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Spring has sprung, summer has just begun and beautiful babies can look even more gorgeous thanks to the new Cozy Cocoon™ range, recently introduced to the UK.

Based on swaddling, a technique that has been used in Native America since ancient times, many parents claim this whimsical sock-like dress helps to calm their babies. So, as well as giving them an especially cute look, it can help them to sleep and eat better.

The organic cotton version is a favourite among true earth mothers, giving their babies an informal, relaxed and comfortable style while also helping them to feel secure and settled.

Jolanta Filipek at Cosy Planet, distributor of the Cozy Cocoon™, says: “Many parents are crying out for help around sleep and meal times. The Cozy Cocoon™ helps to calm babies by recreating the secure environment experienced in the womb. This leaves them feeling relaxed and safe.”

Baby Cocoons start at £22.99 each and matching hats are available at £5.99 each, with Tassel Hats at £8.99. The cost of delivery is £3.95, however if the order is over £75 delivery is free. The range is available from

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For further information or to receive a sample contact:
Kirsty Marshall, PR for Cosy Planet, on 0845 05 69 772 or 07980 649 501

Notes to editors:

About Cozy Cocoon™ and Swaddling

Cozy Cocoon™ is an American-born baby product that is distributed in the UK by Cosy Planet. Jolanta Filipek, at Cosy Planet, chose to distribute the Cozy Cocoon™ to the UK market following research that discovered the idea of swaddling was growing in popularity, but that parents were concerned about wrapping babies too tightly for fear of overheating.

The premise behind Cozy Cocoon™ is that babies can have all the calming effects of swaddling, without the parental worry of mastering tricky swaddling techniques.

Swaddling is an age-old practice that mimics the tightness of the womb. Restricting the movement of babies helps to calm and soothe them as they get used to freedom of movement in the outside world.

Many mothers claim that swaddling helps with the following:

· Provides warmth and comfort to newborn babies
· Prevents a baby from scratching its face
· Calms fussy babies and helps them sleep through the night
· Helps babies feel secure by preventing them from flailing arms and legs

The baby cocoons start at £22.99 each and matching hats are available at £5.99 each with Tassel Hat priced at £8.99. The cost of delivery is £3.95, however if the order is over £75 delivery is free. The range is available from

Cozy Cocoon™ is also available from the following websites. Price and delivery costs may vary:

How do I swaddle my baby?

Take a light cotton sheet and spread it out flat on an even surface so it forms the shape of a diamond rather than a square. Fold down the top corner so it forms a straight line and lay baby on top of the sheet with the fold at his neck. Start with the left corner and bring it across his body then tuck it behind him. Bring the bottom corner up to his tummy and then take the right corner back across his body and wrap around him gently.

Remember, the idea behind swaddling is that it will soothe him, calm him and make him feel safe. Don’t wrap him too tightly or cover his head, as this could be bad for him. The objective is not to make him warm but to make him feel secure.

Why should I swaddle my baby?

Many mothers and midwives claim that the act of swaddling helps to calm fussy babies, helping them sleep and eat better. It’s an age-old practice that has been used for generations.

Why should I consider a Cozy Cocoon™ instead?

Some parents feel clumsy and awkward when attempting to swaddle their baby and don’t have the confidence to master the technique. Others are concerned about overheating.

Each Cozy Cocoon™ is made of a lightweight fabric and is stretchy so baby feels secure without feeling hot or overly restricted. Baby can reap the rewards of swaddling with minimal parental concern.

The Cozy Cocoon™ also allows baby enough room to move his hands to his face to take comfort in sucking on his fingers – even though he is snug as a bug!

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