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It is a familiar scenario – stiffness, sore back in the morning, lack of energy and a general feeling that you haven’t had a good night sleep. You can imagine the conversation in many homes throughout the country.

It is one that Caroline and Guy Bodger went through. Guy had a persistent sore back and Caroline’s energy levels were low. As a couple who believe in using natural and environmentally friendly products and don’t like the idea of using drugs over a long term they found a solution in New Zealand where they lived for five years before moving back in 2005 to give their three sons an English education.

They had already decided to set up a business importing pure wool duvets from New Zealand after discovering them when they lived in New Plymouth, North Island. Their eldest son Sebastian didn’t sleep well in the hot summers. ‘He would toss and turn, overheat and find it very difficult to sleep,’ explained Caroline.

That’s when they discovered wool duvets. ‘I had never heard of wool duvets before. I thought there were feather duvets and synthetic duvets and that was it,’ said Caroline. ‘But many people in New Zealand uses wool duvets. It was a revelation. Sebastian slept so well with his new duvet that we bought new duvets and pillows for all the family.’

So when they were looking at the range offered by Ellis Fibre, a pioneer of wool bedding products in New Zealand, they discovered the Magni Wool Underlay. It was developed to offer natural, drug free pain relief while you sleep. ‘There are lots of magnetic products for healing and well being on the market,’ said Caroline. ‘But we were attracted to the underblanket because it works while you are asleep and as the average person spends a third of the day in bed it made sense to let the magnets do their work at night.’

Expert opinion differs as to whether or not magnets have any kind of healing abilities. But Cherie Blair, Bill Clinton, Prince William and actor Sir Anthony Hopkins are all said to be devotees and the medical establishment admits there has not been enough research into the effects of magnetic therapy to establish its credentials one way or the other. It certainly isn’t a new fangled therapy, having been used in Ancient Egypt with Cleopatra being the oldest known fan.

A recent clinical trial at the University of Virginia, USA, using magnetic mattress pads found positive results. It was the largest and most rigorous study of magnetic therapy to date and although overall findings were inconclusive lead researcher Dr Alan Alfonso found those using the magnets had significant pain reduction.

‘We back the use of magnets through personal experience. Not only does Guy no longer struggle with back pain in the mornings but I have benefited from increased energy levels,’ added Caroline.

The couple, from Gloucestershire, believe that combining magnets with a layer of natural wool and cotton is the best way of using this ancient healing technology. ‘It is about bringing ancient ideas into the 21st century,’ said Caroline. Well you can’t get more 21st century than NASA whose scientists discovered that lining space suits with a magnetic material helps to combat the effects of zero gravity on bone density and the body’s immune system.

The Magni Wool Underlay that the Bodgers import from New Zealand and sell through their White Cloud Trading Company, (New Zealand is known as the Land of the long white cloud) is designed to go between the mattress and sheet and is made from pure Merino wool backed with quilted cotton.

It is generally believed that magnets relieve a wide range of ailments including arthritis, migraines, lower back pain, sprains, stress, sciatica, asthma, fatigue and allergies. It works by temporarily altering the molecular structure of the blood allowing the blood to flow more easily into places like cartilage and bone, thus speeding up the healing process.

For those suffering from sleepless nights the energy from the magnets calm down the circadian rhythm of the brain waves and help to induce a deeper state of sleep. It is only when you are in a deep state of sleep that your pineal gland is activated which is in charge of all your healing and energy systems.

Many products available such as wrist bands, knee bands, watches and pads can affect a localised area of pain but researchers are using mattress pads because a much larger area of the body is in contact with the magnets.

‘It is great that more scientific work is being done on magnet therapy. But it is the people who have benefited and what they think that says a lot. Customers have written to us and told us about the positive benefits including a more restful nights sleep and relief from arthritic pain. They can cope with the day ahead. That is what matters,’ added Caroline. 01989 721010

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