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New Halloween Survey shows Commercialism is the new Religion, Paganism is rife and Christianity may have finally lost the battle.


Halloween will soon be celebrated across the UK but what does Halloween mean to you? Who has won our Halloween Hearts? Were you even aware there was a battle underway?

Pagans were the first to celebrate Halloween and believe it heralds the change of seasons & passing-over of souls. As Christian influence grew, the Churches found they were unable to stop such celebrations so they reinvented Halloween as a day to honour the Saints and feed the poor. Later still Commercialism took hold and Halloween was presented purely as a time to dress up and party, preferably with the help of a lot of over-priced orange plastic.

So who finally won the eons-long battle for our Halloween Hearts? This is the question friendship & dating website asked it's members and the survey results say a lot about the society we all live in.

10,000 respondents were asked to choose between the Pagan, Christian or Commercial representations of Halloween. The Christian definition was the biggest loser with only 9% of people supporting the ideology the Churches fought so hard to instil. Paganism came in a very respectable second with 32% of people suggesting we are reverting to our ancient religious roots, but Commercialism won hands down with a massive 59% believing the only reason to celebrate this religious festival was in order to shop, accessorise and party.

Amazingly, breakdowns reveal that the Christian definition of Halloween finds strongest support amongst Hindus and Muslims who average 30% support for the beliefs originally drawn up by the Catholic Church. In comparison, those who define themselves as Christian, Catholic or Protestant only averaged 10% belief in the Christian ideology.

Survey breakdowns also revealed the majority of Christian believers have White hair, Pagans appear to come in all colours and the staunchest supporters of Commercialism are Blondes!

Gender breakdowns provided a rather surprising statistic showing twice as many men than women supported the Christian beliefs, the exact figures being 6.93% of women compared to 12.07% of men. Maybe men are turning to religion whilst women shop!

Geographically, anyone wishing to honour the Christian festival will struggle but will find the most like minded souls in the 23% displayed in Southampton or Harrow. The most Commercially focused towns were Sutton and Glasgow with over 80% of residents preparing to party, whilst if Pagan celebrations are more your style, you might want to visit Barking whose 67% score makes it the Pagan hotbed of the UK with double the national average of residents supporting Pagan beliefs.

So is commercialism the new religion? It seems it may be, with Sutton and Glasgow leading the crusade ........ although the people of Barking may put up a fight!


Survey details.

The survey was conducted with members of 9,818 members answered the question 'What does Halloween mean to you?'

Overall results were:

a) A celebration of the change of seasons & the passing over of souls: 31.75%
b) A day to honour the Saints and feed the poor: 9.47%
c) A scary celebration of spooks and ghouls: 58.78%

(a = Pagan Halloween; b = Christian Halloween; c = Commercial Halloween)

Data was analysed by location, gender, star sign, age, income bracket and religion. Full stats available on request.

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