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Brighton-based, organic skin care company Raw Gaia announces the re-launch of its innovative brand of living skin care products and that it is adopting an “ethical” marketing approach to beauty & ageing. The company has removed all references to anti-ageing, wrinkles and rejuvenation from the labelling and issued a strong statement about the false standards of beauty created by most marketing campaigns aimed at women.

Managing Director Lisa Lennon explains:

“We are constantly bombarded with images of the ‘perfect woman’, typically a model in her late teens, very slim and wearing makeup done by a professional artist. Moreover, and what most people don’t know, the photograph is then airbrushed, skin and face features enhanced and made completely flawless with the help of computer software. So these images of femininity and beauty that we see all around us are of women that literally don’t exist.”

She continues, “The problem is, this makes women feel inadequate, unhappy and unsure about themselves. I do not know of any woman who in confidence won’t admit that she feels unhappy about some part, or all, of her body, who would feel happier if she could change it. That is awful.”

Ageing skin has become a particular concern for women. According to a recent market research study, over 90% of women do not feel good about the way their skin looks, no matter how old they are. This same study acknowledged that nowadays even young women in their early 20s have concerns about wrinkles.

Sales & Marketing Director Hector Bolaños adds, “It is appalling that skin care companies use these images to convey the hidden message that ageing skin is not beautiful, not lovable. Sometimes this message is even blatantly explicit. For instance, we found a natural skin care company referring to wrinkles as "unsightly"! We think that creating the need for a product by making women feel bad about themselves is just plain cruel.”

Ethical Marketing on Beauty & Ageing

Raw Gaia has therefore taken off any mention in its products about de-ageing, wrinkles, rejuvenation, etc. All its marketing literature has been carefully scrutinised to remove anything that would make women feel unsure about their skin and body. On Raw Gaia’s website, a section has been created to provide consumer information on how to achieve healthy skin through right diet, natural skin care and a positive mental attitude.

Lisa Lennon elaborates, “We are doing this because we don't want to contribute in any way to this madness. Evidently, we are not suggesting that people shouldn’t use skin care products anymore. On the contrary, it is good and important to have skin that is healthy and full of vitality. Such skin is beautiful, regardless of whether it is aged or young. Our purpose is to offer the purest organic skin care products that truly promote healthy and beautiful skin, by using only organic, vegan and unheated plant-based ingredients. And we encourage our customers to use our products (or any natural skin care products for that matter) because they want to take good care of themselves and their bodies, because they want to feel good and not because they feel inadequate or unhappy.”

Hector Bolaños concludes, “We have all been brainwashed but now is time to see through these unreal, false standards of beauty, created by years and years of unkind marketing tactics. Ageing is inevitable and cannot be stopped, not even using the best natural skin care. Botox and all the rest of invasive surgical treatments don’t make you look in your 20s either. But the key point is: ‘What is wrong with wrinkles anyway?’ And of course, the answer is: ‘nothing!’”

Notes for editors:

Raw Gaia is currently the only company in the world producing a full range of living skin care products. These are hand-made using only organic, vegan and unheated ingredients, free of any chemicals, through a low temperature process, which has two advantages over traditional high-temperature methods: it ensures that all the natural nutrients beneficial to skin are retained and avoids the creation of toxic compounds.

For more information about Raw Gaia’s skin care range, to arrange an interview or to obtain high resolution product images, please contact Hector Bolaños or Lisa Lennon, via the details below:

Raw Gaia
Brighton, UK
Tel: 01273 311 476 or 07880 557 400
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