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One of nature’s immune boosters is proving successful in beating the killer bug c difficile (Clostridium difficile) – that is back in the spotlight as it continues to be a major threat to public health in hospitals. Seven times more common than the hospital super bug MRSA, C difficile is believed to be the underlying cause of 934 deaths in 2003, according to National Statistics. And the cause of illness among 44,488 over 65s in England last year (source: Department of Health).

C. difficile thrives in people whose immune systems are depressed through use of antibiotics. The bug naturally lives in the intestine but is kept under control by ‘good bacteria’ there. But if too many of the good bacteria are killed off by antibiotics, the C. difficile can take a hold. People suffer severe diarrhoea and can become desperately ill and even die. And as the C. difficile spores cannot be destroyed by hand gels commonly used in hospitals by staff, patients and visitors, it spreads quickly on the wards.

Nature’s Army Proves Successful
As medics hurry to find a way to beat this bug, natures very own bovine colostrum is proving to hold the key to prevention and cure. Its high concentrations of neutralising IgG antitoxin have been shown to combat and prevent C. difficile in a number of clinical trials.

One study (1) shows:
• Bovine Colostrum contains a high concentration of specific sIgA antibodies that are effective in neutralising the C. difficile toxins
• In 15 out of 16 cases where C. difficile was present in the body and bovine colostrum was taken, the toxins had disappeared from the faeces upon completion of the two week treatment
o Furthermore, none of the 16 people had a recurrence of C. difficile over an average of 333 days (when before nine had had recurring C. difficile)
• This suggests that immune whey protein concentrate-40 found in bovine colostrum may be of help in the prevention of relapse of C. difficile diarrhoea.

Another study (2) states:
• ‘Bovine colostrum-based immune milk products have proven effective in prophylaxis against various infectious diseases in humans’
o It cites C. difficile as one such disease that can be countered
• It also states that ‘immune milk products are promising examples of health-promoting functional foods, or nutraceuticals’
• And it showed that the BIC-C difficile found in bovine colostrum resists digestion in the human upper gastrointestinal tract. This enables it to work in the intestine where it’s most needed. It concludes ‘anti-C difficile BIC may be a useful non-antibiotic approach to the prevention and treatment of C. difficile antibiotic associated diarrhoea and colitis’.

As the Government includes this killer bug in its programme to fight MRSA, people may choose to protect themselves by taking a bovine colostrum supplement.

Finding Bovine Colostrum
In the UK a pure and premium product called Immunecare Colostrum is from has all the beneficial characteristics outlined in the studies. Renowned for both its support of the digestive system and ability to dramatically boost the immune system, Immunecare Colostrum comes from the world’s finest New Zealand cattle. Find out more and buy online at or by calling 0870 774 7008 (personal advice is also available on this telephone number).

(1) Department of Infectious Diseases, Center for Infectious Diseases, Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, The Netherlands J Med Microbiol. 2005 Feb;54(Pt 2):197-205.
(2) Agricultural Research Centre of Finland, Food Research, FIN-31600 Jokioinen, Finland.

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