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8 out of 10 women feel they should hold out for ‘Mr Right’ – even if it means risking finding out he doesn’t exist in their 30s. A new survey, out today of over 15,000 participants also found that only 2 out of 10 women are happy to settle for ‘Mr Good Enough’ in their twenties.

Independent Columnist Catherine Townsend said: “Women should always hold out for Mr Right, you wouldn’t settle for second best in your career, so why settle for second best in your love life? On my wedding day I want to say, ‘I do,’ without thinking ‘until something better comes along!’

Love Doctor Sam van Rood said: “Modern women have sky high expectations, and are willing to gamble and risk losing it all. If a man ticks your top three boxes, then you should give it a go. Otherwise your Mr Right may never arrive.”

- Lisa, 37 says: “He never exists . . . so why add another 10 years to your life of knowing that it’s all just a fairy tale . . . and you can never have the full package”

- Roxy, 26 says: “I think you should never settle for anything less than you deserve. If that means risking growing old alone then so be it-far less stressful than settling for something that's not quite right!”

- Ronnie, 49 says: ”I married in my twenties to find out that I should have taken more time to perhaps look for "miss right", now I am long time divorced, I am afraid of getting it wrong again, so choose to remain single, thereby perhaps missing out on what could have been.”

- Dave, 47 says: “We all crave companionship, security and to love and be loved, so why hold out for something that may not be there. Make the most of now and enjoy life.”

The survey from also found:


81.7% of women said they should hold out for Mr Right in their 30’s, even if it means risking finding out he doesn’t exist.

Education can make you less fussy: Women with PhDs are twice as likely to settle for Mr Good enough as women with a high school education

Blondes prefer Mr Right: 9 out of 10 blondes wanted Mr Right, compared to only 7 out of 10 dark haired women

The fussiest women in the UK are in Cambridge, Chester and Cardiff with 9 in 10 wanting Mr Right

The least fussy women are in Hounslow and Ealing, where 4 in 10 women are happy with Mr Good Enough

Age counts: 4 in 10 women aged 18-24 are happy with Mr Good enough, while 9 in 10 women ages 31-40 want Mr Right


69.9% of men said they would wait for Ms Right into their 30’s

The most fussy men live in Bromley, Aberdeen and Brighton, with almost 9 out of 10 wanting to find Miss Right

The UK’s least fussy men live in East London, Brent and Ealing, where almost 5 in 10 will settle for Miss Good enough.

Male students are the least fussy, with 4 out of 10 saying they would settle for Miss Good Enough, rather than wait for Miss Right.

Up North: Hold out for Mr Right/ Miss Right

Women: Leeds – 85.7%, Manchester – 87.5%, Liverpool – 81.4%
Men: Leeds – 61.1%, Manchester - 66.7%, Liverpool – 69.4%

Down South: Hold out for Mr Right/ Miss Right

Women: Bournemouth – 73.3%, Bristol – 80.7%, Brighton – 82.9%
Men: Bournemouth – 75.9%, Bristol – 66.2%, Brighton – 85.3%

Scotland: Hold out for Mr Right/ Miss Right

Women: Edinburgh – 87.9%, Glasgow – 80.2% Aberdeen – 86.8%
Men: Edinburgh - 77.6%, Glasgow – 75.7%, Aberdeen – 85.3%

Resources available: Expert comment, male and female case studies, columnist opinions.

Format ideas: VT of case studies, vox pops from the public. Head to Head debate with columnist vs. expert.

Media contacts:

Sam van Rood – Tel: 020 7193 4218, Mb: 07951 886 434
Available: Monday-Friday – 11am-7pm


Tina Willoughby, PR Manager

Martin Bysh - Director
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Research: polled 7562 women and 8037 men online. Detailed stats and figures on regional breakdowns, education levels, religion, eye colour, star sign etc. are available on request.

Females were asked: Should you . . . Hold out for 'Mr Right’ in your thirties (and risk finding out he doesn't exist) OR Settle for 'Mr Good Enough' in your twenties. Males were asked the same questions with ‘Miss Right’ & ‘Miss Good Enough’ substituted.

About Sam van Rood

Sam van Rood is GMTV’s love doctor, the author of Teach Yourself Flirting, the date doctor on How to Find a Husband, and a presenter for the programme ‘How to have great sex after marriage’. He works 1:1 with individual clients and with some of London’s leading dating agencies and dating websites such as

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