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Celebrities Future Lies Within The Signs…
- According to Chinese Astrology -

Could Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s recent split have anything to do with the power of Chinese Astrology? Are the mystical beliefs of the Ancient Chinese people destined to keep Wayne Rooney and Colleen McLaughlin together? Uncle Ben’s® Exclusive Chinese Astrologer, Foon Chik may have the answer.

“It’s all in the signs – where an animal sits on the Chinese lunar calendar can predict many things”, says Foon Chik.

“We already know that Brad and Jennifer have agreed to a separation, but this news could have been predicted earlier using Chinese Astrology. Determined ‘Earth Rooster’, Jennifer Aniston, clashes with tender ‘Water Rabbit’, Brad Pitt. Clashes make for good initial attraction, but Brad was likely to find more common ground with generous and understanding ‘Wood Rabbit’, Angelina Jolie.”

Personality clashes are experienced between those animals that sit opposite each other on the lunar table. Animal signs that are compatible tend to belong to the same element groups. In Chinese Astrology there are four elements (Metal, Water, Wood & Fire), for example Rats and Monkeys are both Water elements so they would be compatible.

This ancient Chinese theory has helped Uncle Ben’s determine where happiness begins and conflict arises between celebrities at the Chinese New Year dinner table.

Uncle Ben’s spokesperson Sally Shaw says, “Chinese New Year is a great time to unite family and friends over a Chinese meal. Uncle Ben’s has teamed up with a Chinese Astrologer to predict who should share the Chinese New Year celebrations, and what they should eat.”


Justin Timberlake (Monkey) & Kylie Minogue (Monkey) – If you take these two Monkeys away from the dance floor and send them on a Chinese New Year dinner date, a fruity yet savoury dish like Hoi Sin Duck with Mango will ensure Kylie won’t be able to get Justin out of her head. We may even see Justin waving goodbye to his ‘Senorita’, Cameron Diaz…

Rod Stewart (Monkey) and Penny Lancaster (Boar) - Mischievous Wood Monkey, Rod, has just hit the big 60, which is considered lucky in Chinese horoscopes! As a metal boar, Penny has both the affection and determination to keep Rod in a cheeky monkey mood, at the Chinese New Year dinner table - especially if she cooks him a rich and tasty meal such as Beef Black Bean with Cashews.

Prince Harry (Rat) and Chelsy Davy (Ox) - As a Wood Rat, Prince Harry is party animal, so he can hardly resist the stabilising force of Wood Ox, Chelsy. The common wood element makes for ease of understanding each other, especially when it comes to sharing a sweet and sour meal like Stir Fried Sweet And Sour Chicken With Cashew Nuts.


Tony Blair (Snake) and Gordon Brown (Rabbit) – Blair is a Water Snake with the gift of the gab and Metal Rabbit Brown is good with figures. Words and numbers, not a great combination!

Jordan (Horse) and Peter Andre (Ox) - Calm and sturdy Water Ox, Pete, is wildly attracted to uninhibited Earth Horse, Jordan, but it will be difficult for him to keep her under the reins for too long.

Victoria Beckham (Tiger) and Kylie Minogue (Monkey) – These two may be all smiles for the cameras, but this could be an act. Uncle Ben’s Chinese Astrologers theory is that the Monkey in Kylie clashes with the Tiger in Victoria causing endless friction.

- ends -

Notes to Editors:

· More celebrity predictions/information and pictures available on request.

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