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Use multiple phone numbers from a single handset

We’ve all had occasions when we’ve given someone a personal phone number, and then regretted it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give someone a number that was unique to them, but have it ring on your personal phone, without them knowing your number? Better still, what if you could always tell when it was them calling (even if they withheld their number) and could decide to take their call or send them to voicemail (with a greeting message that is personal to them).

It’s now possible with SecurFone, a brand new service that’s set to transform they way we communicate by phone. You won’t need any new equipment and can continue to use your existing network provider.

There’s so many ways in which SecurFone can be used. Here’s just one example. Most people that are actively dating will have had at least one bad experience after giving out their personal phone number. Does this sound familiar? They seemed normal enough at first, so you gave them your phone number; however, when it didn’t work out, they wouldn’t move on and kept calling you (maybe, withholding their number) or sending you endless text messages. For many people, the only solution has been to cancel their phone number and start with a new one. It’s a nightmare trying to remember all the people that had your number and then contacting them to let them know it’s changed.

Now consider this same situation using a SecurNumber. The person you gave the SecurNumber to (let’s call him Andrew) starts acting a bit strange. His calls come through showing the SecurNumber and his name, and it’s announced “SecurCall from Andrew, press 1 to accept or 2 to decline”. So you decline the call, and he goes through to voicemail and hears “Hi Andrew, sorry I missed your call. Leave me a message and I’ll get back to you”. His messages start getting more and more intense, so you route him to ‘Greeting Only’ (you leave him a message but he can’t leave one for you): “Andrew, this isn’t working out, so I’m calling it a day. This SecurNumber has been set to automatically cancel after you listen to this. Have a good life!” Ouch. Andrew’s out of your life for ever. No more calls or text messages – just gone. Forget dumping someone by email or text message, use a SecurNumber and avoid those unsavoury replies!

SecurFone provides safety in numbers.

For a free 3 month trial, go to click on ‘Join Now’ and enter the promotion code [PRSN7879].

For further information, go to and run the demo, or contact:

Alan Hixon
0870 432 0186

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