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Maranatha - Et in Arcadia Ego: The Companion

Maranatha Et in Arcadia Ego is the little puzzle book that, since its launch earlier this year, has gained a cult following throughout the world. Although the initial interest appeared to come from readers hoping to win the ONE MILLION POUND (sterling) prize it seems that equally as many readers bought the book purely to take up the challenge to discover "the most important secret in the history of creation". Up to date no one has been successful but interest continues to grow through discussion groups and websites.

To ensure and accelerate the solving of this international Treasure Hunt, Duncan Burden, the co-author of Maranatha - Et in Arcadia Ego has written the Maranatha: The Companion. With a distinctive purple cover this new release will be available in bookshops internationally from October 2006.

The Companion provides a step-by-step guide through the history, mythology and theology that is central to successfully progressing through the labyrinth of detail that forms the foundation of the Treasure Hunt. It holds the translated text of the 'Pigpen Cipher' that forms the body of the first book. This translation presents a number of key words that are examined in terms of their origin, meaning and interpretation and, in some cases, suggests further questions and lines of enquiry.

Duncan says "this publication has been designed to support and reward those who have already started the Treasure Hunt as well as encourage those who are yet to take up the challenge. It is never too late to start because, as well as still being able to buy the first book, there are numerous websites that have been set up that track the progress of current readers. So why not log on and join the fun?"

He continues "a few of the chapters I particularly enjoyed sharing - some because of their honesty and others for what they mean to me personally. These include - the Pagan Origins of Modern Christianity; Lucifer - "the Light Bringer"; the Secret History of the Masonic Treasure Guardians and their links back to ancient Eygpt as well as the actual pronounceable Name of God."

"While some of the material is, in parts, sensational, provocative and possibly dangerous, everything is referenced, factual and - above all - honest. A truth is a truth no matter what an individual believes" (page 179).

Melbourne IT manager, Jamie Stanton, says about The Companion: "This is invaluable. It's not so much a book to show you where to look but where to stop looking... as cryptic as that may sound. The original book is a maze and the directions you can take are almost infinite. The Companion clarifies the path to take on the exciting journey".

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