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Don’t Bug Me! Patch is a brand new way to bust biting bugs. It harnesses the powerful effect of Vitamin B1 to repel biting insects that can’t stand the smell. Luckily for humans, the scent of Vitamin B1 is barely noticeable and not unpleasant. One patch gives up to 36 hours’ protection from mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, sand fleas and all manner of pesky, biting insects.

So if you're off travelling to warmer climes this winter, don't forget to pack the patch!

How Does It Work?
The Don’t Bug Me! Patch delivers a thiamine (Vitamin B1) based formula into the blood stream through its transdermal delivery. This then circulates around the body and is released through the skin’s pores creating a ‘barrier’ of Vitamin B1 that shields the user from mosquitoes and other biting insects. In addition, the Don’t Bug Me! Patch delivers aloe vera into the bloodstream. This speeds the absorption of the Vitamin B1 and acts as an anti-inflammatory in the rare event of a bite and helps reduce any reaction.

Of particular note, the Don’t Bug Me! Patch is DEET-free.
Until quite recently DEET has been used to repel insects and bugs. However, its safety has been called into question with concerns it can affect brain function. People seeking a DEET free product that is highly effective will find just that with the Don’t Bug Me! Patch. Plus it:
• Is made of a breathable material to minimise any skin irritation
• Adheres well but leaves no sticky residue
• Carries a valid Manufacturer and Safety Data Sheet
• Is packed in individual sanitised wrappers to ensure product cleanliness and integrity.
• Protects skin often missed with a spray, such as ears and scalp
• Is waterproof - no need to re-apply after swimming or exercise
• Works within two hours of application

Not Just For Holidays
Most people think of protecting against biting insects when packing for a holiday abroad. But mozzies and biting pests attack us at home too. So don’t limit your Don’t Bug Me! protection to holidays – here are key groups of people who will welcome it throughout the ‘biting’ summer season.
• Business travellers
• Campers
• People who work and/or play outdoors
• Outdoor sportsmen and women
• People who love the water and ‘messing about in boats’!
• The Army (the US Army has reported great success with it)
• Young children – one patch; no spray and no chemicals – perfect!
• And, of course, their parents…

How to buy the Don’t Bug Me! Patch
Don’t Bug Me! Patch costs £5.99 for 5 patches and £9.99 for 10 patches from

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