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World’s first security application to automatically encrypt all data stored, created, added or amended within an application. Ensures that documents are always protected from unauthorised access and cannot be reconstituted from temporary data.

1st October 2007– Steganos, leader in providing security and privacy software for consumers and SMEs, has launched Steganos ApplicationSafe™, the world’s first software to automatically encrypt all application data. The tool helps businesses to protect themselves from leaks of sensitive information, which could have reputational and financial consequences. That information could include customer, staff and R&D details.

Steganos ApplicationSafe automatically encrypts all data that is processed, added or changed within a predefined application program, or only the data selected according to user preferences. Access to the data is only available on entering the correct password and can be restricted to selected work groups or individuals.

The software can be installed on desktop machines, so it can protect intellectual property at the point of creation, including all temporary data. The Steganos ApplicationSafe file can also be stored on the network. At the same time, it ensures that data can no longer be accidentally left unencrypted and accessible to all on the server. Document forms with scanned signatures can be encrypted to ensure that they are not abused.

Steganos ApplicationSafe enables rules to be created for specific applications that ensure that all data within selected applications (and all data later created using them) is encrypted in a Steganos ApplicationSafe of up to 256GB. That includes application files, in Word and Excel, for example, but also data for which users cannot usually influence the saving location, such as temporary files and configuration data.

Each rule is created independently, similar to how firewall rules are defined. The rule learning mode shows all data written during a work session, so that the user can define which data should be automatically stored in the safe. Rules are managed centrally by the administrator, the only person who is able to access the Steganos ApplicationSafe software directly. That ensures control over the Steganos ApplicationSafe and its password, which is determined by the administrator.

The end user enters the Steganos ApplicationSafe password chosen by the administrator when a file is opened. Everything that is changed, added or deleted in the file is automatically stored in the Steganos ApplicationSafe when the file is closed. The software uses the highly secure Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with 256 bit keys, the world’s most advanced encryption algorithm. Steganos ApplicationSafe can be configured to automatically store temporary data along with the user-created data files to ensure that no data can be recovered from them.

Instead of using a password, Steganos ApplicationSafe can be opened using Steganos PicPass, a sequence of 36 images which is particularly useful for people with a strong visual memory. The software can mix the position of the images on screen so that even mouse click-recorders cannot discover the correct picture sequence. Steganos ApplicationSafe can also be opened by connecting a USB key, memory key, iPod, PDA, digital camera or ActiveSync-compatible mobile phone that has been designated as that safe’s key. These key devices can even be connected wirelessly using Bluetooth, so that when users leave the computer, taking their phone or other Bluetooth-compatible device, the safe is automatically closed. Passwords can still be entered manually.

Steganos ApplicationSafe also includes Steganos Safe 2008, for the manual encryption of data. Users can create as many safes as they like of up to 256GB each to store photos, documents, videos and any other data. The password generator helps to create secure passwords and the data shredder permanently deletes files beyond recovery. Steganos Safe 2008 also includes a postbox safe for Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. Administrator rights are required for the use of Steganos Safe 2008 in the ApplicationSafe.

There is a 30-day trial version of Steganos ApplicationSafe available at

69.95 GBP incl. VAT

System requirements:

- Windows 2000 from SP 4, Windows XP Home Edition from SP2, Windows XP Professional from SP2, Windows Vista 32 bit
- Screen resolution of at least 800x600, at least high colour (16 bit)
- At least Pentium or comparable CPU
- Mouse or other pointing device
- 100MB free hard disk space for installation
- At least 256MB RAM
- Internet access

Additional disk space is used for the secure drives. The NTFS file system is required to use 256GB safes. With the FAT32 file system, the maximum size of a safe is 4GB. The portable safe requires a CD or DVD burner and associated software. An optional and temporary hard disk work space of up to 8.5GB is recommended for creating Portable Safes. To use Portable Safes on third-party computers, administrator rights are required first time only. Secure drives cannot be decrypted on compressed NTFS drives. Supported key devices: Active-Sync-compatible devices (eg phones, PDAs), all devices which Windows recognizes as removable and writeable (eg USB keys, storage cards, digital camera, iPod). The Bluetooth capability requires that the computer and phone both support Bluetooth. Key devices are not supplied by Steganos.

Review software

If you would like to request review copies of Steganos software, please call Ellie Turner on 020 8996 1647 (UK) or email

About Steganos

Since 1996, Steganos has been providing highly secure and user friendly solutions that secure static data and online communications. More than two million users worldwide already depend on Steganos software. Innovations such as the world’s first commercial steganography software (which hides data in pictures and music), or the first encryption software to use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), have made Steganos the European market leader for consumer encryption software. Steganos products are regularly recognized with national and international press awards and the Steganos brand is synonymous with protecting sensitive data.

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