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LONDON, FEBRUARY 16th 2005 -- The Rosegarden team and Fervent Software are delighted to announce the 1.0 release of Rosegarden MUSIC, an audio and MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor for Linux.

This release marks the completion of nearly five years of solid development effort and sets a precedent for music composition software. Never before has such a powerful and complete piece of music software been made available with its entire source code published! Rosegarden MUSIC combines simplicity with power in the most comprehensive piece of Linux music software yet assembled and it's the only Linux application to offer full composition and recording capabilities to musicians who want to use classical notation.

Fervent Software, the company that has backed the development of Rosegarden MUSIC, is now selling the Studio to Go! product bundled complete with this high-quality piece of music software. Additionally, the Studio to Go! package includes selected top quality Linux audio applications carefully packaged in a self configuring Linux Live CD environment. This means that you have access to the best music composition and recording applications at any time on any PC without the need for installation.

Fervent Software's Studio to Go! includes Rosegarden MUSIC 1.0.1 (enhanced) and integrates many other applications such as the Ardour Digital Audio Workstation, Audacity audio editor, the award-winning Hydrogen drum machine, JAMin mastering, Lilypond score typesetting software, soft synths, plugins and bundled VST instruments. All of these applications can be connected together using the JACK Audio Server, and all this comes complete with instructions, tutorials and demo material and 30 days support in an easy to use package that will run without installation on Windows PCs. Studio to Go! is available for UKP 49.99 direct from the Fervent website.

For more details and for ordering see:

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Some of Rosegarden MUSIC's most notable features include:

o MIDI and audio playback and recording
o Piano-roll, score, event list and track overview editors
o Clear, consistent and polished user interface
o Translations for Russian, Spanish, German, French, Welsh, Italian, Swedish, Estonian, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese, as well as UK and US English
o Help documentation available substantially or entirely translated
into German, Swedish and Japanese as well as English
o DSSI synth and audio effects plugin support, including
Windows VST effects and instrument support via dssi-vst
o LADSPA audio effects plugin support
o JACK transport support for synchronisation with other software
o Score interpretation of performance MIDI data
o Device definition files to ease MIDI portability
o Triggered segments for pattern sequencing & performable ornaments
o Audio and MIDI mixers
o MIDI and Hydrogen file import
o MIDI, Csound, Lilypond and MusicXML file export (including Postscript and PDF output file generation of score)

Press Quotes about Rosegarden MUSIC

"so laden with features it puts some of the other apps on test here to shame... Both the notation and matrix editors are supremely usable... thanks to a plentiful supply of keyboard shortcuts."

"The notation editor in particular is excellent, and produces beautiful-looking scores on screen... even more beautiful hard copy is possible. The notation editor is a delight to use and just packed with features... a powerful environment for sequencing and editing music."

- Linux Format Magazine

"combines audio recording, MIDI sequencing, full editing for MIDI and audio data, and music notation, all in one package... the Cubase of the Linux world."

- Computer Music Magazine

"a sophisticated MIDI [and] Audio sequencer, which also incorporates a high-quality score editor... the closest native equivalent to Cubase for Linux"

- Sound on Sound Magazine

Press Quotes about Studio to Go!

"A comprehensive selection of useful packages [with a] good collection of demo content and tutorial files. Combined with a USB drive, it really is a Studio to Go!"

- "Computer Music" Magazine

"load in a CD, boot up, and you have an entire studio filled with Linux music software ready to run, on any PC. Mastering tools, synths, drum machine, multitrack recording, notation, it's all there -- with zero configuration. You can even run Windows VSTs right in Linux... Brilliant -- and much-improved from my failed attempt to get Mandrake running on my own."

- "Create Digital Music" Online Magazine

Comments from registered users of Studio to Go!

"A superb product. I am impressed!"

"[W]hat a beautiful piece of work 'Studio to Go' is."

"I'm very impressed with Studio to Go! - I was making sounds on it within 5 minutes! The short tutorials were just what is needed to get you started... well worth the money."

"It just boots up from CD absolutely no problem ... hats off to you!"

"[Studio to Go!] feels stable... you have a great product. The interface is clear and concise ... the best interface of any software sequencer I've seen."

"It all works just as they say... bloody miraculous."

About Fervent Software

Fervent Software Ltd is a privately owned music technology company based in the UK. It focuses on delivering high standards of usability and accessibility for music and creative software as well as advocating and participating in major Open Source software development projects. Fervent Software works with many music technology providers and educational groups to bring high quality music software within anyone's reach. Studio to Go! establishes Fervent Software at the forefront of innovation and excellence in
music technology.

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