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Automation Tools Accelerating Benefits of Server Farms

The cost and complexity of implementing and operating large server farms is driving the move to automated management tools, according to server-based solutions specialist, visionapp. Manual approaches to deployment and management of large, terminal server environments are not only expensive, but increasingly impossible to execute efficiently and securely.

According to Forrester, whilst approximately 90% of Fortune 1000 companies have deployed SBC technology, on average, less than 10% of desktops in those companies connect to applications using SBC. Why is this? Deployment of server farms cans be both time-consuming and expensive. In many cases, customers don't have the relevant experience to deploy this critical infrastructure. As administrator costs are high, companies often lack sufficient administrators to manage the existing and growing server farm environment. Alternatively, even with a sufficient number of administrators, the rate of growth can mean they lose track of what's installed where, and are simply unable to confirm change and deployment status through a manual approach. Furthermore, this manual approach means that expensive system engineers are spending their time performing basic operational work.

“More and more companies are embracing the benefits that server-based computing can deliver,” said Perry Stanford, Regional Director UK, for visionapp. “However, many people underestimate the problems associated with deployment and management of such solutions. We know from our own experience and feedback from customers that manual management of large server farm environments can mean long and expensive deployments, not jut of the server farms, but of application deployment and migration as well. A manual approach to managing such complexity is both expensive and prone to human error, which is why we are seeing a shift to automation tools that are accelerating the benefits of server-based computing, while reducing the cost and complexity.”

In addition to the problems of deployment, a manual approach to managing server farms can also be an expensive overhead. For example, user set up is difficult to manage in constantly changing environments and non-standard server builds can lead to crashes of the entire farm.

“One of the other common problems we see with manual installation and management is that it's impossible to rollback if there are any problems,” added Stanford. “An automated management tool eliminates these problems and also allows for the management of important security patches and maintenance.”

visionapp is addressing this issue through its visionapp Platform Management Suite, which provides fully automated installation and administration processes for larger terminal server environments, including Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server. visionapp Platform Management Suite significantly accelerates the time it takes to reinstall and operate large terminal environments. Following an initial set up, subsequent builds can be achieved in as little as four hours. This functionality not only delivers cost savings, but dramatically improves operational availability during upgrades. The full rollback capabilities in visionapp Platform Management Suite, combined with automated update management, enable companies to reduce the risks associated with an update failure. This ensures a level of confidence and change management control, and better support during the installation and administration process, which is particularly important with the increasing rate of security patches.

About visionapp

visionapp is a provider of innovative end-to-end server based computing and portal solutions, specialising in the planning, implementation and operation of solutions based on Microsoft and Citrix technologies. visionapp tools enable the creation of standardised solutions for application portals in addition to the installation, automation and management of large Citrix server farms. With in excess of 50,000 seats worldwide, visionapp customers include companies such as Deutsche Bank, Daimler Chrysler Bank, Dresdner Bank, BW Bank, Bayerische Landesbank, RWE Innogy and L'Oreal. Furthermore, iZBSOFT, the largest server based computing sit in the world, uses visionapp products to manage its server-based computing environment. For more information on visionapp, please visit

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