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The controversial and newly incorporated Catholic Action Group announced today that it appears its boycott campaign against the English Catholic Church’s official charitable agency – CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) is starting to have some subtle effects. It started generically advertising today with its recruitment message “The argument is Black and White” in some of the Catholic Press, which is not under tight Catholic Church hierarchical censorship. Its website, also went live today.

CAFOD who have openly condoned the use of condoms since last year in the battle against HIV/Aids, appear to have recently removed their link to the Tablet article on their open adoption of the highly rebuked policy known as ABC “Abstain, Be Faithful, Use A Condom” from September 2004, which for months they have been happy to be associated with. This association has outraged many faithful Catholics who rightly know that to condone an evil action is sinful.

John Gunn, C.A.G’s National Coordinator commented on this observation “From a purely rational basis the link could have recently been removed for any number of reasons. Apart from a telephone conversation I had as a CAFOD contributor with its Director Chris Bain last year, they never respond to our enquiries as we want them to abandon their ABC approach on HIV/Aids as a policy. He told me then that he would abide by the teaching Magisterium, obviously his view on this and ours are poles apart. I recommend that concerned contributors to CAFOD, with consciences on this, should look at all the evidence and then ask CAFOD directly if this removal is because there is now an official distancing from their adoption of “ABC” as a policy or merely a strategic maneuver to hide the evidence, or for what other reason has it been done. CAFOD owe it to their Catholic contributors to be open and wholly transparent on this divisive issue.”

C.A.G starts to mailshot all the English Catholic Parishes with its message this coming week. Some of its material referred to the CAFOD website which as of 11 February 2005 has encouragingly been noticeably amended. It last week e-mailed 700 priests on this issue and less than 20 have asked to come off its mailing list?

In charity, Catholic Action Group (C.A.G) are happy to PUBLICLY stop this boycott campaign when and if CAFOD issue a clear and unambiguous statement which PUBLICLY recants their policy and clearly states that they DO NOT CONDONE the use of condoms in ANY circumstances.

On a more practical level, the evidence that promoting condoms does more harm than good is clear not only in Uganda, the one African country currently winning the battle against AIDS without condoms, but also in the Philippines and Thailand. Both countries discovered AIDS at about the same time. Thailand responded with a vigorous campaign of “ 100% condom use” while the Philippines promoted abstinence for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and warned against use of condoms. Now this realistic approach has resulted in only 1,935 cases of AIDS in the Philippines, while there are, sadly, 750,000 cases in Thailand, although their population is the smaller. – Source – Vatican

Robert Williams, C.A.G’s Secretary observed – “Given these case studies of both Thailand and Philippines, how could any organization nowadays in conscience or as best advice promote a condom solution as any sort of solution, apart from promoting promiscuity, the policy costs more sacred human lives”


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