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We all want to find the perfect workout for a lovely toned body – particularly as we are approaching the summer months. But there is one part of the body that always gets forgotten. And it’s the muscle that makes a major contribution to sexual enjoyment!

Toning the pelvic muscles is not just for women after childbirth or those suffering from bladder weakness, but is an essential workout for every woman who wants a great sex life.

Research by The Continence Foundation shows that few women are motivated to exercise regularly to prevent or even cure embarrassing leaks. So the promise of an improved sex life is of far greater interest!

Regular, effective pelvic floor exercises not only tighten the vagina to improve contact between both partners, but the increase in blood flow to the vaginal muscles leads to more frequent vaginal orgasms of greater intensity.

Pelvic floor exercises are usually only discussed at ante-natal classes, but the techniques, if ever learned, are soon forgotten. One of the main worries for those women that do bother to exercise is to be sure that they are squeezing in the right places? Watch any group of women discussing their pelvic floor and you’ll see buttocks clenching, legs twitching and even eyebrows arching. All very clever, but a clear demonstration that they are not actually squeezing their vaginal muscles.

The PelvicToner™ works by providing physical evidence that we are clenching and squeezing correctly, and the springs act as a form of resistance, which gives us the optimum pelvic floor workout – just like going to the gym! The results are dramatic. Most users report a greater awareness of their pelvic floor muscles within a week or so. Those with bladder weakness usually begin to notice an improvement within a couple of week. But the universal response is “wow! Doesn’t it improve your sex life!”

Allie C, aged 35, suffered from a long history of pelvic inflammation, cervical problems and had 3 problematic pregnancies. The result was she lost her ability to achieve orgasm because even the gentlest sex caused her pain. The PelvicToner had a profound affect on her life and she was moved to write after just a week:
‘What a super product. I used it twice a day and after a week I could already feel more awareness of my pelvic floor muscles. It's like the PelvicToner had woken them up. I've had problems controlling my bladder since a very serious attack of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which also left me with an almost complete inability to achieve orgasm. I made great strides in both departments in just a week!!’

The PelvicToner is a registered medical device and is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and sex therapists for all situations where effective pelvic floor exercises are the preferred course of treatment, for example, in cases of stress incontinence and prolapse.

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Editors Notes:

The benefits of the PelvicToner are aptly summarised in Allie’s own words:

‘How can you feel sexy when you know it is going to hurt you? Gradually my libido diminished and more or less disappeared. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy where I knew I wasn’t going to reach anywhere near a climax and so I didn’t. In the end sex was something I did to satisfy my partner. I resented him for his ease in achieving a climax when I simply couldn’t’.

‘Women often laugh about letting a bit of wee go, but we all know it really isn’t funny when it happens, and it is one aspect of being a woman with kids we all prefer to think didn’t apply to us. I couldn’t jump or do aerobics, cough hard or sneeze without risking a damp patch, but since using The PelvicToner I can now confidently exercise without worrying if my bladder will leak.’

‘My libido rocketed! Never being able to achieve an orgasm is a disheartening and frustrating place to be and isn’t good for sexual desire. Like many women, I only had an emotional desire to make love, but now I have a great physical desire, and can achieve vaginal as well as clitoral orgasms.’

‘It is not just a matter of squeezing and releasing while you are driving the car or standing in a queue…this device offers resistance training such as you would use to rapidly and effectively build muscle tone and strength in a gym with any other muscle group. By the time I’d been using it for a week my bladder control was vastly improved and after two weeks I had moved onto a stronger set of springs, and then the real benefits to my sexual enjoyment started’

‘I believe The PelvicToner™ enables women to take control of their own bodies and empower themselves with the ability to achieve the same sexual fulfilment and levels of desire as their partners with a simple technique that really works’.

‘I'm so optimistic that I've discovered a method of helping myself without further hospital intervention and all the associated emotional trauma. I've always assumed my pelvic floor would be strong as my babies weren't delivered naturally, but until I used the PelvicToner, I didn't realise quite how much more supported my 'gynae bits' should feel.’

‘Interestingly, since I've become aware of the pelvic floor muscles using the PelvicToner, I've found that I can now tighten them (albeit in a less controlled way) as I go about my daily routine as and when I remember, and in doing so, seem to be becoming increasingly 'tuned in' to the sexy sensations that produces...much to my boyfriend's delight!’

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