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Only Entity Truly Capable of Delivering A Single Customer View Is The Customer Himself, Which is the Fatal Flaw of CRM Systems, Says PAOGA

The emergence of Personal Knowledge Banks, which give access, ownership, management and control of personal data back to the individual, will turn customer relationship management (CRM) on its head, eventually replacing CRM systems over time, according to personal records management specialists, PAOGA Ltd.

Corporate disillusionment and high failure rates of CRM projects have led many companies to question their return on investment in expensive data marts and complex CRM software. However, consumer data can never be captured 100 per cent no matter how extensive the database or how much it is enriched with third party data sources or modelling techniques. This is because the only entity truly capable of delivering a single customer view is the customer himself, which PAOGA believes is the fatal flaw of consumer CRM systems.

“Consumer organisations use CRM software to ‘know you better’ so that they can anticipate your needs and target their sales efforts to ensure that you buy from them,” said Graham Sadd, CEO of PAOGA Ltd. “However, even though these companies are doing their best to focus on you, their customer, you are not solely focused on them. Letting individuals control and manage the access to their own data is the only way large organisations will ever be able to truly target and effectively sell to them.”

Furthermore, less responsible organisations ‘sell’ their CRM data to all sorts of people who may or may not be discerning with an individual’s personal details. Worse, inaccurate and out of date records can pass from hand to hand and result, for example, in an application for a loan being rejected.

“Individuals should have the ability to transact with an organisation and then walk away, effectively ‘slamming the door’ if they no longer wish to buy from them,” added Sadd. “Instead of marketing companies distributing an individual’s information to numerous vendors and organizations with no means of tracking and maintaining it, Personal Knowledge Banks provide individuals with their own database where they maintain their current personal details in one place.”

Given the omnipresence of the Web, improving bandwidth and the reduced cost of storage, Personal Knowledge Banks provide an ideal on-demand Web Service Application, saving time, money and concern about identity hijacking given appropriate security. PAOGA uses the ubiquity of the Internet to give individuals total control over their personal data. By giving access, control and responsibility of personal data back to the individual, PAOGA reduces and automates unnecessary bureaucracy, automatically compiling a complete record of all interactions with various organisations, as well as the ability for individuals to supplement this data with their own preferences and plans.

PAOGA sees Personal Knowledge Banks extending beyond traditional consumer boundaries over time with individuals taking responsibility for their Medical Records, reducing costs for the NHS and joining up all of their different legacy systems. Similarly, third parties can provide independent verification and certification of sensitive data which individuals cannot change.

About PAOGA Ltd

Founded in 2002, PAOGA Ltd provides the global technology platform that enables Web Service Operators to deliver secure Personal Knowledge Banks for an individual’s data. PAOGA’s core asset is the PAOGAplatform which is an IT architecture and infrastructure. The company licenses access to the platform to Web Services Operators who are building applications for specific horizontal and vertical markets marketed directly to end users. The company is currently working with a number of Web Services Operators in the areas of Property, Project Management and Recruitment.

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