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Tight integration and advanced heuristics provides better protection against blended threats

Bournemouth, UK (29th October 2007) – ESET, the leader in proactive threat protection, today announced ESET Smart Security, a new, integrated security solution for consumers and SMEs, built on ESET’s award-winning advanced heuristic ThreatSense detection system and the ESET NOD32 scanning engine. Unlike security suites that combine standalone products, ESET Smart Security tightly integrates the antispyware, antispam and firewall features, with the new version of ESET’s flagship ESET NOD32 Antivirus scanning engine. This tight integration allows each module to share information with the other to evaluate and classify every threat appropriately.

“Threats no longer appear in the form of pure viruses or spam or phishing. They now come as ‘blended’ threats which require an integration and intelligence among individual security features. Smart computer users are looking for the best level of integrated protection with the minimal amount of inconvenience,” said Phil Hochmuth, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. “This drives users to look for malware solutions that provide great protection, are easy to install, don’t slow down their computers, and work completely behind the scenes.”

ESET Smart Security takes less than a minute to install and does not require the PC to be rebooted after installation. The simple user interface enables even novice users to easily set-up the system and makes choices such as sharing information on a network or choosing to remain anonymous on an unsecured wireless network, easy. More advanced users that wish to have more detailed control over ESET Smart Security can do so using the “Advanced Mode” interface.

In its default settings, ESET Smart Security offers powerful detection capabilities with minimal user intervention. Handy features such as small updates and low performance overhead means that being secure does not equate to a slow machine, whilst ESET Smart Security’s advanced integration ensures comprehensive protection against blended threats. An example of the integration can be seen in the way ESET Smart Security handles html links in specific applications. Clicking on an html link in Microsoft Word for instance, will render the application as being classed as a ‘browser’. ESET Smart Security will then apply a far more rigorous heuristic checking to any traffic that occurs on network connections to that application.

ESET Smart Security and the latest version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus set the standard for modern heuristic scanning. Emulation technology allows for data to be opened in a virtual area within the program, so that it can be assessed and checked for suspicious activity before it is allowed to run on the machine. Combined with ESET’s ThreatSense technology, which provides a proactive early warning system from millions of installed systems around the world and generic and genetic signatures, ESET closes the window of vulnerability from when malware is discovered and a signature update released.

ESET Smart Security combines speed, accuracy and minimal computer system impact to deliver a significant improvement over traditional solutions in the marketplace today. ESET’s ThreatSense technology provides the industry’s highest level of accuracy. With significantly lower performance overhead compared to the competition ESET Smart Security uses only 40MB of disk space, and scans systems up to 30-times faster than other products.

“Our research indicates that consumers and businesses are looking for maximum protection, low system requirements, accurate results and fast scanning speeds—in that order. They are tired of solutions that slow down their computers and interfere with other applications,” said Anton Zajac, CEO of ESET. “ESET set out to build a solution that addressed these concerns while offering the best level of protection available. With ESET Smart Security, we’ve surpassed our goal and savvy computer users will be amazed by its ease of use, intelligent lightweight design and near-zero impact on system performance.”

Availability and pricing

ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus V3.0 are available for purchase from the 5th November 2007 at and via resellers throughout the UK. Business Editions of the product will be available from the 26th November 2007.

The suggested retail price for ESET Smart Security is £44.99 (incl VAT) for individual users, which includes a one year subscription to all updates to the product, including new versions.

ESET Smart Security Business Edition, which includes ESET’s Remote Administrator to enable the product to be deployed and managed remotely from a central location, is available for a suggested retail price of £26.16 (5-10 seats, per seat, ex VAT), which includes a one year subscription to all updates to the product, including new versions.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus V3.0 is £29.99 for individual users which includes a one year subscription to all updates to the product, including new versions. ESET NOD32 Antivirus V3.0 Business Edition is available for a suggested retail price of £21.05 (5-10 seats, per seat, ex VAT), which includes a one year subscription to all updates to the product, including new versions.


About ThreatSense

ESET solutions are built on ESET’s one-of-a-kind ThreatSense technology. This advanced heuristics engine enables proactive detection of malware not covered by even the most frequently updated signature based products by decoding and analysing executable code in real time, using an emulated environment.

By allowing malware to execute in a secure virtual world, ESET is able to clearly differentiate between benign files and even the most sophisticated and cleverly-disguised malware.

ESET Smart Security takes this advanced methodology to the next level by applying it to the integrated solution as a whole, passing evaluation information between its integrated features for the most accurate protection possible.

About ESET

ESET develops software solutions that deliver instant, comprehensive protection against evolving computer security threats. ESET pioneered and continues to lead the industry in proactive threat detection. Over the past 20 years, ESET’s NOD32 Antivirus has consistently achieved the highest accolades in all types of comparative testing. ESET’s flagship product, ESET NOD32 Antivirus, is the foundational product that builds out the ESET product line to include ESET Smart Security. ESET Smart
Security is an integrated antivirus, antispyware, antispam and personal firewall solution that combines accuracy, speed and an extremely small system footprint to create the most effective security solution in the industry. Both products have an extremely efficient code base that eliminates the unnecessary large size found in some solutions. This means faster scanning that doesn’t slow down computers or networks.

Sold in more than 110 countries, ESET has worldwide production headquarters in Bratislava, SK and worldwide distribution headquarters in San Diego, U.S. ESET also has offices in UK, Argentina and Czech Republic and is globally represented by an extensive partner network. For more information, visit or call 0845 838 0832.

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