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VoIP solution vendors are using VoIP for Business 2005 (Olympia Conference Centre, London, 1st and 2nd June) to showcase a range of new product and services.

Aruba Networks (meeting module no. 30) will be showing its enterprise-class WLAN VoIP solution that enables enterprises to deploy business-critical voice and data applications in a secure, wireless environment. Aruba came top in the first-ever assessment of VoIP capability in WLAN systems, which tested audio quality, QoS enforcement, roaming capabilities, and system features Aruba's system is the first of its kind to be validated by the Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2 (FIPS 140-2). Contact: Bob Vickers T: 0207 958 9022

Avaya (meeting module no. 16) is announcing the availability of its white paper entitled 'Multiple Choices for Managed Communications Services: What is the Right Choice for Your Business?'. Written by analyst firm IDC, the paper takes an in-depth look at the various options open to procure and support communication systems as they evolve to IP, including managed and hosted services. The paper expands upon the philosophy that businesses should evaluate their communications needs based upon three major characteristics: 1) the company's speed of technology adoption; 2) the technology payment method; 3) how much support is required. Contact: Natalie Chak T: 0207 386 4849 (meeting module no. 17) is announcing the expansion of its Babble VoIP service to businesses. CEO Allan Howes says "this is a key progression for the Babble service and I'm delighted to welcome new partners to the Babble story." Service providers such as Unite Telecom and Airmax are incorporating the Babble service into their corporate communications offerings. Airmax for example is integrating Babble VoIP into existing Telematics applications. CTO Simon Lewis added that "...initial trials have proved extremely successful. By combining Babble service with IP based PABX replacements companies can now make significant savings in their ICT costs." Contact: Allan Howes T: 08456 605 480

Cable & Wireless (meeting module no. 31) has made further enhancements to its Internet Protocol (IP) product portfolio introduced last year. Cable & Wireless Intelligent Voice is designed to help organisations protect their investment in traditional voice technologies with a combined solution until they are ready to move to a pure IP infrastructure. Cable & Wireless Intelligent Voice has simplified migration and put integration foremost in mind. Based on an industry-leading managed voice over IP (VoIP) virtual private network (VPN) service, Cable & Wireless Intelligent Voice offers organisations the ability to move their business towards a single, converged IP infrastructure both conveniently and cost-effectively, while maximising the value of their existing network. Contact: Neville Rawlings T: 01344 818 323

Fluke Networks (meeting module no. 12) will be introducing the new NetTool™ VoIP Inline Tester - a breakthrough in IP phone monitoring and troubleshooting with industry-first edge testing. The NetTool combines cable, network, IP Phone and PC configuration testing into one palm-sized tool, providing everything you need to quickly resolve even the toughest connectivity problem. Other products to be showcased include: OptiView Protocol Expert which offers a VoIP option for analysing multimedia traffic and validating QoS parameters presented by PSTN/IP Gateways, IP switches, and IPBXs; and OptiView Link Analyzer which uses hardware accelerated, packet analysis and monitoring to provide maximum network visibility and uptime. Contact: Catherine Walmsley T: 01923 281329

F1 Consultancy Ltd (meeting module no. 4) is introducing e-phone®, the VoIP phone you control via your e-mail, in the UK and Ireland. Based on Voice-over-IP technology, e-phone is a software solution that integrates telephone functions into popular email packages such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, turning office email systems into complete communications centres that, in addition to email and fax, also flag incoming calls in users' inboxes, and enable users to click on entries in their contact books to initiate calls. Contact: Carl Brown T: 01189 898125

Gradwell dot com Ltd (meeting module no. 29) is announcing the release of version 2.0 of its Virtual Centrex Control Panel. The latest development by Gradwell of this very popular managed telephony service brings high quality telephony, advances in call routing, follow me with caller id, call recording, conferencing and easy-to-use tele-working all within the grasp of small businesses. Commenting on this latest upgrade to the service, Managing Director Peter Gradwell said: “Every advance such as this underpins internet telephony’s recognition in the UK as a force to be reckoned with.” Contact: Peter Gradwell T: 01225 800 800

MCI (meeting module no. 1). “MCI is fully committed to a converged future where IP will be the common denominator. We believe that 2005 will bring a quantum shift to IP across the industry when businesses realise the bottom line benefits of moving to converged solutions. MCI is supporting its customers with their individual convergence strategies, while laying the groundwork for future IP communications through the continued expansion and functionality enhancements of our global Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, making it one of the most advanced networks of its kind," said Roberta Mackintosh, Senior Director, MCI EMEA Core Product, Pricing and Analysis. Contact: Aislinn Ryan T: 0118 905 7114

NextiraOne (meeting module no. 24) will be demonstrating how it can help European organisations deliver a superior level of service to customers through the use of locally-based and advanced IP-based contact centres. NextiraOne has seen a significant rise in orders for IP contact centres in the past year, with major European customers now including Emirates Airlines, Stockton Borough Council, British Petroleum (BP) Poland, T-Mobile, PSA Finance/Peugeot Citröen and Direct Seguros, part of the AXA Group. Customer analysis by NextiraOne has shown that European organisations are aiming to combat public concerns over the quality of information provided by offshored call centres by offering superior services through Internet Protocol (IP) contact centres. Contact: Liz Whatmore T: 01276 404388 (meeting module no. 3), a global supplier of communications equipment, will be showcasing the SHOUT VoIP Migration Appliance(VMA) which provides viable VoIP migration by allowing companies to keep and continue using most of their existing equipment. The SHOUT VMA reduces bandwidth requirements, offers a rich security solution and permits number portability with unique and easy to use programming features. By deploying SHOUT as a migration strategy, enterprises can achieve the cost savings benefits of more efficient bandwidth utilisation and lower toll costs, and can retain existing PBX equipment, thus allowing them to maximise their return on investment and to retain critical feature sets in their networks. David Rowlands T: 01291 626 200

Red Box Recorders (meeting module no. 20) will be demonstrating its multi-function digital recording solutions that use web-based interfaces to enable worldwide access to replay, configuration and maintenance - including the world’s first PC end point (Netmeeting™) recorder. Red Box Recorders is a world leader in the field of digital recording and software solutions from voice and data capture to storage, event logging, retrieval, playback and analysis with solutions installed in over 120 countries. Contact: Darrell Woodward T: 0115 937 7100

Rostrvm Solutions (meeting module no. 7) is delivering the first public demonstration of its standards-based location-independent rostrvm Switchless Call Centre platform at VoIP for Business. rostrvm Switchless uses SIP standard protocols and off-the-shelf hardware to deliver advanced call centre functions including: inbound and outbound contact, data and skills driven call distribution, agent support tools with integrated desktops and distributed management information. Visitors will see how rostrvm uses VoIP to: enhance existing call centre capability, support flexible deployment on standard VoIP infrastructures, and exactly meet specific business needs with commercial flexibility. Contact: Ken Reid T: 01483 744429

Saiph Broadband (meeting module no. 18) will be demonstrating a range of business VoIP solutions from major vendors such as Zultys, Cisco and Mitel. This will include the first UK demonstration of the Zultys MX30. Saiph is a new and visionary VoIP service company that offers IP Centrex, IP VPN and IP Media Server PBX solutions as well as innovative bundled (all inclusive) VoIP billing packages which take away the confusion and inaccuracy of current methods. Contact: Nick Razey T: 0870 768 1130

Swyx (meeting module no. 8) is launching version 4.4 of its software-based Swyxware VoIP PBX - the first SwyxWare product to support Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) compatible phones and other devices, thereby lowering the cost of deploying and running IP telephony solutions for all types of business. Version 4.4 is particularly targeted at enterprise users of Wi-Fi networks. Subsequent versions of SIP based SwyxWare will also support IP exchange lines allowing VoIP calls to be made over third party service providers, thus increasing the range and appeal of VoIP connectivity. Contact: Paul Taylor T: 02476 214377

Telappliant Ltd (meeting module no. 13) is launching a new VoIP phone system that's built on the world-acclaimed Asterisk(tm) open source and Linux-based telephony software. Telappliant IP-PBX not only provides office phone users with a far broader range of voice and data features than traditional phone systems typically offer today but it can also reduce both PBX implementation costs (through the use of open source, standards-based software) and phone bills (through the use of VoIP calling). The IP-PBX software supports any SIP-compliant telephone handset - giving users a wide choice to suit their needs and their budgets, and is scaleable to suit businesses of all sizes. IP-PBX Small Office is designed for an office with up to 25 employees; IP-PBX SME is ideal for between 25 and 125 users; and IP-PBX Corporate is for businesses with multiple ISDN 30 (PRI) services, serving up to 120 incoming lines and up to 500 employees. Telappliant also operates the VoIPtalk service, one of the leading Internet Telephony services in the UK. Contact: David Mitchell T: 020 7043 3496

TeleWare (meeting module no. 25), the leading provider of intelligent business communication solutions to large and medium Enterprises and Service Providers, will announce an exciting new project utilising converged applications to enhance services to customers by using the TeleWare intelligent Office application to extend personalised information services using SMS text messaging, landline telephone, mobile phone and e-mail services. The service will be enhanced by the ability to call in and listen to email information over the phone or from the mobile using TeleWare's Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities. Contact: Lesley Hansen T: 01845 521102

Internet pioneer and on-line services entrepreneur, Nick Ogden, will announce the global launch of Voice Commerce Group (meeting module no. 22), a company created to radically change how consumers and retailers use the Internet. According to Mr Ogden “Voice commerce will link e-business, telephony and data networks in a totally new manner which will alter the way people do business over the Internet – they will talk and transact. Voice commerce will also create a substantially higher level of trust (as people buying or selling will be able to talk to each other over the Internet) and has the potential to personalise the WEB and make it far more approachable, simple and effective.” Contact: Amanda Olsson T: 01534 639504

Vonexus (meeting module no. 15), the wholly owned subsidiary of Interactive Intelligence, will be previewing its 100% Microsoft-based IP Telephony solution. Its flagship product, Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) will also be demonstrated. EIC provides organisations with a pre-integrated phone and communications platform to manage calls, voice mails, emails, and web contacts, with an open architecture that integrates Microsoft Business Solutions and other desktop applications to manage data. This means one software platform and application approach to process interactions as well as information for customers, accounting, workforce management and other business users. Contact: Karen Worrall T: 020 8867 3670

Zultys Technologies (meeting module no. 18) will be demonstrating the recently announced MX30, which integrates voice, data, video and fax, and provides the functions of an IP PBX, firewall, NAT, and VPN - a complete solution for a small business or branch office, all in a single appliance. The system provides users with features that include presence, chat, instant messaging and advanced call handling - each of which is available through a single graphical user interface (GUI). The MX30 is installed on the customer's premises, allowing companies to have complete control over their internal communications. Contact: Justine Cross Tel: 01189 791504

Other exhibitors include: BT,, Cisco, iDESK, the Internet Telephony Service Provider Association (ITSPA), Panasonic Business Systems, Tiscali, VoIPdecisions bulletin, Vodat and Wavestream.

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* A technology for carrying telephone calls over IP networks (such as the Internet) that involves digitising and packetising voice streams. VoIP-based telephony will facilitate the adoption of advanced voice and data solutions that incorporate video conferencing, application sharing, multi channel contact handling, on-demand speech recording, unified messaging, unified directories and more

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