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The ‘HELP – For a life without tobacco’ campaign has produced an article that focuses on passive smoking and the actions that are taking place across Europe on the issue, in the wake of smoking bans in Ireland, Italy and Malta.

The document, produced in conjunction with the European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP), highlights a number of facts relating to passive smoking and why smoking prevention is becoming a focus for Europe wide attention.

Some of the passive smoking facts included in the article:
· It was estimated that in 2001 within the EU-15 alone, exposure to second-hand smoke accounted for between 50,000 and 100,000 deaths each year.

· The smoker inhales only 15% of smoke from a cigarette. The remainder contributes to passive smoking.

· Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemical substances of which more than 50 are known to be carcinogenic and more than 100 to be toxic.

· There is a 15% higher risk of mortality in adults who live with a smoker even if they have never smoked themselves.

· People who lived with smokers ran a 25% greater risk of suffering from a coronary heart disease.

To obtain a copy of the article please contact Niall Dologhan on 020 8543 2299 or at

The Europe Community is actively developing a complete anti-smoking policy. You can find out more on the following two websites:



Smokers worried about the effects of passive smoking can ring Quitline 0800 00 22 00 or email for friendly help and advice on how to stop.


Editor’s notes:

· “HELP” is the second major EU-wide anti-smoking campaign run by the Commission. The campaign consists of a roadshow and public relations campaign, an advertising campaign and a website with help on how to quit.

· The European Commission has earmarked €72 million for the new campaign between now and 2008. Adolescents (15 to 18 year olds) and young adults (18 to 30 years olds) will be the main target groups.

· A consortium of health experts and media companies has devised the “HELP” campaign. The media companies delivering the campaign are working in partnership with the NGOs and public health bodies brought together by the European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP).

· At the outset of the campaign Markos Kyprianou, the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection, said: “The sickness and death caused by smoking costs EU countries €100 billion a year. Prevention and information campaigns like “HELP” are an investment in a healthier and more prosperous future for our citizens. As well as promoting tobacco-free lifestyles to young people, the campaign will also highlight the dangers of passive smoking and support the trend towards tobacco-free public places.”

He continued: “Eight out of ten smokers start in their teenage years. Once hooked, it is a habit that takes many of them to an early grave. Every year, 650,000 EU citizens die from tobacco related disease. I am determined to do everything I can to stop young people taking up smoking, and to help young smokers kick the habit before it ruins their health. I want to see a major shift in our society, where being smoke-free becomes the norm and the smoke-addicted are a dwindling minority. If all EU countries followed the lead of Ireland, Italy and Malta and banned smoking in public places it would go a long way to achieving this.”

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