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New Salvestrol from BHM Health Group – a unique super supplement to help the human body defend itself from disease.

With few of us reaching for our ‘five a day’ fruit and vegetable target, coupled with the proliferation of fast foods and fast lifestyles, it’s no wonder people reach for the supplements in a bid to bring their daily diet back under control.
Newly discovered Salvestrols are probably the most significant breakthrough in nutrition since the discovery of vitamins and are a key solution in helping resolve this dilemma. But how do we know these supplements are the right ones to take, and will give the benefits we expect?

What are Salvestrols?

A team of UK Medical researchers have recently discovered Salvestrols, a group of totally natural, newly identified phytonutrients (nutrients derived from plants), that are found in cancer-preventing fresh fruit and vegetables. They are probably the substances which offer the major advantages attributed to a diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Salvestrols are a group of chemically unrelated phytonutrients which should be present in our daily diet in fresh fruit and vegetables. They have been shown to act specifically with a family of enzymes which only exist in cells which have diseases of self (such as cancer, psoriasis and arthritis) and control these cells. These enzymes only exist in diseased cells so if no disease is present the Salvestrol will pass through the body inactivated.

The mechanism by which the body uses these substances first evolved in mammals millions of years ago so it is a well established means of maintaining good health, but the researchers who discovered Salvestrols have now found that they are disappearing from our diet at an alarming rate. This is entirely due to modern farming and food processing methods with the result that we now have only 10-20% of the Salvestrol component in our diet that we had a century ago. The main culprit in modern day farming is the use of fungicides which prevent plants from producing salvestrols as a part of their natural defence mechanism.
For these reasons it is probably impossible to get sufficient Salvestrols through the diet, even if consuming a diet of entirely organic foods. So the only way you can be sure that you are getting sufficient Salvestrols in your diet is to take a Salvestrol supplement.

Dan Burke*, Professor of Pharmaceutical Metabolism and Head of Research at Nature’s Defence said: “This is undoubtedly the most exciting breakthrough in nutrition and health since vitamins were discovered. Salvestrols are a naturally occurring nutrient which we get from fruits and vegetables that are metabolised and activated by diseased cells destroying them outright but doing little or no harm to healthy cells.”

Salvestrol from BHM Health Group provides enough Salvestrol to ensure you supplement your diet to a level which is adequate to enable these remarkable substances to maintain good health. The food state organic plant based extract also contains essential co-factors which our scientists now know enable Salvestrols to work most effectively. These include niacin, iron, biotin, vitamin C, selenium and magnesium.

Salvestrols - correcting today’s dietary deficiencies as nature intended – available from leading independent health food stores, Holland and Barrett or direct by calling 0800 652 1267 or visit, priced at £14.99 for a pack containing 60 tabs (2 months supply).



Salvestrol was discovered during research work carried out at de Montfort University Leicester when a dedicated team of scientists discovered a mechanism which cells use to control themselves 'when things go wrong' for example in cancer.

This discovery led to them developing a synthetic medicine which used this control system to help in these conditions. During this process they also realised that similar substances (now know as salvestrols) already existed in our diet but were rapidly depleted as a result of modern farming and food production.

Salvestrol the food supplement from BHM Health Group is now available as a result of this research and was developed as a nutritional supplement to ensure the deficiencies in the diet are adequately compensated.

The pharmaceutical drug is currently undergoing clinical trials and is expected to be available within 15 years.

*Emeritus Professor Danny Burke, Nature’s Defence

Professor Dan Burke has a university career spanning more than 35 years of medical and scientific research and teaching in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology and Cancer. Recently retired from acadaemia, he is currently Head of Research for Nature’s Defence (UK) Ltd.

Prof. Burke’s research experience includes the University of Texas Medical School in Dallas, the U.S. Government’s Citrus Research Laboratories and the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. His is an expert in the area of metabolism and toxicology of drugs and carcinogens and he has published more than 200 research articles. He also taught and researched Cancer causation and treatment at Aberdeen University Medical School for 19 years.
Salvestrol is a registered trademark

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