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SAND Addresses Unbridled Data Warehouse Growth by Enhancing Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) Solution
Extends ILM for Data Warehouse Options Across the Corporate Information Factory with Greater Integration of SAND Analytic Server and SAND Searchable Archive

Montreal, April 21st, 2005 – SAND Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: SNDT), an innovator in analytic application infrastructure, today announced additional capability for managing the phenomenal growth of corporate data warehouses with tighter interoperability between version 2.1 of SAND Searchable Archive and the SAND Analytic Server. These two products are available individually as a compact warehouse, operational data store (ODS) or corporate data store, and a high-performance analytic application platform respectively, or may be used together to extend the performance of an existing relational warehouse as Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) components of the SAND Extensible Warehouse Architecture. They are designed to optimize the accessibility of critical business data in a business environment where data volumes are growing at an unprecedented rate.

“Data volumes in warehouses lacking effective data retirement or archiving strategies are growing in excess of 100% a year even before considering new requirements for data compliance purposes,” commented Gartner, Inc. analyst, Mark Beyer. “In this environment users need to be creative in their use of technology solutions to balance growth and performance requirements.”

“SAND’s Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) approach to Data Warehousing responds to these challenges by acknowledging that not all data is of equal value to an organization at a given point in time,” said Bill Inmon, President of Inmon Data Systems. “SAND products allow organizations to effectively partition data according to its real operational value. Actively used data remains ‘online’ in the warehouse while data with near-term value is moved 'nearline’ into the very efficient SAND Searchable Archive. Historical or compliance data can be archived ‘offline’ where it is still readily available to be restored ‘on demand’ to meet user requirements or compliance reporting needs.”

“The combination of SAND Searchable Archive and SAND Analytic Server has proven to be a powerhouse solution for us,” adds Mark Spear, LENNON Program Director for leading systems integrator Atos Origin. “In a recent project for the UK Rail Settlement Plan, we replaced an estimated 14-terabyte relational warehouse that would be needed to store up to 15 years of data with a combination of SAND products that will occupy less than a terabyte of storage. We were able to maintain operational performance while reducing costs tremendously.”

About SAND Searchable Archive 2.1
SAND Searchable Archive is a highly compact analytic repository that typically stores data in less than 10% of the space required by an equivalent relational data warehouse. Production installations have yielded 80%-90% compression of input data, which translates to at least 95% compression in comparison to a similar indexed relational database.

SAND Searchable Archive’s compressed read-only archive files, which can be created from any structured data sources such as Oracle, DB2, MS SQLServer or Teradata, can be searched using standard Business Intelligence tools and methods without decompressing the data first. In nearline applications, the selected data can be efficiently restored to the online warehouse, Operational Data Store or analytic server. In offline configurations, the selected data is queried in place without the need to restore it.
Users can configure the speed of data selection by adjusting the available server and storage resources, using less expensive media when storage cost is the underlying driver, and higher-performance resources, disc and servers when speed of data access is critical. Because the data access rate corresponds linearly with CPU usage, query speeds against the compressed files can approach or even exceed those achieved against the source warehouse.

New functionality in version 2.1 includes the ability to “tune” performance to optimize compression or optimize access speed, and increased integration with SAND Analytic Server, including the ability to launch “datamarts-on-demand”.

About SAND Analytic Server 4.1
SAND Analytic Server is a high-performance multi-user platform that facilitates the development and deployment of complex online analytic applications. It is typically 1/3 the size of an equivalent indexed relational data warehouse or data mart, but offers greater flexibility and more efficient analytic performance. It does not require specialized indexing, so it is faster to set up, faster to accommodate changes in the business environment and faster to respond to user requests for data.
SAND Analytic Server works with industry-standard Business Intelligence tools and runs on standard hardware, optimizing the performance of both. Enhanced functionality in version 4.1 includes support for tables with up to 263-2 rows, and "fuzzy search" operations such as “sounds like” and “spelled like”.

About the SAND ILM Strategy for Analytic Environments
SAND Technology's Information Lifecycle Management approach leverages the strength of the existing data warehouse and operational data store (ODS) components of the Corporate Information Factory, by freeing them from the need to support both active “online” data and historical data in the same repository. SAND Searchable Archive provides highly efficient “nearline” and “offline” data at a fraction of the resource requirement of relational environments. The result is a more efficient deployment of the “online” database and more cost effective storage of compliance, historical or secondary data. The “nearline” archival data can be restored to the core warehouse or ODS as and when needed, or queried directly. More complex analysis can be hosted on a SAND Analytic Server, where the ‘killer queries' will run more efficiently, sparing business users from the performance penalties usually associated with complex analysis. The result: greater data availability, better levels of serv
ice to all classes of users, and reduced complexity of analytic infrastructure management.

About SAND Technology®
SAND Technology provides organizations worldwide with a unique vantage point from which to survey the competitive landscape. SAND’s advanced analytic data management products empower users with a better understanding of their business environment through better access to their business data.
SAND Technology-based solutions include CRM analytics, financial analysis, regulatory compliance and specialized Business Intelligence applications for government and security, healthcare, telecom-munications, financial services, retail and other business sectors.
SAND Technology has offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Central Europe, and is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol SNDT. For more information, visit

All Rights Reserved. SAND Technology and Nucleus are registered trademarks, and SAND Analytic Server, SAND Searchable Archive, See What’s on the Horizon, analytics @ the speed of business, and all related SAND- and Nucleus-based marks and designs, are trademarks of SAND Technology Inc.

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e detailed discussion of these risks and uncertainties and other business risks, see SAND's current Annual Report and SAND's reports to the Securities and Exchange Commission. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. We undertake no obligation to publicly release the result of any revision of these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date they are made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events.


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