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Footballers and actors top the desire list that most women fantasize about. It is their rugged looks and athletic prowess that turn women on, according to a new annual survey of what women want in bed.

David Beckham is the second most desirable man despite being dropped by England. But it is Chelsea’s Frank Lampard who comes out number one with almost a quarter (22%) of women naming him as their best fantasy.

Unfortunately the nation’s other football hero, Wayne Rooney, gets nowhere. Not one of the 1,200 women surveyed by Sheila’s Comforts, the fantasy box specialists, voted for the Manchester United and England striker.

Asked what physical attributes a great fantasy needs, most women said good looks (68%) and fitness came second with 28% of women wanting their fantasy to be athletic.

And the only man to make the top ten who isn’t a footballer or actor is Coldplay’s Chris Martin with 5% of women naming him as the man they imagine would be great in bed.

When it comes to fictional characters it is many of the old favourites who feature in the top ten with Rhett Butler topping the poll and Mr Darcy a close second. Also popular were James Bond, the character rather than a specific actor, who just beats David Tennant as Dr Who.

Asked what profession they would most like to fantasize about, the women put a fireman at the top of the list (52%) followed by a workman and a gardener.

Admitting to having a fantasy about someone real or fictional is less of a risky subject than it used to be. Overall some 88% of women questioned said they were happy to talk about their fantasies. Only two per cent said they had never fantasized and the rest admitted they did or had but wouldn’t talk about it to anyone else.

‘This research shows that women are more open about talking about fantasies. They realise that it is something that the majority of us experience and it is not shameful to talk about them,’ said Sheila Taylor, founder of Sheila’s Comforts.

‘Research shows that people who fantasize the most are in happy, loving, trusting relationships. But it is getting started that can put people off. Role playing and fantasies are a part of human nature but it is not about rubber and bondage, it is about romance and excitement,’ she added.

Note to editors:

Sheila’s Comforts are a range of fantasy boxes aimed at bringing fun into the bedroom. They were inspired by the comfort boxes sent to soldiers at the front in the First World War from their loved ones back home.

Starting at £99, each box has a theme chosen to allow couples to introduce role play easily. Most role play scenarios involve a dominant and a submissive character, so the contents of each box fit with a particular theme that can then be adapted and used according to choice. Each box contains some of the following: suitable luxury lingerie and/or high quality hand-finished costumes, relevant sex toys and a host of sumptuous oils, balms, body powder and even delicious chocolates to enjoy.

They are aimed at men and women who want to discreetly introduce new ideas into their sex lives again and again. The boxes are beautifully wrapped and even have a secret shelf to hide any risque items that you don’t want anyone else discovering in your bedroom.

The boxes also come with a sexual advice booklet to get started. Each booklet includes several different storylines, so each fantasy session will be different from the one before.

The Sheila’s Comforts Fantasy poll will be conducted twice a year. Once for women and once for men. The first men’s poll is due out at the beginning of February in advance of Valentine’s Day.

Overall top ten:-

Frank Lampard (22%)
David Beckham (18%)
Johnny Depp (12%)
Daniel Craig (11 %)
Clark Gable (as Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind) (10%)
Orlando Bloom (9%)
Thiery Henry (7%)
Chris Martin (5%)
Alan Rickman (3%)
Jude Law (3%)

Fictional character top ten:

Rhett Butler (18%)
Mr Darcy (17%)
James Bond (14%)
Dr Who (David Tennant) (12%)
The Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) (11%)
Marc Antony (Richard Burton, Cleopatra) (9%)
Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane, Harry Potter films) (7%)
Captain Kirk (William Shatner, Star Trek TV series) (6%)
Superman (4%)
Alfie (Jude Law) (2%)

Most popular fantasy top five:-

Fireman (52%)
Workman (18%)
Gardener (12%)
Doctor (10%)
Stranger (8%)

Note to editors:

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