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British Workers More Likely To Get PC Viruses Because They Just Don’t Care

How much do we actually care about work equipment and losing confidential company information?

Systems shutting down, vital information lost…can you really trust your employees when it comes to securing your business?

Research compiled on behalf of Trend Micro, an IT Security company, has found that UK computer users are more reckless in their computer behaviour at work than other countries. This especially comes as a worry for the smaller sized business as they’re often the ones that don’t have the constant presence of an IT department.

This international study has shown that UK users are more careless in their behaviour when using an employer’s machine. Over half of the respondents (53%) rely on IT departments to rescue them should some thing bad happen and when asked why they were more risky and carefree with their online behaviour at work than at home – 45% stated that they are not as worried because it’s not their computer equipment.

Pat Dunne, Sales Director Northern Europe for Trend Micro, says “Despite all the warnings, people still make avoidable mistakes and needlessly expose their PCs to computer nasties that ultimately cause critical computers to fail. The solution is rethinking how companies warn employees about IT threats; and adopting more automated defence systems that entirely bypass employees who may be the weak link.”

Illustrating how careless people can be, Trend Micro has compiled their top five of the most avoidable support calls:

Reckless or just plain stupid?

Ø Naked Anna - Hundreds of callers were re-infecting themselves over and over again with a virus trying to view the picture of Anna Kournikova they’d received on an email. They just kept on opening the email to try and get a glimpse of a saucy picture of Anna. They just wouldn’t accept that it was all a hoax

Ø IT for beginners - A customer called saying that the floppy drive was not working. When asked for the exact problem, “Is it that it does not read them? Does the drive accept them at all?” After several questions he replied that the problem was that the floppy disc just would not fit in the drive. He was again asked if he could check if there was another disc inside, he just replied that it wouldn’t fit in. It was then described to him the place where he had to put the floppy. And his amazing reply… “the strange thing is that the floppy is square but the tray has a round shape”

Ø Email a worldwide form of communication? Surely not! - A guy that owned his own business and had called to request an engineer to come out. When asked why he needed the help of an engineer, he stated that he was trying to send an international email. It was explained to him that he could send emails to an international email address just as easily as his could to people in the UK. But he just wouldn’t believe it and insisted that the engineer was there to help him within the hour!

Ø What’s a computer? - A lady who couldn’t access anything on her PC was asked to restart it. She said it went black. When asked to turn it back on again – she said it has come back exactly how she left it. After a few minutes of scratching heads we worked out she was just turning the screen on and off. She didn’t know that there was another part to her computer sitting on the ground under her desk

Ø Flirty fools - When the infamous "ILOVEYOU" email virus hit – the flattery approach made people do the strangest things. Even the most tech-savvy people were opening this virus again and again thinking that someone had send a flirty message to them

Trend Micro’s “Worry-Free Security” initiative offloads the time and expertise required for protecting against viruses, worms, spyware, spam, trojans, and the loss of confidential information. The initiative features three strategic components: automatic threat protection, all-in-one, integrated defense against a variety of threats, and zero administration. All three deliver an automated security shield that protects businesses while minimising the need for round-the-clock IT support. Its automatic threat protection system provides a significant, innovative solution for delivering this promise.

Trend Micro, Inc. is a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. The Tokyo-based corporation has business units worldwide. Trend Micro products are sold through corporate and value-added resellers and managed service providers. For additional information and evaluation copies of all Trend Micro products, visit our Web site,

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