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The MOLE Clinic, the UK’s leading private Independent Diagnostic Centre for the early diagnosis of skin cancer, is the only Clinic in the UK using pioneering technology, in the form of the award winning microDERM® Expert System for advanced screening and computerised mole mapping. This technology can help increase diagnostic accuracy and detect melanoma in its earliest stages - which is paramount for survival. Apart from the MOLE Clinic, only 2 NHS hospitals currently offer the technology.

Shockingly, a significant proportion of patients who have visited The Mole Clinic have been previously misdiagnosed by their local GP before attending the clinic. This does put into question whether many GPs are in a position to detect melanoma and other skin cancers in their surgeries.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin produced a “Report on the enquiry into the Treatment, Management and Prevention of Skin Cancer” in February 2003, which led to the report calling skin cancer a ”Cinderella Cancer”. The enquiry found that clinicians and patients affected by skin cancer did not receive the same investment or support provided for other cancers. A severe shortage of consultant dermatologists and other experts needed to detect and treat skin cancer patients was also recognised. Ultimately however, it was the lack of training amongst GPs, leading to misdiagnosis that was highlighted as a key concern. This is echoed by the experiences of a number of patients visiting The Mole Clinic. Since the Report was issued, little if anything has changed.

Julia Saunders, a Landscape Gardener from Suffolk visited The Mole Clinic last year following what she felt was an inadequate appointment with her GP. “I had spotted a changing mole on the top of my right thigh which I was concerned about, but on visiting my doctor he told me it was nothing to worry about. I wasn’t convinced though, so when I saw a feature on The Mole Clinic I made an appointment to see them straightaway” said Julia. “The Mole Clinic discovered that the mole was in fact malignant melanoma and it was removed immediately. I will never trust my doctor to assess my moles again, it definitely needs an expert opinion which they just don’t have.”

The Mole Clinic is raising awareness of its services this year through its BE MOLE AWARE campaign, which aims to educate the public about the importance of early detection and skin screening. “Early detection of melanoma saves lives which is why being mole aware is so important for everyone” said Iain Mack, Director and Founder of The Mole Clinic. “There is no cure for melanoma which makes the precious time that misdiagnosis wastes particularly disturbing. Moles must be checked by an expert to ensure that the diagnosis is correct.”

A consultation at The Mole Clinic costs just £95. A personal Melanoma Risk Profile is used to calculate the chances of an individual acquiring melanoma - now or in the future. The current lifetime risk for the average person is 1:71, but varies with factors such as hair colour, skin tone and sun exposure. Moles are then visually examined and scanned using the Expert System technology. The system digitally magnifies the mole up to 50 times, enabling a trained dermoscopist to evaluate otherwise invisible, suspicious features. This technique alone is significantly more accurate than naked eye examinations. In addition, the Expert System automatically allocates a Melanoma Risk Score – the higher the score the greater the risk – providing an instant and valuable ‘second opinion.’. To scan one mole costs an additional £95, whilst further moles cost £5 each. A consultation takes between 30 and 60 minutes. A doctor’s referral is not required.

To make a media appointment for a screening or to receive further information or case studies from The Mole Clinic, 9 Argyll Street, London W1F 7TG (, please contact Trew Relations on 020 7486 3535.

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