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PortWise 4.0 Integrated Platform Moves Beyond Point Product Deployment to Deliver Integrated Secure Application Access from Any Device in any Location

PortWise today announced the availability of PortWise 4.0, the industry’s first fully integrated and completely extensible software platform for Secure Application-Centric Access. The PortWise software platform provides a holistic approach to secure internal and external access to applications. Going beyond a traditional point security product deployment, the PortWise software platform offers a rich, integrated suite addressing all aspects of secure application access, including user device assessment, strong user authentication, policy-based user authorisation, secure clientless access, access auditing and compliance, and session clean-up. Using the PortWise software platform, it is possible to provide completely secure access to critical information and applications for internal users, the mobile workforce and integrated distributed partner networks from any device in any location. Using PortWise 4.0 enables organisations to securely mobilise their workforce and boost pr
oductivity of employees and partners while completely protecting the integrity of their organisation.

“Just providing an SSL VPN access solution for your employees is no longer enough,” said Phil Bousfield, CEO, PortWise. “Customers are demanding a tightly coupled set of security services such as strong user authentication, application-level authorization, access auditing and device compliance that work seamlessly together with SSL VPN based access. Organizations not taking an integrated approach when providing secure application access for their employees and partners, are creating an unprecedented opportunity to introduce viruses, spyware and a slew of other malicious software directly into the heart of the datacenter”.

“For the first time organizations can become truly mobile without sacrificing the need for flexibility or security” said Jonathan Martin, PortWise CMO. “By its very nature, our software has concentrated on application-centric secure access, but this new platform-based release adds a breadth of capability and cohesiveness that is unprecedented in the industry. It enables organizations to mobilize their workforce and partner communities, to consolidate the management of application access into a single, auditable location, and enable businesses get their applications to market rapidly, flexibly and securely.”

PortWise 4.0 is a comprehensive platform offering, which addresses the six ‘A’s so critical to ensuring secure application access: Assess, Authenticate, Authorise, Assess, Audit and Abolish. PortWise 4.0 provides full security assessment of a users device (laptops, PDAs, smart phones etc) before it is allowed to connect to a corporate network, ensuring they comply with corporate security policy, which is defined centrally. Security inspection may include checking for the existence of a personal firewall or anti-virus software, that correct operating systems and patches are installed, whether spyware exists, the device is of the correct type and so on. Non-compliant devices may be refused entry, or referred to an appropriate software update site.

PortWise 4.0 is able to determine that a user is who they claim to be with its unique two-factor authentication functionality. A mobile phone, pager or blackberry is used to provide a second factor of authentication (the first being user name and password) and therefore the highest level of security is provided without the need for hardware-based token technology. PortWise integrates fully with existing infrastructure such as Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP and Novell e-Directory Services, and consequently there is no identity duplication when providing strong authentication.

To truly provide an application-centric access solution, users need to be granted access on an application-by-application basis each time they log in. PortWise 4.0 determines which applications a user gains access to at login time. This policy-based authorisation can be set to include a number of factors, including which geographic access point they are using, the type and level of authentication level they provided, the type of device they are using and their role in the organization.

PortWise 4.0 provides access through a highly available, secure encrypted network tunnel between a user’s device and the desired application. As the PortWise solution is clientless, access is available through a user-friendly portal via any Internet browser. Its scalable, modular architecture means that multiple access points can be implemented at no extra cost providing scalable Mainframe, Client/Server, Web, Terminal Server and File Server application support from any device.

PortWise 4.0 audits who accessed which application, when and what they downloaded. This central capture of all remote access activity provides a permanent record of all application access, increasingly important when organisations are called upon to demonstrate compliance to industry, government or corporate regulations.

Finally, PortWise 4.0 abolishes all traces of access to the corporate network on completion of the session, including cookies, URL history, cached pages, registry entries and downloadable components.

Pricing and Availability
PortWise Enterprise Edition 4.0 is available immediately and pricing starts at £40 per named user.

About PortWise

PortWise provides completely secure access to critical information and applications for the mobile workforce and distributed partner networks, from any device in any location. Its
Application-Oriented Access solution is the industry’s first fully integrated single platform to enable the secure mobilisation of the workforce while driving efficiencies and protecting the integrity of the organisation. Unlike point solutions and simple SSL VPN, PortWise provides deep integration with other security services within the enterprise. PortWise was recently cited in Gartner Group’s SSL VPN Magic Quadrant as a technology visionary. PortWise are an international software company with offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, United States, India, Singapore and partners across Europe, Asia and North America. Further details can be found at

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