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Scared of piling on the pounds this festive season? Want to kick-start a sensible pre-Christmas eating plan? A new concept in food and weight management, Slimthru®, has been launched to help you stop overeating and avoid the misery of New Year ’crash-dieting’ - which could be bad for your health.

According to the British Dietetic Association, we gain about five pounds in weight over the festive period, and consume a whopping 6,000 calories on just Christmas day alone.1 Unsurprisingly therefore, around eleven million people have resorted to post-Christmas diets2 – yet new research shows that in fact two out of three of these diets don’t work.2

Slimthru can assist in appetite management and ward off Christmas overindulgence by helping you control your portion intake and reduce between-meals-snacking by making you feel fuller for longer. Published studies have demonstrated it can reduce calorific intake by nearly a third and can reduce hunger pangs for up to eight hours or longer.3,4,5

Totally natural, made from palm oil and oat oil, Slimthru is a novel cream-like liquid (emulsion) that does not rely on chemicals or bulking agents but acts locally in the gut, providing the sensation of fullness. Small droplets of Slimthru (trialled as Olibra) stay in the stomach for longer than other fats, prolonging the sensation of fullness (satiety) after a meal.3,4,5

“Our studies show that Slimthru may help you to eat less from the very first day. Previously, it was thought that long-term satiety was promoted mainly by proteins and fibres. However, our studies shown that satiety can be triggered by fats,” says Professor Barbara Livingstone, professor of nutrition and lead investigator of the Slimthru trials, University of Ulster.

Convenient and easy to use, Slimthru comes in handy-sized (7.5ml) containers which can be popped into your handbag or kept in your desk drawer at work. You can drink it on its own or add it to coffee, tea, or to your meal. Depending on your requirements, you can take it up to twice a day – one with breakfast and one with lunch.

Dr Ian Campbell, obesity specialist, says: "We have become a nation of habitual eaters – with a quarter of men and women diagnosed as clinically obese in this country. Any new product which helps to moderate eating habits effectively and safely is welcomed. I hope that Slimthru will help in the fight against obesity and the serious health issues linked to it."

Slimthru should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and be viewed as part of a sustainable food and weight management regime.

Says Nigel Denby, registered dietitian: “In my clinical practice I spend a lot of time helping people to reduce their portion sizes and address their food grazing habits. I can see a product like Slimthru, which promotes satiety, being a useful tool to help establish new healthy habits.”

Slimthru does not require a prescription and is available at larger Boots and Holland&Barrett stores and other selected healthcare retailers. It will initially come in packs of 12 and 30 and prices start from £12.49. For tips on sustainable, healthy eating see:

Note to editors
Slimthru® is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Under 18’s, pregnant women, nursing mothers and those taking medication should always consult their doctor before embarking on any kind of food or weight management programme.

Clinical trials conducted to date have demonstrated that Slimthru® has no known side effects.3,4,5

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