharides cannot be made, communication is slowed or impaired as a result. Viruses can also interfere with our body’s ability to make the conversions.

These Glyconutrients perform one of the most complex functions in the body. They send and translate commands from one cell to another through our body’s network of 600 trillion cells, communicating with, controlling and protecting every cell in our body. From cell division to cell protection, the role of these sugars is fundamental in life’s progression – and the key to optimum health.

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