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..Technology behind Deep Blue faster, more affordable..

IBM today announced a next-generation RS/6000 SP
supercomputer with microprocessors that more than double its
number-crunching power for approximately the same price.

At the heart of IBM's SP system is the POWER3
microprocessor, aimed at applications such as the analysis
and simulation programs used by aerospace, automobile and
drug manufacturers. The 64-bit POWER3 chip breaks design
barriers with its ability to mine data for business
customers, and demonstrates IBM's leadership in Business
Intelligence, turning data into information that can be used
to make smarter decisions and gain marketplace advantage.

The POWER3 microprocessor is the direct successor to the
POWER2 Super Chip inside "Deep Blue," the computer that beat
world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. The POWER3 can
perform up to two billion operations per second and is more
than twice as powerful.

"This new SP gives our customers outstanding
price/performance, allowing them to tap into the power of
Deep Computing more cheaply for thousands of new
applications in both science and business," said Ken Batty,
marketing manager, RS/6000 EMEA. "Together with its AIX UNIX
operating system, IBM is offering 50 percent more
numerically intensive computing power for the pound," he

Deep Computing

Deep Computing refers to the ability of companies to use
unprecedented processing power, advanced software and
sophisticated algorithms to solve complex problems, as well
as discover knowledge and understanding from vast amounts of
data. "The Internet revolution is creating unprecedented
quantities of data, which the SP excels at turning into
useful information," said Batty. "Researchers and businesses
are blurring the lines between technical and commercial
computing, as they both routinely analyse vast amounts of

For example, using this new SP, the National Weather Service
(NWS) in the US will be able to run higher resolution models
with improved physics to produce forecasts with better
resolution, accuracy and validity with longer time scales
than ever before.

"With our new IBM RS/6000 SP, we will improve our
reliability and increase the accuracy of the NOAA weather
models," said Carl Staton, Director of Central Operations,
NWS National Centres for Environmental Prediction. "Computer
modelling is the foundation of all NWS weather, flood and
climate forecasts. Each generation of advanced computing
gives us the necessary capacity to calculate ever more
sophisticated models of the atmosphere and oceans. We chose
the IBM system, in part because of its proven performance
record from the previous generation of Deep Blue technology.
IBM's outstanding reputation for reliability and support
service is also recognised."

A Prescription for Healthy Data

"Data analysis is what sets PCS Health Systems apart from
its competitors," said Mitch Henry, senior vice president
and chief information officer for PCS. "With the help of the
IBM RS/6000 SP, PCS has developed a clinical Information
Warehouse that we use to turn raw data into useful
information. It enables us to work with health plans to keep
costs down and improve patient care by monitoring drug
spending, developing disease-management programs, and even
preventing prescription fraud and abuse. We look forward to
advances with the SP, which we believe will give us even
greater capacity in the future."

The SP is a highly scalable system made up of building
blocks called nodes. An SP can consist of just one or two
nodes all the way up to hundreds of nodes. The system's
performance scales almost in line with its size.

The POWER3, first introduced last October in IBM's most
powerful RS/6000 workstation, the 43P Model 260, is the
company's most advanced microprocessor with the ability to
perform up to eight operations per clock cycle. POWER3 nodes
can be added to any existing SP system or used to replace
any earlier-generation nodes.

REF: 99/031

Additional information about IBM can be found on the IBM
home page at RS/6000 product information
can be found at

IBM Systems Marketing Group

Established in January 1998, the IBM Systems Marketing Group
brings together the marketing and sales functions for IBM's
four server offerings (AS/400, RS/6000, Netfinity and System
390). The move is aimed at offering customers greater
clarity in choosing the right solution running across the
right platform.

The importance which customers attach to certain solutions
is reflected within the new Systems Marketing Group. The
group includes solution units geared towards ERP, business
intelligence solutions, Notes & Web server and server
consolidation solutions

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IBM Northern Region

01256 344689

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01753 790700


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