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Traditional CV Databases To Become Extinct - Legislation and PersOnal Privacy Protection Will Change The Future of Recruitment

Move To Permissions-Based Access, Anonymity and Greater Candidate Control Over Individual Data Will Change The Way People's Skills Are Marketed

Traditional databases containing the personal details of thousands of job applicants and their CVs will become a thing of the past, according to personal records management specialists, PAOGA Ltd. The move to permissions-based access, anonymity and the candidate's desire for greater control over their individual data will change the way people's skills are shared and marketed to external organisations and third parties.

Legislation and growing concern over data leakage and personal privacy protection are forcing recruitment companies, as well as internal HR departments, to rethink their long term data retention strategies, particularly with regards to holding personal information. It is imperative to understand who owns data and the rights that data owners have under various legislative instruments such as Data Protection Act, Recruitment Agency Act.

"For too long, the recruitment market has traded on simply moving CVs from one place to another and charging 15-25% of a candidate's salary for the privilege. A new age of personal data management is about to materialise," said Graham Sadd, CEO of PAOGA Ltd. "Legislation, data liability and personal privacy are forcing the industry to change the way it works. Forward thinking recruitment agencies and internal HR departments are realising that the associated complexities of maintaining, updating, disclosing and deleting personal data, and the penalties for infringement, are turning enterprise held data into a liability rather than an asset. They are aware of their liabilities under law and the penalties that can be applied. They are also aware that there is no legally compliant software product that allows them to conduct their business in the way they want and need to. PAOGA is addressing this need with a web service that models the Recruitment Business Process in a legally compliant way allowing all participants to conform and have their actions audited. Organisations are typically spending fifty percent of their HR budget protecting data they don't actually own, which is untenable."

With an average of 25 new EU and UK rules and regulations coming into law every week, it is simply impossible for organisations to maintain full compliance, particularly in the area of personal records management. Because personal data is locked up in company databases, it is not only inaccessible but often incorrect or out of date. PAOGA is talking to a number of companies who are completely rethinking their data retention policies, including areas such as HR records and recruitment, by putting the onus back on individual ownership of data through the use of Personal Knowledge Banks.

Personal Knowledge Banks shift the ownership, management and control of individual data from internal company databases and CRM systems back to the individual. Personal Knowledge Banks provide one very private and highly secure site where individuals can keep all of their information, currently on innumerable databases, files, vaults and shoeboxes, which can be accessed, updated or deleted from anywhere at any time and communicated to anyone on a permissions only basis. Individuals are able to compile a complete record of all of their interactions across firms in each industry, as well as supplementing this data with their updated personal details, current preferences and plans for future purchases as they change over time.

Suppliers will substantially reduce if not absolve themselves of their onerous legal obligations under the Data Protection Act and know that the information they access from a Personal Knowledge Bank is accurate and up-to-date. Furthermore, third parties can provide independent verification and certification of sensitive data which individuals can see but cannot change. And some individuals would even be prepared to make certain data available for specific marketing or research purposes to companies they trusted and might even pay me for such qualified data.

"Recruitment agencies won't be squeezed out of the market by any means," added Sadd. "Rather, the role they play will mature and the value they add will increase. They will be much more representative of candidates, in the same way theatrical agents represent their clients. Rather than the 'spray and pray'approach, they will need to be much more targeted and focused with regards to a candidate's skills, which may be presented to prospective employers anonymously in the first instance and on a permissions basis, whereby the candidate agrees on a case by case basis who can view their details. A recruitment agency's core business is not about running IT and managing massive databases, but rather managing relationships and matching skills with opportunities. They shouldn't fear these changes as they actually represent greater opportunities for them in the medium to long term."

The same principles of maintaining accurate, up-to-date personal data equally apply to factual information held for medical records, employment and HR, protection against identity theft, as well as myriad other uses. Personal Knowledge Banks also allows third parties to provide independent verification of sensitive data which individuals cannot change, such as education and university degrees or links to the Criminal Records Agency proving someone does not have a criminal record.

PAOGA uses the ubiquity of the Internet to give individuals total control over their
personal data. By giving access, control and responsibility of personal data back to the
individual, PAOGA reduces and automates unnecessary bureaucracy, automatically
compiling a complete record of all interactions with various organisations, as well as
the ability for individuals to supplement this data with their own preferences and plans.

About PAOGA Ltd

Founded in 2002, PAOGA Ltd provides the global technology platform that enables Web Service Operators to deliver secure Personal Knowledge Banks for an individual's data. PAOGA's core asset is the PAOGA platform which is an IT architecture and infrastructure. The company licenses access to the platform to Web Services Operators who are building applications for specific horizontal and vertical markets marketed directly to end users. The company is currently working with a number of Web Services Operators in the areas of Property, Project Management and Recruitment.

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