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Fight Hay fever the Natural Way with STÉRIMAR

Experts predict hotter climates in the UK, which is likely to lead to many plants flowering earlier making hay fever worse, and making it last for longer periods. While most of us look forward to the hottest months of the year, more and more of us dread the streaming eyes, stuffy nose, itchy throat and constant sneezy feeling…

STÉRIMAR is a natural de-congestant spray that harnesses the power of the sea to clean irritants out of the nose minimising the symptoms endured by hay fever sufferers. Caused by an allergic reaction to the pollen released when a plant begin to flower, hay fever is one of the most common allergies. It affects about 12 million people in the UK and if you suffer yourself, you’ll know just how uncomfortable it can be.
Surprisingly, hay fever seems to be more common in the cities and towns than in the countryside. Inner city pollution, fumes, stuffy tube trains, and air conditioning in offices make things worse, aggravating the usual hay fever symptoms.
If there’s one thing that makes us all feel better, it’s a good dose of fresh sea water. STÉRIMAR is just that. Sea water in a bottle!
For those not fortunate enough to live by the coast, STÉRIMAR nasal spray is an excellent alternative. This unique aerosol product delivers a micro fine spray of sterile isotonic seawater, which gently and safely cleans nasal passages to help you breathe more easily.
Hay fever begins with repeated exposure to allergens such as pollen. When you use STÉRIMAR, you help to clear your nose of the allergens that start the chain reaction of hay fever. Unlike other decongestant products, STÉRIMAR is totally natural and can be used as often as required and is safe for use by babies, children and adults alike. Its complimentary nature means you can also use it in conjunction with any other allergy medication.

STÉRIMAR originated in France in 1975 and is still the market leader. It’s is now available in 58 countries worldwide. It’s CE marked and available in Boots, Superdrug and many independent Chemists. Priced at £5.99 for 100ml (approximately 300 doses)
www.STÉ for more info and clinical trials

Where else Stérimar can help:
Hay fever and allergies washes irritants out of nose
Post-operative cleaning to promote healing and avoid infection
Before using medicated allows medication to be effective,
nasal sprays no drug interaction
Dry nose naturally re-moistens nasal tissue
Congestion relief helps to thin mucous and drain
Smoke and pollution cleans residues out of nose
Blocked noses gentle alternative to nose blowing
of babies and children

• In the early 70s, François HERLEMONT, CEO of Laboratoires Fumouze, developed the idea to put sea water benefits in a nasal spray. It launched in France in 1975 and is still the market leader. STÉRIMAR is now available in 58 countries worldwide.
• STÉRIMAR is widely recommended by Ear Nose and Throat specialists in the UK and France for use by patients after nose operations, where it helps to keep the nasal passage clear and free from infection.

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