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It seems we’re likely to worry less about bad weather and building sites whilst on holiday than being ill. New research from Imodium(TM) shows that 48% of people rank being unwell as the single most likely problem to spoil a holiday, with poor location (23%) and bad weather (10%) coming second and third(1). Despite this, only 40% of travellers pack an antidiarrhoeal(2).

Of the estimated 7 million people who fall ill on holiday each year, 90% of illnesses are stomach related3. In fact, one third of all holidaymakers have actually had their holidays spoilt due to illness(1) and yet, as the table below(4) shows, we don’t seem to be packing for the most common illnesses when we go abroad:

Most common conditions suffered:
2.Nausea, queasiness or vomiting
3. Diarrhoea

Most common medications packed:
1. Paracetamol / ibuprofen
2. Aftersun
3. Antiseptic cream

Being taken ill whilst abroad can be an unpleasant experience. When you are a long way from home, unfamiliar surroundings and varying levels of medical facilities can both contribute to the worries that holiday illness can bring.

Dr Mike Townend, travel health expert*, comments, "It is not surprising how many people acknowledge that health is an important factor for a successful holiday. What is surprising however, is the fact that people are not preparing properly. For instance, a common ailment such as diarrhoea can result in someone being confined to their room for up to 15% of their holiday(5). Packing the right medication, in this instance an anti-diarrhoeal, will allow them to treat their symptoms effectively, and could save them from a spoilt holiday."

In order to help people better prepare for illness on holiday, Imodium is launching a travel health campaign this summer. As part of the campaign Imodium(TM) have produced a holiday first aid checklist that is available at
As part of the travel health campaign Imodium has produced the following checklist which suggests useful OTC medications and first aid items that can be taken on any holiday:

Indigestion / heartburn remedy (e.g. Pepcidtwo®)
Anti-nausea tablets (e.g. Motilium™10 for post-meal nausea)
An anti-diarrhoeal (e.g. Imodium™ Instants)
Oral rehydration tablets
Sunscreen and aftersun
Motion sickness medication (e.g. Stugeron(TM))
Antihistamine tablets
Antiseptic cream
Antifungal creams and powders (eg Daktarin(TM) Dual Action spray powder)
Insect repellent
Water disinfectant tablets
Scissors and tweezers
Plasters, bandages, gauze and tape

Holidaymakers can also get a free copy of the Passport To Healthy Travel which includes general health advice about how to prepare for, and deal with, holiday health ailments including one of the most common – the dreaded travellers’ diarrhoea! Your free copy of Passport To Healthy Travel can be ordered online at or by calling 0800 1970797.

Imodium Instants are particularly suitable for acute bouts of diarrhoea experienced on holiday or whilst out and about, because they melt on the tongue in seconds without the need for water, leaving a pleasant mint aftertaste. They can be taken anytime, anywhere. Imodium Instants can stop diarrhoea with just one dose and are available in a convenient 6 pack from pharmacies, convenience stores, grocers and supermarkets nationwide.

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Notes to editors:

*Dr Mike Townend has written and lectured on travel health for many years. He has written a book "Travel Health for the Primary Care Team" and continues to write for a number of medical and nursing publications. He teaches on the Diploma and MSc courses in Travel Medicine in Glasgow. He is an Executive Committee member of the British Travel Health Association (BTHA) and was a member of the initial steering committee that presided over its inception. In addition to this he has for the last few years edited Travelwise and chaired the Publications Subcommittee.

Imodium Instants contains loperamide. Stugeron contains cinnarizine.
Motilium contains domperidone. Daktarin Dual Action contains contains miconazole nitrate. Always read the leaflet.

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