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ONE LONG LIE-IN - but don’t forget your breakfast

Brits will spend SIX MONTHS of their life having a lie-in, according to research from the SUBWAY® chain.

Bleary-eyed Brits will slip back under the covers for the equivalent of nearly THREE days - or 64 hours - a year. That's the same as 8,306 episodes of Eastenders, 554 flights to New York OR watching 2,769 footy matches.

The poll of the nation's morning habits, commissioned by the SUBWAY® chain, found the average Brit spends 15 minutes extra in bed during the week when they KNOW they should get up and at least an hour at the weekend snoozing - a total of 74 minutes each week.

As a result of the extra time spent in bed, the research also revealed that over half of Brits (56%) will eat their breakfast after 9am.

Indeed, a quarter of Brits prefer to eat breakfast at their desk with 9.22am being the preferred average time to tuck in. Half of all Brits admitted to skipping breakfast completely at least twice a week.

The research also showed that women will be snuggled under the duvet for ONE MONTH longer than men - which is 11 minutes each week, or 10 hours a year.

And 8.18am is the point of no-return - the time of morning when the majority of Brits know they'll be late for work and so don't bother showing up

Three out of 10 workers have missed their bus or train because they spent too long in bed

For one in 10 Brits, one day of the weekend normally involves staying in bed ALL DAY!

And Brits admitted to having slept through their alarm at least three times in the last month.

But a third of Brits feel they have wasted their life by spending so long in bed.

Folk in Ireland will snooze in for eight months in their lifetime compared to over four months in Wales, nearly seven in Scotland and 6 months for Brits.

The survey also revealed that one in five have skipped work because of a long sleep following a heavy night out on the town, with men (a quarter) more likely to skip work than women (16 per cent).

The SUBWAY® chain’s nutritionist Juliette Kellow, comments: ‘’It's understandable why so many of us choose to lie-in, especially during winter.

‘’When we're cosy in bed and it's dark and pouring with rain, the last thing most of us want to do is get up a little earlier to prepare breakfast.

‘’But breakfast is an extremely important meal. Skipping this meal leaves blood sugars low making us hungry, tired, irritable and less able to concentrate, which can often lead to poorer work performance.’’

‘’Furthermore, research shows that breakfast skippers find it harder to control their weight than people who eat this meal, probably because they over-compensate by eating more during the rest of the day.

‘’If you miss breakfast at home, make sure you grab something on the go; whether that’s fruit and yogurt, a bacon sandwich or some toast."

For those that have spent a little too much time in bed – grabbing a hot bacon and egg breakfast sub from somewhere like the SUBWAY® chain on the way to work is a convenient way to ensure that they don’t skip breakfast.


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