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- The latest version of Steganos Safe encrypts an unlimited amount of data (up to 64GB per secure virtual drive) with US government-approved level security. Mobile phones, USB sticks, memory cards or digital cameras can be used to wirelessly unlock secure drives on the laptop or desktop PC. This release introduces support for 256-bit encryption and rewritable Steganos Portable Safes -

Steganos, European leader in providing security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, is introducing Steganos Safe 8 to the UK. Steganos Safe 8 enables users to conveniently and securely store, move and manage their personal and business data.

In this new release, Steganos Safe 8 allows users to create any number of secure virtual drives, in which data is safely stored and encrypted. Each drive can hold up to 64GB, providing plenty of space for film archives, photo albums, multimedia files, diaries, tax documents, emails and business reports to be protected. Users can change the size of each individual drive at any time they please.

The drives can be accessed directly from within applications, through Windows Explorer and through any internet browser.

The Steganos Portable Safe has also been enhanced: USB keys can now be used as rewritable mobile safes: Data can be added from any PC – when the key is removed all data is securely encrypted. Encrypted archives can be burned to CD, DVD, and the 8.5GB capacity DVD-DL disks. The content of the encrypted storage can be opened on any PC without additional software.

Safe 8 uses the long-established but never cracked international encryption standard AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Previous versions of Steganos Safe employed 128-bit AES. Now using 256 bit keys, Safe8 provides a level of encryption that is considered by the US National Security Agency to be of a high enough standard to protect its data classified as ‘top secret’.

Drives can be unlocked using USB keys, storage cards, digital cameras or ActiveSync-compatible mobile telephones. The secure data is automatically unlocked when the device is connected and is automatically locked when the device is removed again.

Using an ActiveSync-compatible phone, the drive can be unlocked wirelessly. As soon as the user leaves the computer, the drive is locked again. If the storage device is not available, passwords can also be entered manually.

Steganos Safe8 helps users to choose secure passwords for their drives, by checking passwords against multilingual dictionaries. This helps to ensure that passwords cannot be broken using dictionary-based attacks.

To ensure data is securely deleted, Safe 8 is accompanied by Steganos Shredder. This provides three methods of destroying unwanted data: simple overwriting, the technology of the US Department of Defense DoD5220.22-M/NISPOM 8-306 and the Gutmann method with 35 rounds of overwriting. The deep cleaning shredder can eliminate any remains from files previously deleted using other means, ensuring that there is no data on the disk’s free space which can be reconstituted.

Anti-Crash-Protection ensures that data is encrypted if the computer should crash and AutoUpdate provides free upgrades for the life of the current generation of the software.

Steganos is the market leader in encryption software in Germany, with a 96% market share.

Katja Pryss, Marketing Manager for Steganos said: “The security market in the UK is competitive and characterised by a demand for technically superior products that deliver value for money. In a market flooded by US-headquartered companies we want to demonstrate how European innovation can lead in a market.”

She added: “Safe 8 helps users and businesses that need to keep their data safe yet accessible. This is more difficult now that data is becoming more mobile: users want to use USB keys and other removable devices. If you lose a USB key or even your laptop, the cost of the key or computer itself is nothing compared to the damage that could be caused by personal data entering the public domain. If the data is encrypted, you can be sure that nobody will be able to access your data.”

Pricing and Availability

Steganos Safe 8 can be downloaded and purchased from Steganos’s website ( for ₤ 24.99. A free seven-day evaluation version is available to download. Customers who wish to upgrade from a previous version of Steganos Safe can be download the update for ₤ 19.99.

Requirements for Steganos Safe8:
• Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional
• 18MB free hard disk space for installation
• Additional hard disk space is required for secure storage. The NFTS file system is required for the full use of 64GB secure drives. With the FAT32 file system, drives have a maximum possible size of 4GB.
• For the portable safe, a CD or DVD burner with corresponding software is required. Up to 8.5GB is required as temporary storage space for optimal use.
• The use of Steganos Portable Safes on computers without Steganos Safe8 installed requires administrator rights.
• Supported devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (eg phones, PDAs); all devices that Windows recognises as a writeable storage device (eg USB keys, storage cards, digital cameras).
• Bluetooth must be supported by the computer and mobile phone for wireless unlocking to be supported.
• Storage devices and key devices are not supplied by Steganos.

About Steganos

Founded in 1996 in Germany, Steganos offers a complete portfolio of user-friendly security and privacy products, including encryption/steganography, antivirus protection, personal firewall and internet anonymity software. Steganos has more than two million users throughout Europe, North America and Latin America. The company markets and sells its products through its website and through its growing network of global resellers, retailers and electronic software distributors. Steganos is a privately held company.
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Software for review

To request Steganos software for review purposes, please call Hazel Butters on 0208 996 1653 or email

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