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If we aspire to have thick beautiful hair then we must regard our scalp to be as important as we do the skin on our face.

While we worry incessantly about the quality and purity of the facial products we use there seems to be a total disregard about the products we use above the hairline where the skin is just as sensitive.

The focus seems to be on the hair rather than the scalp. Shampoos, conditioners, mousses, waxes and gloss sprays are all products designed to coverup and make good rather than address the basic problems. Many of these can be addressed by practising good healthy scalp management.

The same stresses that effect our facial skin -- emotional, illness, diet, medications -- also have an impact on our scalp and what impacts on our scalp effects the condition of the hair.

To produce beautiful, lustrous hair, the scalp needs proper cleansing, detoxing and nourishment using pure natural products to stimulate and maximise healthy hair growth.

This is the basis on which the Hale Clinic is introducing it’s latest therapeutic practitioner Isabel Douglas.

Isabel is one of the very,very few trained biostheticians in the UK. Her expertise lies in being able to treat the scalp and encourage it to produce the best quality hair possible.

She uses a unique range of products to first of all detox the scalp, cleansing the hair follicles of the toxic residues from chemicals found in hair dyes, shampoos as well as those found generally in our bodies. This programme cleanses the bacteria from sebaceous glands. This is vital because it is these bacteria that compromise the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

Having cleansed and revitalised the scalp she can then begin to tackle specific problems such as hair loss, thinning hair, alopecia, dandruff, psoriasis in the hair, hair loss through hormones, ageing and chemotherapy. By following this programme we can not only prevent hair loss and these other conditions but also considerably improve the quality of the hair.

She has had remarkable successes using her particular hair and scalp therapies and has been very effective in helping young men reduce the hair loss associated with male pattern baldness. One man came to see her when he was 26 -- he had started losing his hair when he was 17 -- and her treatments have halted and greatly improved the thickness and condition of his hair.

Isabel has a number of case studies available for interview some of which can supply before and after pictures.

For further information, an interview with Isabel Douglas, information on case studies etc please contact:

Roz Hubley

telephone: 020 8767 7352

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