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A recent study into the use of music to aid restful sleep, revealed a 35% improvement amongst people who suffered from sleep problems, after listening to 45 minutes of music before bedtime. [1]

Whilst the study group concentrated on older people with sleep problems, the noted physical effects of listening to music before bedtime, such as lower heart and respiratory rates, are factors that aid a good night’s sleep for all ages.

Suggested feature angles:
*Facts/ stats on sleeping problems
*Advice/facts on preparing yourself for sleep (see facts overleaf)
*Steps to a better night’s sleep – including products that can be used as part of a sleep preparation routine
*Incorporating music into your sleep preparation routine

Radox GoodNight, recently awarded Product of the Year 2005, is a range of specially developed products designed around your evening bath as part of your sleep preparation routine. Each of the four products in the range contains Lavender and Chamomile, renowned for their sleep inducing properties. From the bath to your bed, Radox GoodNight helps to prepare you for a really good night’s sleep.


[1] Listening to music before bedtime improves sleep…

*Sleep Facts courtesy of The Sleep Council -

Facts from Kathleen McGrath, Founder & Medical Director, Sleep Matters (Medical Advisory Service)
*We do not allow ourselves time to prepare for bed. It’s unrealistic to think we can stop running around doing chores or turn off the stimulation of the TV and expect to just drop off into a deep sleep! We need to establish a routine to help our bodies prepare for bed

*Just a small drop in body temperature can help to start the sleep process. A warm bath in the evening not only allows you to unwind, but if you then move to a cooler bedroom, the drop in body temperature from the bath will trigger the body’s automatic sleep switch

Five steps to a good night’s sleep
*Step 1 – Pour Radox GoodNight Comforting Bath Soak with added moisturisers into a warm, running bath

*Step 2 – Listen to one of your favourite albums whilst you soak – make sure it’s soft and slow – just lie back, relax and let the music soothe your mind

*Step 3 – Use rich and creamy Radox GoodNight Body Wash with added moisturisers to gently cleanse. Like Comforting Bath Soak, it’s also luxurious purple in colour, and produces a rich, creamy lather

*Step 4 – Pat yourself dry, then gently massage Radox GoodNight Body Moisturiser – a white creamy gel that’s easily applied and quickly absorbed – ideal for use before bedtime

*Step 5 – Finally, spray Radox GoodNight Pillow Spray onto your pillows to help your mind stay relaxed as you drift into sleep. It’s fast-drying and non-staining

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