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Teens and their text etiquette – all is revealed in a national survey by

• Britney Spears finishes her marriage by text message and our survey says… teens are following suit by dumping partners by text – shocking!

• Hollywood IT girl, Lindsay Lohan beats her rival Paris Hilton in popularity stakes

• Lost weight and their mates, Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie prove Size Zero=Zero personality appeal for teens today

• Simon Cowell has it all - X appeal and now he has beaten Louis Walsh by having the TXT Factor too!

• Ant versus Dec – who is the nation’s favourite?! It’s official - Declan wins hands down!

• He may have been Knightrider but it seems the Hoff now just drives people crazy! Voted biggest text pest potential have we had enough of the Hoff?!

• Text Pest, Sex Pest.. this man, like his show, has “Got Issues”. Self-confessed Russell Brand has no shame..

Everyone has gone text messaging mad with a staggering 3.7 billion texts sent across the UK in September alone* – yes it’s true! Hotxt, the service that offers more texts, more ways of texting, conducted a national survey to take a closer look at teenagers across the country and their text etiquette. The research was conducted amongst a representative sample of 1,238, 16-24 year olds and 97.2% of these own a mobile phone.

Boys and girls reveal all about who has got the ultimate TXT factor in the world of celebrities, which text pests are giving off the wrong signal, and who would be top of their list to send a cheeky text to! Connect with the youth of today and tap into the hot gossip – improve your text life with Hotxt!

Hollywood IT girl Lindsay Lohan beats her rival Paris Hilton as she was voted the most popular female celebrity to join your circle of friends with highest score, 22.8%, beating the seven other celebrity contenders! Luckily Victoria Beckham has one friend in Katie Holmes as she only scored 4th place in the poll with 13% but worst of all, Nicole Richie, came last as the teen’s least favourite friend (7.5%). But for Lilly Allen, it’s good to have friends in the right places even if they are all on MySpace! The savvy singer came a close second in the poll (20%) and so the results show the most talented celebs have come out top and earned the respect of their teen fans. Go girls!

Music mogul Simon Cowell’s attitude and X appeal has proved a real winner in this competition, coming third place out of eleven with 12.3% of the votes! Oh dear, Louis Walsh may think he’s got the X Factor but when it comes to the TXT Factor the tables have turned as he has been voted the least favourite celeb and the loser of this talent competition with only 1.2% of the votes! But the no. 1 choice of TV personality is welsh ladette Charlotte Church whose risqué language, curvy figure and great banter has won the hearts of the young people today. With the highest score (17.8%), she even beat her fellow welsh TV heart throb, Steve Jones, who sadly came 2nd to last with 4.6% in the list of 11 celebrities! Charlotte Church’s down to earth and irreverent style would make her the most fun to have at the end of your phone for cheeky un-predictive text banter! Adorable duo, Ant and Dec, have been battling it out on popularity stakes and the winner is…Declan Donnelly!! Dec came in at 2nd position (14.7%) while Ant was 7th (7.4%) so Ant – you’re less of a celebrity..get yourself out of here! Meanwhile, cheeky chappy, Jamie Oliver, has cooked up a storm across the country and so he will be dining out on his high score in the survey as 4th most wanted celebrity to send a cheeky text to accounting for 10.7% of votes.

Voted the most likely to be the worst text pest, The Hoff better get out of his car and on his bike! Without Kit, David Hasselhoff seems to have lost his way, charm and respect collecting the highest score (29.3%) making him the worst text pest out of the 5 male celebs on this black list. Robbie Williams is no angel! Rudebox may be an appropriate name for his new single as rude boy Robbie has been voted 3rd (21.1%) on our poll as potential text pest! One person who might be proud of this accolade, however, is bad boy Russell Brand, voted 2nd worst text pest with 23%. Rebel Russell would break any rules on text etiquette.

So the survey rings true that texting has never been so popular and keeps you well-connected with life, friends and hot gossip. The interesting results show that most young people now prefer to express their feelings emotionally via text rather than picking up the phone to tell someone how they feel about them. Certainly when it comes to flirting, texting is the perfect way to send a cheeky text to someone you fancy! As many as 87.2% 16-24 year olds use texting as the best way to flirt with someone rather than over the phone! And it has now been revealed that Southampton, Sheffield then Newcastle and are home to the biggest text flirts! But on the flipside, as many people as 22.8% think it is acceptable to dump someone via text message. And our survey says, the folk from Plymouth are the worst contenders for this kind of behaviour! Britney Spears finished her marriage by text so clearly the celebs are doing it too!

Hotxt will make you the king or queen of gossip via text! Hotxt is a FREE service that uses the internet to send text messages between Hotxt members anywhere in the world. Join now for FREE, download Hotxt to your mobile add your contacts and start Hotxting or use HotxtOnline from a computer.

Doug Richard, co-founder of Hotxt and entrepreneur of Dragon’s Den fame, comments; “This Hotxt celebrity-focused survey is an indication of the significance texting plays across all aspects of teenagers’ lives today. Texting has created a new and preferred platform for communication, an opportunity for social networking and starting new relationships as well as a means to finishing them in an easy and impersonal way, such as the simple text from Britney Spears to her husband to end their marriage. Hotxt recognises young people are quick to adopt new trends and opportunities to improve their lifestyles and so is set to play a huge role with its free service offering more texts and more ways of texting.”


Notes to Editors:-

About Hotxt

Co-founded by Doug Richard, of Dragon’s Den fame, Hotxt is managed and backed by technology experts and some of the best known business angels in the UK. Just as Skype is telephony over the Internet, Hotxt is texting over the Internet offering a free service for all Hotxt members anywhere in the world.

Hotxt works on most modern mobile phones from Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Samsung and most GSM and 3G networks. Hotxt will assist in setting up customers’ mobiles to use the mobile internet. Hotxt is not compatible with iMode, Sprint and other non GSM networks, so HotxtOnline provides an alternative option to message Hotxt members for free.

To use Hotxt, users can sign up to the service either by visiting the website Upon sign up, the member chooses a personal Hotxt ID (Tag), which is their own Hotxt identity. Hotxt is offering free subscription to every user who registers to There is NO contractual obligation of 12 months as with other mobile services and there are no hidden cancellation clauses/payments. Users can simply text ‘STOP’ to 80468 to cancel the service.

The Hotxt application is provisioned onto the mobile phone via a service message triggered by sign up (via web or mobile). Access to the application is easy as the application is auto-loaded when the phone is switched on and a PIN is entered.

The following benefits and new features are available with Hotxt:

1. FREE texts to Hotxt members
2. Group texting with your friends
3. Get a Hotxt tag, keep your mobile number private
4. Hotxt from your MOBILE or PC
5. Hotxt messages are 21/2 times longer than a standard SMS
6. Hotxt members have a username (tag) so you can keep your mobile number private and use your Hotxt tag on your MySpace, Bebo pages.
7. Hotxt lets you block unwanted senders anytime you like.

• HotxtOnline - You can read and send new Hotxt messages and manage your contacts and groups using HotxtOnline from a computer at home, college, internet café, work or anywhere.

• HotxtShout – Lets you text a whole group - your mates, your five-a-side team, your class all in one go.

• HotxtChat - Chat with a group of friends with HoxtChat. Its just like reply-all in email, everyone in your HotxtChat gets your message and everyone sees everyone's replies!

• HotxtOut - Lets you reach your friends who are not on Hotxt by SMS. You get 5 free HotxtOut each day!

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