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The revolutionary way to wash, and polish your car, boat, motorbike, or any other metal, glass, or painted surface! A totally waterless washing and polishing system.

Miracle Dry Wash ( ) is a remarkable new product set to revolutionise the way we clean and polish our cars and motorbikes, in the same way that computers have revolutionised the way we communicate with one another.

SJK Products Ltd, has launched a product that water companies, environmentalists, and city dwellers could only imagine to be possible. A spray, not an aerosol, which lifts dirt and grime from any painted surface, be it a motor car, motor bike, yacht, or caravan, which is then wiped off, leaving a cleaned and polished surface.

The product uses no water (other than that in the compound) and puts no harmful surfactants (soap suds and salt) down the drains, and into the water system. Parts of Germany and the USA already have restrictions relating to the use of water for vehicle washing. In California for example, the washing of any detergents from vehicle cleaning into the water system is forbidden, and these types of restrictions will evolve further as the demands of modern life place a growing pressure upon our water systems.

While Miracle Dry Wash cannot claim to be the complete green solution to this issues (the compound is based upon petrochemicals, not seaweed) it can and will offer huge environmental benefits to one and all. The aerospace industry developed the compound for ‘washing’ planes based in dry desert locations such as the Middle East and American deserts. Aeroplane fuel consumption increases with a dirty exterior hence the need for such a compound with obvious potential to benefit all of us, either getting soaking wet washing our vehicles with a bucket and sponge, or, wasting precious time and fuel driving to the local garage and discovering an out of service automatic car wash.

Dry cleaning a vehicle will NOT require any of the following:

• 180 Litres of clean water
• Hose pipe, bucket, sponge, driveway
• Car shampoo, car polish, chamois leather
• Wellington boots, a change of clothes
• Physical strength

Miracle Dry Wash is sprayed onto the dirty area, gently wiped in, allowed to dry (45 seconds approximately) then wiped off with a second clean cloth. The surface, be it bodywork, or glass, is free of all dirt, and left with a layer of polish to further protect the cleaned surface. During the ‘drying period’, the compound lifts the dirt and grime off the bodywork, and suspends it within the drying liquid. When wiped off, the dirt and grime has already been enveloped by the compound and does not come into contact with the bodywork again, thus it does not scratch, or mark the bodywork as it is removed.
With an ever increasing number of us living in apartments and town houses with no easy access to washing facilities, the notion of simply taking two cloths and a small bottle out of the glove box or boot of the car, and having a cleaned and polished vehicle in half the time it takes with a bucket and sponge, seems attractive. Attractive enough for potential buyers to demand a trial demonstration to see if the claims for this wonder product are justified. SJK Products Ltd has tested the product extensively for the last 12 months, and all agree the claims for this product are accurately reflected in the results achieved.

Apart from the major environmental benefits Miracle Dry Wash will deliver, a waterless wash, will reduce personal injuries caused by slipping on wet surfaces, and allow a very professional appearance to be achieved without the need for any physical strength. Miracle Dry Wash will be available in a large 500 Ml bottle for the garage/kitchen, or as a glove box pack containing disposable gloves, 2 cleaning cloths, and two 250 Ml bottles of Miracle Dry Wash.

Applications where fresh water is at a premium, such as onboard a yacht, or at a caravan park, will be ideally served by Miracle Dry Wash. As will motorcycles, the compound will not sit in trapped recesses, and turn highly polished engine casings and their various nuts and bolts rusty.

Research thus far indicates a very strong acceptance of the new waterless cleaning method among all potential customers under 50 years old. Acceptance is particularly positive among young females, who appreciate the products cleanliness of use, and the lack of physical strength required to clean and polish with MDW.

We are confident Miracle Dry Wash will make a major shift in expectations of how, and how long we spend cleaning and polishing our vehicles and boats in the future, combined with major environmental benefits to our water systems.

For more information visit or email or call 0800 8818062

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