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First PC Blade Solution to Offer Full Performance Quad-Monitor Capability over IP Complements ClearCube’s Desktop Virtualization Offerings to Allow Centralization of All End-User Computing Needs

London—June 19, 2007—ClearCube Technology, the market leader in centralized computing solutions, today announced new technology that eliminates the distance barrier long associated with delivering full performance video from centralized PC blades. The company is introducing the I9420, I9440 and the C7420, three new user port devices—key connectivity components within a PC blade solution—that facilitate the first PC blade solutions to provide both dual and quad-monitor, full-performance graphics via an IP connection. By enabling organizations to centralize computing resources and provide end users with consistent and reliable computing power from remote locations, the new ClearCube PC blade solutions assist with disaster recovery practices, harden IT and data security, and reduce IT management costs including those associated with tasks such as moves/adds/changes (M/A/Cs).

With the new technology, ClearCube customers in any vertical market can centralize desktop computing resources on blades featuring Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Xeon® and Pentium® 4 processors, while still providing end users across the globe with the user experience required to efficiently conduct their jobs. For instance, ClearCube financial services and brokerage customers can provide their employees four-monitor workstations on the trading floor, connecting them to PC blades at remote locations. Government customers deploying the new technology can capitalize on existing fiber cabling to centralize secure PC blades virtually anywhere and deliver high quality digital video performance to the most demanding of secure environments.

For areas with less challenging video graphics needs, organizations can deploy ClearCube technology to virtualize desktops without distance limitation. Using the company’s Sentral v5.5 management software, which features the industry’s first connection brokering technology, ClearCube PC blade users can now manage both physical PC blades and the overlaid VMware-enabled virtual machines from any location, regardless of employee location. This allows organizations to reduce computing costs and improve disaster recovery practices while centralizing PC resources in a single, secure location.

“Blade PCs have seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and IDC expects the segment to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 111 percent between now and 2011,” said Bob O’Donnell, program vice president, Clients and Displays, IDC. “Despite that growth, there have been some industries that have been interested in the client centralization benefits offered by blade PCs, but have had to pass on them due to functional limitations on graphics performance over long distances.”

Prior to this new solution, remote users had to be located within 200 meters of the PC blade to get high-resolution, full-motion graphics and USB peripheral support. By connecting the new ClearCube user port to centrally located PC blades over an existing Ethernet network or fiber connection, end users can experience the benefits of high-performance, one-to-one computing regardless of distance from the data center. In addition, ClearCube delivers the only PC blade solution that can sustain full-screen, full-motion video at maximum resolution simultaneously for one to four monitors delivering true native Microsoft multi-monitor Windows support, a crucial requirement for the brokerage industry.

Eliminating the PC blade distance barrier empowers organizations to create more robust and comprehensive disaster recovery solutions. For instance, a brokerage house based in Manhattan can centralize its computing resources with the new ClearCube PC blade solution in a suburban data center in New Jersey. Therefore, if anything from power outages to electrical fires were to take place in the Manhattan office, brokers could quickly be moved to another office location and be up and running immediately with no IT downtime.

The PC blades driving this new ClearCube solution feature the latest PC components, including Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Xeon® and Pentium® 4 processors with Hyper-Threading. The three new user ports include:

I9420 I/Port—An I/Port that when combined with ClearCube PC blades provides end users with full dual-monitor video, audio in/out and transparent USB device support. End users in any industry can benefit from powerful dual-monitor support that enables them to efficiently conduct daily job requirements from centralized desktops. Software developers and CAD/CAM design professionals are typical dual-monitor users that can now be supported without compromise at any distance. The I9420 features a reset/power button that can be used at the user’s desk to power down or reset the connected PC blade, providing end users with full control over their remote computing resource just as if they had a standard PC located at their desk. Whether to allow users access to this remote power control functionality will be configurable by user from the SentralTM management software.

I9440 I/Port—An I/Port that when combined with ClearCube PC blades provides end users with full quad-monitor video, audio in/out and transparent USB device support. With its unique quad-monitor support, I9440-attached monitors are recognized as truly independent by Microsoft Windows, enabling each monitor to be customized with its own resolution, allowing mixed portrait and landscape orientations. Ideal for the financial services industry, these capabilities enable IT managers (or end users) to quickly and easily personalize each of the four monitors based on end user’s job requirements. The I9440 also features the configurable reset/power button capability.

C7420 Digital Fiber User Port—A digital fiber C/Port and transceiver system to provide point-to-point or networked fiber optic support for securely extending users’ desktops from centralized ClearCube PC blades. Ideal for government organizations, the C7420 supports full-performance video for one or two monitors, audio in/out and transparent USB device support over a secure fiber connection and can be configured to guarantee the displayed desktop information cannot commingle with any network traffic.

The new ClearCube PC blade solutions feature an advanced ASIC from new partner Teradici that helps power the unlimited distance PC blade solutions and the quad-monitor, full-video support. By incorporating the new Teradici PC‑over‑IP™ technology in both the ClearCube user port and the ClearCube PC blade, end users are provided with powerful and reliable computing resources, regardless of location. (For more on the ClearCube and Teradici partnership, please see the press release at

“The new ClearCube PC blade solution is the first in the industry to shatter the PC blade distance barrier, making the clear cut benefits and measurable ROI of centralized computing solutions available to more organizations worldwide,” said Rick Hoffman, CEO of ClearCube. “Organizations in every industry, from financial services to healthcare to federal government to commercial services, need to ensure disaster recovery practices and enhance IT and data security. By combining our new remote PC blade solution with our virtual desktop offerings, ClearCube provides organizations with a comprehensive solution for cost-effective, dependable computing power for all types of users—from power users to task workers.”

ClearCube has started a discussion about shattering the PC blade distance barrier at, a blog published by the company. To read more, visit:

Pricing and Availability

The new ClearCube PC blade solutions will be available in Q3. Pricing will be announced when products begin shipping. Quad-monitor support requires one of ClearCube’s upgraded A Series 6U form factor PC blades, and the dual monitor and fiber solutions work with upgraded A and/or R Series PC blades.

About ClearCube Technology
ClearCube is the industry’s only provider of true PC virtualization and centralized computing solutions that integrate blades, access devices and client management software to give organizations full control over end-user computing. As the pioneer of the PC blade market, ClearCube’s blades incorporate the latest PC components including Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Xeon® and Pentium® 4 processors with Hyper-Threading. Organizations deploying ClearCube gain 99.9 percent uptime, hardened security and extra workspace while reducing support costs by more than 40 percent. For more information, visit its corporate website at or, a blog published by the company.

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