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Maybe it was seeing Angelina Jolie decked out in the glorious fashions of ancient Greece in the movie posters for Oliver Stone’s Alexander. But the emergence of an “antiquities sensibility” among consumers has prompted respected international antiquities dealer to complement its offering of authentic ancient artefacts with its new Ancienne Ambiance Collection ( of luxury consumer products which includes antiquity-inspired one-of-a-kind jewellery and scented candles.

Ancienne Ambiance Antiquity-Inspired Jewellery
To create the Ancienne Ambiance Collection jewellery pieces, Ancienne Ambiance founder Adriana Carlucci, a graduate of the London College of Fashion who has worked for trendy London handbag designer Lulu Guinness and Vogue writer Plum Sykes, has enlisted the help of Claire van Holthe, a rising-star London-based designer whose work has been featured in British Vogue and Tatler magazine. Using authentic beads and amulets from different ancient civilisations, Carlucci and van Holthe, who enjoys her own strong following of elite clientele including celebrities, have created one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the essence of ancient design themes complemented by a modern design sense and an eye to wearability.
Each piece comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity for the ancient artefacts used and is packaged in signature Ancienne Ambiance purple and black hand-crafted boxes. Prices for Ancienne Ambiance antiquity-inspired Jewellery begin at £300.

Ancienne Ambiance Collection Antiquity-Inspired Scented Candles
Developed by Carlucci, the Ancienne Ambiance Candle Collection features six candles each featuring a blend of fragrances evocative of an ancient culture.
The candles have approximately 60 hours burning time and elegant packaging reinforces the antiquity sensibility: the glass-encased candles come beautifully presented, in signature Ancienne Ambiance purple and black boxes, with a small insert of authentic hand-made Egyptian papyrus carrying the description and the ancient associations of the scent as follows:
A classical pure orange blossom fragrance: floral and fresh. The orange blossom flower was a symbol of eternal love and fruitfulness from the Middle Eastern origin of Assur and used by the Sumerians. Considered a treasure of the Middle East, this fragrance was thought to combat anxiety, fear and unrest with its soothing and uplifting properties.
Red rose and jasmine – two of the most prized florals of the ancient world have been blended to create this candle. The Persians had an extravagant taste for fragrance, with many Persian kings sharing it amongst their court and concubines. It was said that King Darius III kept hidden chests filled with these fine scents.
A dry and soft aromatic, this fragrance has natural amber tones with powerful diffusive character. Ambergris resin was favored by Roman Emperors and was considered rare and costly, found cast upon the seashore. The fragrance trade created an incredible frenzy in Rome, and the Romans used it with indulgence. Rome became the center for perfumers who supplied the entire society, including senators and mayors, with divine blends of amber scents.
Greek goddess of beauty, love and fertility, Aphrodite was believed to have been born of the foam of the sea, on the coast of Paphos in Cyprus. This island was well known for cultivating the cypress tree for scent and fragrance. Mediterranean cypress oil has been blended with a soft hint of musk to create this fragrance, evoking the presence of this supreme goddess.
With the scent of freshly cut cedar-wood blended with fresh herbs, this candle evokes the lovely fragrance found in the forest of Becharreh in Lebanon, home to the oldest cedar trees in the world. The Phoenicians believed the wood of the glorious cedars to be the sacred wood of the gods and used it to honor their ancestors, a task to which the ancient orient attached deep importance. The cedar tree was also thought to be an emblem of prosperity.
A blend of red rose and white lily petals, this fragranced candle evokes the very presence of Cleopatra VII, the last Ptolemaic Queen. This illustrious Queen was believed to be the personification of the Egyptian deity, Isis, the mother goddess and protector. It is said that from a young age she favored bathing in a rose water infusion.
With a retail price of £27 (inclusive of worldwide shipping) for a 190g-6.5oz candle, the Ancienne Ambiance Candles as well as the Jewellery are available directly from

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Photography of candles and jewellery as well as candle product samples available on request.

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