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-Latest suite from encryption software leader Steganos offers the ultimate protection for mobile users-

25 July, 2007 - Steganos, a leader in security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has unveiled Steganos Secure Traveler Premium, a mobile security suite for business travellers.

As business data becomes ever more mobile, fuelled by the growth in popularity of laptops, PDAs and USB storage devices, access to information is now available almost everywhere. That means, however, that vital business information is increasingly vulnerable, with unencrypted data stored on mobile devices particularly at risk.

It isn’t just high profile hack attacks and industrial espionage that result in data falling into the wrong hands. Everyday mishaps and mistakes in the form of mislaid mobile devices, and carelessly discarded computers containing non-removable disks containing confidential data, present hazards of equal magnitude.

The increased availability of public hotspots has created additional dangers, offering more opportunities for would be hackers to gain access to mobile data.

To combat these growing threats Steganos has launched Secure Traveler Premium to ensure that business travellers can surf securely and anonymously, as well as upload and download data or exchange e-mails without being eavesdropped on. The suite provides business travellers with comprehensive protection – both online and offline.

The six-strong package includes Steganos Secure VPN Premium; Steganos Safe Professional, Steganos Portable Safe; Steganos Shredder; Steganos Password Manager and Steganos AntiTheft. These products work together as a complementary software suite, ensuring the protection of mobile data at all times.

Steganos Secure VPN Premium

Steganos Secure VPN Premium is the extension of Steganos Secure VPN and ensures mobile employees can work securely over a virtual LAN. It especially suits corporate users who regularly work outside the office, either working from home or constantly on the road. The VPN offers 128 bit, SSL encryption for additional security.

Steganos Secure VPN Premium allows all clients on the company’s VPN network to connect through a virtual LAN (Local Area Network) allowing home office employees and mobile workers to securely access shared data on their co-workers computers or on the company’s file server. This removes the need for the endless sending and receiving of important e-mails.

Furthermore, Steganos Secure VPN Premium features additional options such as the opening of individual ports and hard disk space for online storage. The VPN connection between the client and the Steganos server, ensures that all data sent online, including email, is securely encrypted, rendering data invisible to hotspot providers and hackers alike.

Each company also receives its own IP address. The local IP address can be selected from the address space reserved for private networks.

For telecommuters Steganos Secure VPN Premium enables the office computer to be accessed from home using Remote Desktop over a secure connection. Because the office computer performs all the processing and only the screen contents are sent over the connection, data intensive applications such as Excel and PowerPoint can be used without incurring delays. Even the printer in the office can be controlled remotely.

Steganos Safe Professional

Steganos Safe Professional provides encryption for work files and Outlook data, on fixed and portable media, backed with administrator functions to enable easy installation and management across the company.

Steganos Safe Professional 2007 enables users to create any number of secure virtual drives, in which data is safely stored and encrypted. Each drive can hold up to 256GB, so that large volumes of business data can be encrypted without delay. The drives can be accessed by multiple teams.

While only one user can log in to write to the drive at a time, all authorised users can have read access to encrypted data. New in this release: each safe has its own keyboard shortcut enabling it to be quickly opened from any application.

This release introduces protection for data stored in Microsoft Outlook, including sensitive emails, important customer and business partner contact details, calendar entries and task lists.

The whole PST file can now be locked safely in an Outlook Safe. Users can only start Outlook and access its data by providing the correct password. Encrypted archives can be stored on CDs, DVDs, storage cards, USB keys and DVD-DL media.

Steganos Portable Safe

Data on CDs, DVDs, storage cards, USB sticks, DVD-DLs and Apple iPods can be encrypted using Steganos Portable Safe. New data can be added to Safes on rewriteable media from any computer.

As soon as the storage medium is removed, the data is encrypted. To use Portable Safe on a specific computer, administration rights are required for the installation of the decryption program the first time only. Steganos Portable Safe uses the most advanced encryption algorithm in the world, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with 256 bit keys. AES protects in real time and has never been cracked.

Steganos Shredder

Steganos Shredder irrevocably destroys files and any file remains in free disk space. It enables three methods to be used for destroying data: a simple overwriting, the US
Department of Defense DoD5220.22-M/NISPOM 8-306 method, or the Gutmann Method using 35 rounds of overwriting.

Steganos Shredder’s deep cleaner removes remains of files that were previously deleted using traditional methods and which could otherwise be reconstituted. Data on USB sticks and external drives and devices can also be shredded, including deep cleaning of free space.

Steganos Password Manager

Steganos Password Manager organises passwords in an encrypted list, which only a single password is needed to open. Access data for websites, such as usernames and passwords, can be automatically entered, including when using Firefox.

Using the mobile Password Manager for Pocket PCs, passwords and PINs are encrypted but available to the legitimate user at any time. The Password Manager for Pocket PCs synchronises with the PC easily. Steganos Password Manager can also help users to create highly secure passwords and warns users about insecure passwords.

Steganos AntiTheft

Steganos AntiTheft is designed to help recover stolen computers. When the program is first activated, the computer receives an ID and regularly sends a signal to the Steganos AntiTheft server.

Should a laptop be lost or stolen, the owner can register the ID of the computer at the Steganos Website and can see the IP address of where the computer was used in the last 30 days. Using this information, it could be possible for the police to trace the owner of the IP addresses used and so recover the hardware.


Steganos Secure Traveler is available to download from now

Price Months each with 50 GB and 5 Client licences

UK pricing
£564.95 (excl. VAT)

Every additional license
£112.99 (excl. VAT)

£112.95 (excl. VAT)

IP Change-Fee
£39.95 (excl. VAT)

System Requirements for Steganos Secure Traveler Premium

* Windows 2000 from SP4, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional,
Windows Vista 32bit
* Screen resolution of at least 800x600 and at least High Colour (16 bit) support
* Pentium or comparable CPU or better
* Mouse or alternative pointing device
* 100MB free hard disk space for installation
* At least 256MB RAM
* Internet access

System Requirements for Steganos Safe Professional

* 50MB free hard disk space for installation
* At least 128MB RAM
* Additional hard disk space is required for secure storage.
The NFTS file system is required for the full use of 256GB secure drives.
With the FAT32 file system, drives have a maximum possible size of 4GB.
* For the portable safe, a CD or DVD burner with corresponding software is required.
Up to 8.5GB is required as temporary storage space for optimal use. For decryption
on other computers, administrator rights are required first time for the installation of
the decryption program. Encrypted drives cannot be decrypted on compressed NTFS
* Supported devices: ActiveSync-compatible devices (eg phones, PDAs); all devices
that Windows recognises as a writeable storage device (eg USB keys, storage cards,
digital cameras).
* Bluetooth must be supported by the computer and mobile phone for wireless unlocking to be supported.
* Storage devices and key devices are not supplied by Steganos.

Review software

If you would like to request review copies of Steganos software, please call Max McConnell on 020 8996 1669 in the UK or Lisa Facinelli on +1 617 576 5763 in the USA, or send an email to

About Steganos

Since 1996, Steganos has been providing highly secure and user friendly solutions that secure static data and online communications. More than two million users worldwide already depend on Steganos software. Innovations such as the world’s first commercial steganography software (which hides data in pictures and music), or the first encryption software to use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), have made Steganos the European market leader for consumer encryption software. Steganos products are regularly recognised with national and international press awards and the Steganos brand is synonymous with protecting sensitive data.

For further information please contact:

Max McConnell on 020 8996 1669 in the UK or send an email to

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