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Master dating, a new dating manual from Infinite Ideas, is set to turn the world of dating on its head. A lot of women complain about 'men’s' inability to commit/talk/nurture but never once wonder if they could do anything about their complaints – Master dating is packed full of handy tips and advice to help women stop whining and start thinking.

Available from August 8, Master dating is the indispensable dating manual for any woman – whether single or in a relationship – this summer!

A .pdf of sample chapters is available on request so you can check it out for yourself.

We’ve also provided Top Ten dating tips from the book’s author Lisa Helmanis and possible feature ideas plus there’s also an opportunity for your readers to win a copy of the book for themselves – let us know if you’re interested in running giveaways.

Nicola Hussey or Jo Sensini

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23 June 2005

Need help with dating? New book Master Dating has the answers

Whether you’re a dating disaster or have hit a flirting firewall, don’t despair – Master dating, the new book from Infinite Ideas – publishers of the 52 brilliant ideas series - is available from August to answer all your dating dilemmas and help you find ‘the one’!

Packed full of handy tips and hints – and divided into 52 themed chapters, one for each week if you so wish - Master dating will set you on the path to dating delight regardless of your age, background or experience. Small enough to fit in your handbag, Master dating is designed to be the ultimate dating guru or favourite personal coach that you can tap into wherever you are. Just a shame it’s wasn’t available for Abi Titmuss on Celebrity Love Island!

Covering a vast range of dating topics from dressing for success on those first few crucial dates to deciphering whether he’s interested or spotting those dating warning signs in him - and even you – Master Dating provides helpful, useful and supportive advice at the flick of a page.

Written by dating expert Lisa Helmanis who has over 15 years experience in the dating world, Master dating helps you find the love and life that you want. Like all other books in the 52 Brilliant Ideas series, it is specially designed to provide you with practical, inspirational ideas that you can read quickly and put into practice straight away. Each chapter also includes a short question and answer session to help readers monitor their dating progress.

Lisa comments: “Meeting someone in the modern world has become notoriously difficult, despite the fact that there are more people on the planet than ever before. Master dating helps you sharpen up your act, your attitude and techniques, giving you back the control you forgot you always had – bringing your love life back into the spotlight and helping you develop as the star of your own show, rather than someone in an audience waiting for something to happen.”

So whether you’re a twenty-something embarking on their footloose and fancy-free flirting years or a forty-something divorcee who’s looking to get back in the game, Master dating is your essential guide to love, life and lust. And at RRP £12.99 it’s certainly a lot less expensive than speed-dating or joining an agency. So what are you waiting for? Try dating “by the book” and bring some romance back into your life – you know you deserve it! Get out there, you’re gorgeous!

- ends –

Notes to editors
Master Dating, RRP £12.99, ISBN 1-904902-36-7 is available from 8 August 2005 at all major book shops.

Reader competition
Lucky readers can win a copy of Master dating. See contact details below for further details.


For further information on Master dating and Infinite Ideas contact Jo or Nicola at Jo Sensini PR on 020 8995 2789 or email /

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1. Where are you at?

Before embarking on your dating strategy, sit down and take a good hard look at yourself and your past relationships. Do you tend to fall for a certain type? Do your relationships wither and die after only a few months? Understanding what has shaped you and your past relationships will help you plan your next course of action.

2. Where are all the single men?

Yes, where are they all? The secret here is to widen your social and activity circle. Bars are a great place to start with a couple of girlfriends, but beware the effects of alcohol. Think laterally – you’re talking the dog for a walk at the local park – watch out for that gorgeous guy walking his corgi! Or if sporty men are your type then check out the local football or rugby matches in your area. Be creative!

3. Learn from the masters

Everyone knows somebody who has no problem attracting men. Why is this? Understanding where their success comes from holds the key to your dating destiny. Observe what they do and how they do it. Look at the people who make you feel good and consider which of their qualities you like…then think about how you can adopt these easy ways of being, and look for similar traits in yourself.

4. Be the popular girl

Meeting someone is often a numbers game: the more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet someone that you click with.

5. Yes, he’s interested…….

Body language experts reckon women have 52 moves which signal to a guy they’re interested. Men only have ten! If he’s doing any of the following, it’s a good sign he’s interested in you: lifting an eyebrow, mouth slightly open when he talks to you, fiddling with his tie, running his hands through his hair – yes, he’s preening! And if he’s sliding his arm around the back of your chair then you know you’ve scored!

6. ….no. he’s not

Give up and get out when: his arms are crossed – a sure sign of defensiveness, rubbing his nose – a sign of rejection or lying about something, hands clasped behind his back – he’s feeling aggressive or frustrated.

7. How to make anyone want you

Try mirroring – good flirting uses this technique from the start; touching your face if he touches his, learning forward if he does – it seems to be a natural instinct that we can lose as relationships evolve and we get defensive. And to make him feel that there may be something more between you than he’s realised, hold his gaze. If you have to turn away to talk to someone else, drag your eyes away reluctantly.

8. Dress for success

You need to dress for the kind of man you want to appeal to and for the kind of relationship you want to establish. Sexual attraction is an important part of finding a partner and there’s nothing wrong with it. Have a good think about your best bits and pieces – even ask a friend for an honest view if you’re not sure – and get them out!

9. Message in a bottle – going easy on the alcohol

Order water as well as wine with your meal and take alternate sips. If you’re speed dating or going to a party, don’t arrive early – you’ll only start drinking to steady your nerves. And if your date seems intent on filling up your glass, alarm bells should be ringing. He may not be trying to get you into bed of course; he may just be an alcoholic. Either way, you’ve got to wonder if he’s second date material!

10. The age difference

A younger man can bring some much needed levity into your life. Because they’re not necessarily looking for a serious commitment you can enjoy the moment. But if you’re insecure, they’re not always the best option. They may have watched too much MTV to understand the concept of gravity!

Feature ideas for the media

Master dating author, Lisa Helmanis can provide assistance with any of the following ideas and more:

Give yourself a dating overhaul - you give your car an MOT so why not your dating skills? Lisa Helmanis offers advice to readers

Back to school – give yourself a dating education

Live your life by the book – follow the tips in Master dating and turn your love life around for just £12.99

Holiday romances and living to tell the tale (Here comes the sun, Chapter 34, Master dating)

Watershed dates (e.g. anniversaries, birthdays etc) and how to survive them (Valium and Valentines, Chapter 36, Master Dating)

Dating after divorce/with kids (Dating after divorce and Kids come too, Chapters 19 & 20, Master dating)

Surviving the office party (Love across the photocopier, Chapter 38, Master dating)

Check your bunny boiler quotient, what’s your dating style – multiple choice quizzes

Analysing the dating habits of celebrities

Top ten all time worst dating faux pas and how to stop them

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