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With IP (Internet Protocol) telephony and voice/data convergence now on the radar of many businesses, a brand new name has today appeared on the UK telecoms scene. Evoxus is the new trading name for EEscape in the business market. It is one of the fastest growing telcos in the country and the UK’s first true ‘IP generation’ communications company. Evoxus is one of a new breed of telecommunications companies that has IP telephony and voice-data convergence at the heart of its service offering. The company is also announcing today that it has become the first UK carrier to complete a PSTN interconnect from BT to a VoIP (Voice over IP) Carrier exchange.

Established in 1999 as a joint venture between BT Group, Unisys and Bank of Scotland, EEscape (trading under the brand name “Quip!) was the UK’s first true e-telecommunications company. The company was originally created to target high value, international spending, residential telephony customers. Evoxus is now providing voice services to SME and corporate business markets and the consumer market, whilst also providing wholesale services to resellers in the telephony market. Above all, Evoxus is aiming to help customers with a smooth transition to IP-integration.

The company has a unique position in that its IP network is accredited to be connected to the BT Public Switched Telephony Network. Evoxus is the gateway between the emerging world of IP transported telephony and the “old” world of circuit switched telephony.

“The world of telecoms is changing for the better, but times are uncertain for customers,” says Mark Lower, CEO of Evoxus. “Everyone is talking about Voice over IP as if it’s brand new, never-been-tried-before technology. The fact is that IP has been around for years and is well proven. The focus, however, is shifting from whether VoIP works to whether service providers are able to integrate VoIP with existing systems. Many say they can, but the reality is that most cannot!

“Businesses are unsure of what to do next. That’s because the telecoms market is so confusing, issues of security and reliability are paramount and no-one is going to throw away tried and tested equipment easily. What businesses need is the reassurance that VoIP will work and that the transition can be managed smoothly without disruption or risk. That’s what Evoxus is all about.”

By using private, secure broadband connectivity and carrier grade switches and support systems, businesses and consumers can communicate just as easily and reliably, but at a much lower cost. The new VoIP services can also be fully integrated with Information Technology (IT) Data services and share resources lowering the overall cost and reducing the complexity for the customer of managing separate voice and data suppliers and platforms.

“We lead the UK market with carrier grade IP telephony and next generation services: Evoxus Hosted IP PBX, IP Centrex and Evoxus IP Voice,” says Lower. “Evoxus customers can now use IP telephony with the same ease as traditional networks, with enhanced reliability, more features and security, whilst enjoying significant savings.”

Evoxus IP Centrex is distinctive from other IP telephony services, as it is a carrier grade, fully managed IP service that negates the need for capital investment in on-site equipment. However, for organisations that have already invested recently in equipment and private networks, Evoxus IP Voice creates a bridge between existing and new technology allowing a seamless, planned migration and a smooth journey to the next generation of services and platforms.

Evoxus also operates a traditional circuit switched network with tens of thousands of voice lines connected, providing a rich seam of existing customer relationships with whom Evoxus has a track record of innovation and success. The company has a unique position in that its IP network is accredited to be connected to the BT Public Switched Telephony Network; Evoxus is the gateway between the emerging world of IP transported telephony and the “old” world of circuit switched telephony. Evoxus’ services will provide end users with unique features – each integrated and able to interwork with legacy technologies in the voice and data communications market.

In June this year, BT announced that it would spend £10 billion and take five years to build an Internet Protocol (IP) next generation network. As BT deploys this network, Evoxus’ target market will extend from servicing companies who communicate over their own private IP networks to servicing the customers connected to BT’s new network. Eventually the addressable market will extend to the entire UK business market.

Evoxus is one of the fastest growing telcos in the UK, with over 50,000 consumer customers and 2,500 Broadband connected business customers. Turnover is growing at over 50% in 2004/05. However, it is in the IP-arena that Evoxus is leading the way. Mark Lower said: “I’m confident the demand we are experiencing for VoIP services and from customers asking us to take their business through the migration from where they are today to VoIP, will place us as a company with a turnover of £100m in five years.”

Evoxus has key partnerships with Huawei Technologies and BT Wholesale.

A global company, Huawei has a comprehensive portfolio of core network LAN and WAN switches, routers, optical transmission and access equipment including Mobile GSM and GPRS switches, toll and local switches and local access devices for voice and data services. The UK's first 'carrier grade' IP soft switch, supplied by Huawei, is installed and fully operational at Evoxus’ carrier hub sites.

BT Wholesale is at the centre of BT Group, providing network services and solutions to communication companies. With 28,500 employees and 6,500 operational buildings, BT Wholesale is still the largest network operator in the UK.

For further information about Evoxus, please visit the website or contact:

Simon Lubin
Mobile: 07860 232185

Evoxus website:

For further press information about Evoxus, please contact:

Katie King
Tel : 0208 360 2442
Mobile : 07974 161 179

Glen Goldsmith
Tel: 01483 811 234
Mobile: 07812 766 338

Editors Notes

Company History

Established in 1999 as a joint venture between BT Group (49% owned), Unisys (25.5%) and Bank of Scotland (25.5%), EEscape was the UK’s first true e-telecommunications company. Trading as Quip!, the company was created to target high, international spending residential telephony customers.

From sign up to customer relationship management, billing and payment collection, every stage of EEscape’s service was performed online through a web portal. In 2001, the company diversified, offering full ‘white label’ consumer services to retail brands such as Argos, Morgan Stanley and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Since then the company has grown and developed, although it has always been true to its innovative traditions. Today, under the new brand of Evoxus, the company provides voice services to the consumer and business market whilst also providing wholesale services to resellers in the telephony market. However, it is in the IP-arena that they are leading the way, with a commitment to make ‘carrier grade’ IP telephony a reality.

The company operates out of two main locations, Worton Drive, Reading and Selsdon Way, Docklands, London.

Each site has a high specification computer suite and accompanying office accommodation. A current generation Ericsson AXE10 public network switch is housed in each site, both of which are dual fed with fibre optic cables from multiple carriers. A Telsis Intelligent Network platform supports advanced number translation services (0845, 0870, 09xx) and other complex routing services.

The UK’s first true carrier grade Huawei Soft switch SX3000 was installed and operational at the Reading site in July 2003.

A second SX3000 complete with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compliant software has recently been installed (May 2004) at the Docklands site. The SX3000 passed BT interconnect testing in November 2004 and is the first full carrier class IP switch in Europe to be connected to the UK PSTN. The switch is currently supporting a number of beta trials of Hosted IP PBX, IP Centrex. Evoxus is using the trials to develop a full IP service for commercial launch in Q1, 2005.

The company currently employs 70 people, including Executive Directors, 4 senior functional managers, 36 in Operations, 11 in Sales, Marketing and Products and 8 in Finance.

Mark Lower – CEO

Evoxus is led by Mark Lower, former BT Director with shareholder responsibility for BT Group’s 49% interest in EEscape. In March 2003, Mark was appointed CEO of EEscape on secondment, resigning from BT in July 2003.

2001 heralded a return a return to BT for Mark after starting his career there as an engineer in 1974. Returning as Director of Commercial & New Business Development - BT Wholesale Markets, Mark was responsible for creating and growing an innovative portfolio of new products and services. Network Monitoring and Outsourcing Services for Network Operators along with BT Wholesale’s move into the mobility market were just some of his successes.

He brings almost 30 years experience in the Telecommunications industry with many years at corporate board level.

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