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Rosetta Stone Makes Language Learning One of the Easiest Resolutions to Keep

At the start of a New Year many people make a variety of resolutions such as to lose weight, join a gym or quit smoking, but how serious are they? This year, why not make a resolution that you’re perhaps more likely to stick to – learn a new language with Rosetta Stone, a leading provider of e-learning and CD-ROM based language learning programmes that come with an unconditional 6 month money back guarantee.

A recent survey commissioned by Rosetta Stone revealed that, despite being one of the most popular methods of learning a new language, evening classes do not provide the greatest student success rates. Of the 40% of respondents that enrolled on an evening language learning course, less than half completed it, blaming time constraints, overcrowded classrooms and too much homework. Because Rosetta Stone enables users to study at their own pace and in their own time, it is the fastest, most effective way to achieve success in a new language.

Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion method uses carefully sequenced words, phrases and visuals to immerse users in the new language, allowing them to learn increasingly complex grammar and vocabulary. Audio from native speakers and thousands of real-life, colour images convey the meaning of each spoken and written phrase, reconnecting people with the innate skills they used successfully to master their first language.

James Pitman, Managing Director, Rosetta Stone UK, says: “Language learning is a popular New Year’s resolution because it opens the door to achieving so many other goals in your life. Whether you want to learn a new language to enhance your travel experiences, advance your career, or enrich your life through self-improvement, language learning with Rosetta Stone is one of the easiest and most fulfilling goals to achieve.”

Strategies to Keep New Year’s Resolutions

• Choose a resolution that’s meaningful. Resolve comes easier when it is focused on something specific. For example, instead of choosing ten goals to work on, select just two that are most meaningful and that you are more likely to complete. This will help you stay on task.

• Be realistic and flexible. Everyone has setbacks, so don’t give up if you break your resolution during the transitional period. Give yourself time to change, and treat yourself fairly. It takes time to incorporate new habits into your lifestyle. If you have a setback, stop and think about what may have caused you to slip, and then plan a way to get back on track. Change doesn’t happen instantly—it’s a process.

• Make resolutions together as a family. Having a common goal allows family members to support one another in keeping the resolution, and gain quality together time in the process. For example, if your family resolves to learn Spanish before a vacation to Mexico, carve out some fun time by preparing a Mexican meal together while speaking the new language.

• Have a buddy. Recruit a friend or co-worker, beyond a family member, who can offer additional support when the going gets tough. Having a buddy also means you have another person who is aware of your goal, which can be a motivating factor as well.

• Focus on what your life will be like when you have met your goal. Motivation comes from envisioning how you will benefit from the change. When the going gets tough, think about how your life will be better. For example, will you be living in France? Will you have an exciting new job? Use this vision to spur yourself on toward your goal.


For further information or a free 30-day journalist trial in the language of your choice please contact:

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James Pitman
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Rosetta Stone
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About Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the leading provider of online and CD-Rom based language learning courses. The e-learning courses are based on a dynamic immersion methodology which means that they are fully interactive and use thousands of real-life colour images to convey the meaning of each spoken and written phrase in the programme. The programme’s carefully sequenced structure, written texts and extensive use of native speakers helps the user to attain proficiency quickly, without memorisation, translation or tedious grammar drills. Teaching 29 languages to millions of people in over 150 countries worldwide, Rosetta Stone is the key to language learning success.

Rosetta Stone Personal Editions are priced from £139 (inc VAT) to £339 (incVAT). For more information or to purchase the programme please visit

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