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AMELEON ÓIII & Simone Marianne

AMELEON is a family run business, it was founded by Simone Marianne

Simone learned to make natural skincare products as young as 5 years old from her mother and grandmother, a family tradition going back as far as 6 generation, to Simone making natural skincare formulas is as natural to her as breathing.

For many years Simone was using a wide range of the very best acclaimed skincare products in the world, overtime she found that they did not perform as they claim to do, so she introduced her own skincare products that did do what they claimed.

Simone created skincare products that she could use and were also sensitive, safe, natural and organic enough to be useable by her two young daughters Amelia & Leonie, who she named her company after.

People quickly started noticing the rejuvenational effects her products had on Simone and often thought that her skin and rejuvenated looks were due to cosmetic surgery or Botox, when all her immediate family and friends realized the results were purely via her natural skincare products, the word and popularity spread to this point in time.

Overwhelming demands for AMELEON products, initially came from family, friends, public and internationally which compelled Simone into production

AMELEON products are first and foremost still created for self use and only when 100% satisfied, they then offer the same to the public, this is an old fashioned way of working, but to the consumer it’s a safe and honest way of producing a product at the highest level and quality.

So what makes AMELEON so different to all the other cosmetics in the market place, AMELEON natural and organic ingredients include Vitamins – A. C. E. Omega 3. 6. 9. this is not common with its high end competitors on the market. AMELEON seems to place natural health equal to cosmetic rectification and repair rejuvenation. With most other brands we most often find that you need to buy separate individual products for hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing, anti wrinkle, anti ageing, lifting, firming, new skin cell rejuvenation, which mean we are often buying 3-6 sets of skin products, whereas AMELEON provides all within one product that has amazing effects, this is where you can see the generations of knowledge coming through which is unmatched within the cosmetic world, what’s more, is the cost factor which is far cheaper than buying complete ranges of other brands that the AMELEON brand does in one, most of there products are also concentrated which means it goes much further, this expresses the integrity in the brand.

AMELEON is an ethical stylish and elegant beauty brand that does not compromise between beauty and natural health, both are met equally at the highest level. As a consumer this is most welcoming, to be able to purchase a high performance rejuvenating formula that has an active immediate effect and is completely natural without any artificial coloring or fragrance which is reinforced with nourishing Vitamins A. C. E. & Omega 3. 6. 9 that heal/repair and rejuvenates the skin during cosmetic rectification, this is nothing short of amazing. The brand is so natural that it is used by Vegetarians and Vegans. Its beautiful, stylish and elegant brand image is a bonus.

AMELEON has combined natural active beauty products with elegance and style, its high echo-styling position makes AMELEON distinctive and very desirable, which has given it a high brand designer status. AMELEON designer Countess Athanasia Constantine has placed elegance and styling into the AMELEON brand and having had a sneak preview of what’s to come in the beauty cosmetic side and jewelry and accessories side, the only thing I can and have been allowed to say is “WOW” , sorry let me rephrase WOW WOW WOW incredible.

The men’s range is set in the same ethos, its distinctive male image is most welcoming, consumers have found that the male unisex or feminine image of most other brands of men’s products has been lacking in attracting the so called Alfa type male to the skincare market, the AMELEON men’s brand is distinctively male which encourages men to use beauty products. More encouragingly the male products are designed to perform as the female products do, lifting, firming, anti ageing, hydrating and nourishing.

These products have immediate rejuvenating effects which are nothing short of amazing, the ethos behind this brand is that products should not just have a cosmetic rectification purpose, but equally be effective in reviving, rejuvenating, healing / repairing and bringing about a healthy equilibrium, it is an ethos based upon integrity.

AMELEON has received world wide enquiries from applicant stockist and are making final choices of overseas applicant stockists by the end of June 2007 the applicant stockists are in the following cities/countries –

Paris - Monaco - Nice - Canns - Milano - Florence - Rome - Duseldorf - Berlin - Barcelona - Madrid - Athens - Thesalonica - Dubai - RijadLimasol - Nicosia - Moscow - St. Petersburg - Istanbul -Ancara - Hong Kong - Beijing Tokio - New York - LA - Las Vegas - Mexico City - Sidney

The brand prioritizes its image and reputation as well as credibility before sale demands, which they claim is secondary to the brand, this maintains a high level of standard to its products which in turn we the public appreciate and benefit from. The brand remains exclusive.

AMELEON Laboratory is based in London and there are plans in progress to build a second Laboratory somewhere in Europe, location is at present being kept very secret. Ameleon lab technicians and analysts are all committed to a natural approach to all their creations, they express we are all made of natural matter and we should not be prepared to place on our skin what we are not prepared to place inside our bodies. That makes good sense to me. they do not agree or use any form of chemicals nor animal based ingredients, artificial coloring or fragrances, and are very echo conscious. It is true to say that all of us would rather place on our skin something that is natural rather than not or chemical.

AMELEON is inspired by nature as a whole, but with a difference, they produce natural active products with exquisite flare, style, elegance and design which has gained them designer brand status that surpasses all expectations. The AMELEON design director Countess Athanasia Constantine clearly expresses the brand with elegant styling. It is a brand that the majority of us would love to have on display on our dressing table or even boast about.

It is refreshing to see such a designer brand not sellout for the quick buck, but instead holdfast to maintaining exquisite quality products with integrity and brand status, AMELEON is wowing the cosmetic world. AMELEON has definitely been the best kept secret in the cosmetic and beauty world

What’s more intriguing is the global attention and amazement of the brand being British and in some cases refusing to accept that AMELEON is British, because of it has amazing rejuvenational effects and qualities, style, elegance and branding our European cousins are desperately trying to self convince themselves that it must be French or Italian or Greek, the facts are Simone is very much British from Scottish & Irish ancestry with her family tree directly linking back to the House of Alpin King MacDonald II of Scotland 889-890AD & The House of Dunkeld King MacDonald III 1094 -1097 which she says her father keeps reminding her of whilst polishing his family crest on the wall every Sunday morning, but she does not take it seriously at all and even jokes about it . Simone was born in North West London and loves her home town, she is a very down to earth pleasant lady who seems to have time for everyone and anyone, you can see and feel her honesty in her character which clearly reflects in her work and brand, A M E L E O N is natural beauty with Style and Elegance that is equal to the very top brands and in most cases surpasses the world renowned best of the best.

AMELEON is also been used by cosmetic surgeons who recommend the brand to their patients prior to surgery so as to get the skin completely rejuvenated and healthy prior to surgery thus enabling better cosmetic results and healing, it is also recommended after surgery so as to maintain the new look. It seems that AMELEON is not just a pretty face!!!

AMELEON is by far the best and most honest cosmetic beauty product on the market, it is stylish, elegant, value for money and actually performs, it is on par and in many cases surpasses the very top French, Italian, German and Swiss brands, till now there has not been any real British brand that can match the top European brands, now there is, AMELEON

We asked AMELEON if they had a message to the reader of this editorial / news release, given their high status their response was very sincere :
"We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy using them and producing them for you. Thank you for your interest in AMELEON"
Simone Marianne

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See also the about us section which has a image of Simone Marianne.

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