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~ report reveals how bad habits rather than transport delays make the journey to work misery for UK employees ~

UK employees are turning up to work stressed out, irritated and angry because of the antisocial habits of other passengers on their morning commute. Top five most hated behaviours are - bad body odour or breaking wind (33%), loud telephone conversations (26%), loud music (15%), getting angry (15%) and kissing (5%).

This is the result of research conducted amongst 1,000 commuters by Mobizines™ which reveals that the majority (95%) admit they are driven crazy by the habits of their fellow travellers. Rather than complaining about late-running trains, one in three commuters (33%) cited catching a whiff of body odour or someone breaking wind as their pet hate when travelling to work.

In fact, music from personal music players (16%), loud telephone conversations (26%) and public displays of affection (5%) were cited as being among the habits that fuel commuter rage rather than service disruptions.

Just 15% of people said that they got stressed out by overcrowding, accidents and delays to public transport – proving that it’s the people, rather than the transport itself that commuters find most stressful.

Despite other passengers making our blood boil – the research shows we are too reserved to stand up for ourselves with just 3% admitting to asking people to stop their irritating behaviour.

Two-thirds (61%) of us admit to being guilty of anti-social behaviour ourselves, such as reading over someone else’s shoulder, despite the majority of us (75%) agreeing that kind of behaviour is irritating.

The research was commissioned to showcase Mobizines™ – the mobile magazine format from Refresh Mobile which is quick to download and can be read without a network connection – on the bus, train or tube, for example.

The results also reveal that the UK blames eye-catching newspapers (eg. Metro) and celebrity magazines for people reading over our shoulders. Most favourite stolen reads are news headlines (41%) followed by celebrity gossip (22%) and sports headlines (14%).

According to Refresh Mobile CEO Scott Beaumont: “Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that ‘hell is other people’ and our research proves him right. With passenger numbers set to increase by 30% over the next 20 years and no plans by the government to increase capacity* , commuter patience is set to be tested to the breaking point.”

“Having something interesting to read while travelling helps take our minds of crowded conditions and peoples antisocial habits. Unfortunately public transport is often so full, you can’t even read a book, let alone a paper. With Mobizines™, it’s the first time commuters can download ‘snack sized’ versions of their favourite magazines in a rich, colourful format to their mobiles, perfect to read even in crowded spaces.”

Content partners that are publishing Mobizines™ are Time Out, Glamour, GQ, BBC, ITV, V2, OK!, Daily Snack (celebrity news), TV Genius (TV listings), sports news from TeamTalk and gadget news and reviews from Pocket-lint.

Mobizines™ are typically made up of 4 sections and each of these contains 5 stories. For example, the TimeOut Mobizine™ sections are Films, Restaurants, Music and Tip Of The Day. At the bottom of each story a user will find links to other stories, downloadable content or other relevant merchandising pertinent to that particular brand.

To download Mobizines™ to the handset, the consumer texts 'Mobi' followed by the name of the Mobizine™. To download the Time Out Mobizine™, text ‘Mobi timeout’ to 63333 and follow the instructions. The consumer can re-read each Mobizine™ as often as s/he likes at no extra cost, as it’s a finite cost per edition. In the case of Time Out each edition costs between 3 and 15 pence depending on your operator data tariff. The Mobizine™ is automatically updated when the next edition is published.

*Figures released by the Department for Transport


Notes to editors:

About Refresh Mobile:
Refresh Mobile provides quick and easy to use publishing solutions for mobile.
Refresh Mobile's unique Mobizines™ Builder allows publishers to deliver multiple branded titles and multiple editions to the consumer without the need for constant redevelopment or significant publishing resource.

Refresh Mobile was founded by two former members of the T-Mobile global management team. It has closed a round of funding with Accel Partners. Accel Partners manages more than $3 billion with offices in Silicon Valley and London. Over the last twenty-one years, Accel has invested in over 200 internet and technology companies and have helped create many category defining companies such as, Macromedia, UUNet and RealNetworks. In addition, Accel are very active investors in The Facebook, Brightcove,, comScore and many others.

Bruce Golden, general partner, Accel Partners:
“We were immediately excited by the potential of Refresh Mobile. As well as having a compelling vision and a clear strategy, the company owns an innovative technology that is likely to have a huge impact on the mobile publishing sector. We all know that content on mobile will be one of the next big things - it just hasn’t happened yet. We think Mobizines™ could be the catalyst in the mobile content world”

Refresh Mobile is a privately held UK Limited Company that began trading in 2005.


Mobizines™ cost just pennies to access. There is no up-front subscription cost to Mobizines™ or lengthy registration process required. The customer only pays a small one-off fee to download the software reader. Unlike WAP or web browsing, it costs just a few pence to download new editions of Mobizines™. The cost per edition varies by network, but on average costs between 3 and 15p. Mobizines™ are downloaded and can be read off-line as many times as wished until the next edition is sent. Further information can be found online at
Refresh Mobile has worked carefully to ensure that content, no matter how rich and colourful, is highly compressed in order to ensure fast download rates and hence to give maximum value to customers. Unlike WAP where the customer can never be sure what the service is costing and where simply finding your way to the operator’s home page may cost 20p, Refresh Mobile works to ensure that the customer can receive a Mobizine™ for minimal costs.

Technical Information

Mobizines™ operate on Symbian (using Macromedia Flash Lite technology) and Java-based mobile handsets. Each handset can store multiple Mobizines™, and some handsets can store up to 50 individual Mobizines™.

For further information please contact:

Elaine Devereux
Refresh Mobile
Tel: +44 (0)7950 396249

Russell Williams or Ane Olesen
Cow PR
Tel: +44 (0)207 684 6969
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