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An embedded version of its popular software protection dongle, DESkey, designed to protect code and intellectual property written to System Flash and EEPROM memory

London, UKβ€” 6th September, 2006β€”Data Encryption Systems Limited (DES), the UK-based leader in software copyright protection, data encryption, secure messaging and data storage solutions, today announced a new embedded license control product, DK2e.

DK2e will enable customers to cost-effectively protect embedded system code against piracy or unauthorised use. Additionally, it can be used to simultaneously protect and manage monitoring and logging software, running on a controlling host PC. In essence DK2e is a proven way to embed a fully featured dongle into an electronic system.

David Tomlinson, managing director, DES comments: β€œDK2e applies to any microcontroller or microprocessor based system where there is a need to protect the embedded software against hacking, duplication or other IP (Intellectual Property) infringements. For example, ticket kiosks located at railway stations or industrial printers. It can be very easy to copy or modify the data used to operate these systems to either clone the hardware or to alter its operation, possibly leading to reliability or safety issues, and certainly raising the threat of competitors getting hold of valuable IP. At DES, we were finding more and more customers demanding some kind of device to help protect these systems as well as the host PC software. It was pretty straight forward for us to take our existing software protection dongle, DESkey and to design an embedded version DK2e.”

DK2e is based on the company’s underlying DESkey technology. DESkey is an economic security solution that protects either software of a high value or software which is β€˜in-demand’ and therefore worth safeguarding. So whilst PC software can easily be shielded using DESkey, what became apparent to DES was that customers were facing similar problems with non PC systems. For example electronic assemblies, or any big electronic system or custom device which doesn’t fall under the realms of a normal computer, are increasingly falling victims to functional hacking or unlicensed use.

This situation has arisen because of the widespread use of flash memory in modern microcontrollers which has revolutionised the design and adaptability of many electronic systems and devices. The advantage of flash memory is that it can be read and written too a number of times and today many controllers use this type of memory. This makes it much easier to enhance or update system firmware. The move away from OTP and Masked components has enabled field updates to all types of equipment, which simply wasn’t possible before. However, this poses a new problem, exposing the code to duplication or modification and it can often prove hard to know how best to secure the copyright or intellectual property.

Additionally, the low cost of PC components has enabled a growing number of industrial systems to include a built-in or stand alone PC as the user interface. In the majority of cases the control software represents a valuable asset and therefore warrants a degree of protection against unlicensed use. Embedding DK2e into the system provides a convenient and well supported means of adding a software protection dongle to all kinds of hardware.

DK2e is designed to run from a 3.3V power supply. All communications are handled by a two-wire serial interface, ideal for quick system integration with any available microcontroller serial port. The standard DK2 is available in Parallel (LPT) Port, USB and PC Card formats, all of which are functionally identical to the DK2e and may be used for evaluation, development and testing direct from a standard PC. The device is supplied with sample code and full software support direct from DES’ development team. DK2e is also available in customer configurations with other PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or system connectors and, if required, can be supplied with RS232 level conversion.

DES is the UK’s largest and most successful hardware security dongle manufacturer and DK2e extends this leadership position. DK2e is available today and pricing starts at Β£30.00 per device.

For further information, please contact DES’ sales department or call +44 (0) 1823 352357.

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For further information:

Paula Elliott
C8 Consulting Ltd for Data Encryption Systems Ltd
Tel: +44 (0) 7811 278974 / +44 (0) 118 9001132

Notes for editors:

Key features include:

β€’ Pseudo-random number generator

β€’ Encryption throughput

β€’ Unique 6 byte password

β€’ Memory

β€’ Down-counter

β€’ Variable response algorithm

β€’ Hidden commands

β€’ Remote commands

β€’ Transparent

β€’ Interchangeable

Product Reviews:

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About Data Encryption Systems (DES)

Since 1985, Data Encryption Systems has been the UK’s most successful manufacturer of software protection dongles, software copyright protection systems, and secure handset reprogramming accessories. Data Encryption Systems markets and supports products used by tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to protect applications, copyrighted materials, medical records, government files and other confidential and personal information. The company’s flagship product, DESlock+, has been awarded SC Magazine’s Best Buy for the third year running.

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