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Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is an annoying involuntary leg twitching that can be intensely uncomfortable in the lower legs. People are particularly affected when sitting still or trying to fall asleep.

Recent research has found that RLS is definitively linked to low levels of dopamine in the brain.

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that keeps your brain alert and active. It’s crucial for executive functions such as constructive thought, concentration, short term memory and motivation. And it is also involved in the control and coordination of movement. Hence a low level can result in involuntary movement such as RLS.

Dopamine is also involved in the regulation of other hormones and is necessary for the generation of pleasurable feelings and sexual desire. A reduced level of dopamine therefore has many unpleasant outcomes in the body leading to stress, tiredness, reduced sex drive, confusion, pessimism and even depression.

Klamath Blue Green algae (1) is a natural way to increase the level of circulating dopamine in the brain. It works thanks to its:
1 High levels of the precursor molecules required for dopamine synthesis
2 Wide variety of vitamins and minerals necessary for the production of dopamine
3 High levels of phenylethylamine (PEA) which directly contributes to increasing the quantity of freely circulating dopamine

PEA is an amino acid naturally produced by our brain. Sometimes called a neurohormone, PEA has specific neuroregenerating properties and is responsible for increasing brain attention, mental acuity and improving mood. People experiencing euphoria and joy have particularly high brain concentrations of PEA, as do people in love, hence it has been named "the love molecule" by scientists. Long-distance runners also have naturally high levels, which may explain the anti-depressant effects of endurance exercise.

To date, Klamath is the only food known to contain significant quantities of PEA and a concentrated supply can be found in the supplement VitalMax.
VitalMax is pure organic Klamath blue-green algae potentiated with Phycoplus® an exclusive concentrate of phenylethylamine produced from the algae.
By increasing dopamine levels in the brain, it helps ease Restless Legs Syndrome – as well as improve your mood, outlook and concentration.

VitalMax costs £17.50 for 60 capsules. At the recommended intake of four capsules each day, that amounts to just over £1 a day for improved wellbeing and an end to restless legs, irritable days and sleepless nights.

Order online at

For more information, background research or samples contact:
Katherine Selby, PR Workshop, 0208 657 4422

Notes to editors
1) Klamath blue-green is the only source of nutrition to contain the full range of amino acids, fatty acids (omega-3 and 6), minerals and oligo-elements needed to keep the human body in perfect synergy. Klamath BG is also a primary source of anti-oxidants and chlorophyll, which cleanse and detoxify the body. Simply Vital Ltd uses Klamath blue-green AFA Fresh, dried by the exclusive Refractance Window method which preserves up to 10 times more nutrients than other drying methods.
2) PEA has been shown to improve mood faster than amphetamines and is non-addictive. Journal of Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci, 1996 spr. 8:2, 168-71

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