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UnLtdWorld, the online platform for social entrepreneurs, today launches the world’s first and most powerful real-time mapping of social entrepreneurship, as well as environmental and social issues, and a collaborative platform with leading agencies.

At a launch event held today at The Bridge, Weston Street, London the social networking website aimed specifically at generating greater social impact and benefit in the real world is unveiling the world’s most dynamic mapping and graphing of social entrepreneurship, and of social and environmental issues.

The UnLtdWorld Research Lab will capture relevant information and data from across the UnLtdWorld network and dynamically map this into charts relevant to demographics, issues and content. All the information gathered is anonymous and specific user-data information is not captured.

Despite only opening its doors to the world 5 weeks ago, the social networking website aimed at socially-minded people and social entrepreneurs is already being hailed as a success by its users.

All of the data, charts and graphs in the Research Lab will soon be made publicly available. The Research Lab also operates as an open and collaborative platform allowing any individual or organisation to access and use the data, charts and graphs for external projects. Partners will able to inform targeted applications that interact with relevant segments of the network, both on UnLtdWorld and on other websites.

The aim will be to enable all applications to interoperate with the UnLtdWorld network independently of where they’re hosted.

Launch partners include Polecat, Everyclick, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Jobs Go Public, horsesmouth, Make Your Mark, Social Enterprise Magazine, School of Everything,, ruralnet|uk, Fuse Jobs, Rummble, and Promise Aid.

Alberto Nardelli, chief strategist of UnLtdWorld said:

“The aim of the Research Lab is to foster dynamic collaboration and enhance the efficiency in the ways in which information flows and is shared between social entrepreneurs, relevant organisations and the broader public.

“In practical terms this could for example mean analysing the data provided comparatively or using it with data that sits elsewhere, informing market research or enabling utilities to match content more efficiently by adding the power of context and of an online community to any socially-relevant web application”.

He continued, “The platform will be a truly open and participatory effort, this means not only can it be accessed for future builds on UnLtdWorld, but can used for external developments and interoperate dynamically with other networks, tools and data, making the web and not a site the platform.

We’re really excited about working with such a fantastic range of launch partners, and look forward to welcoming many more on board in the near future. We truly believe that the platform is an innovative approach that will pave the way to new possibilities and will help to positively impact key issues, build the capacity of the sector and generate even greater value for socially-minded people and their projects”.

Based in the UK, UnLtdWorld has now got over 1500 active members signed up, including a number of high profile and well known business individuals along with some of the biggest names in social enterprise.

Anyone is able to join the social networking site and some of the people who have already signed up include, the CEOs of key organisations, editors from New Consumer and The Guardian, the founders of start-ups such as, Green Knickers and Mozzo Coffee, key employees from innovation such as Pop!Tech.



UnLtdWorld was created to foster a community that connects social entrepreneurs worldwide, and to enable socially-minded people to share and build knowledge within a “social market place”. Ultimately the goal is to deeply leverage the dynamics of social networks to generate greater social impact in the real world. UnLtdWorld was created with the purpose of making the world a better place, all of our work and future decisions shall always be driven by this - a profound difference with other sites.

Our aims are to connect socially-minded people and enable them to share content and build collaborative value, raise the visibility of ideas, issues and projects and ultimately help generate greater positive impact in the real world. In parallel to fostering a vibrant community, UnLtdWorld aims to help build the capacity of organisations working in the sector by enhancing the efficiency of relations between social entrepreneurs, relevant agencies and the general public through applications that will leverage deeply on the site's network and enable to access to our social graph in truly open ways. The aim is to therefore not only become a valuable platform for any individual or agency with an interest in social and environmental issues, but to empower an ecosystem beyond UnLtdWorld.



Editors Notes

For more information contact Andy, Helen or Rich, 10 Yetis Public Relations on 01452 527898 –

To speak to the UnLtdWorld media team contact Rachel Slade, or on 0207 566 1137.


- Over 1600 active members

- UnLtdWorld aims to foster a community of socially-minded people

- Over 10 minutes average time spent per use on site per day, 15 pages/visit/user/day, 1000s of objects added to the site, 4000 page views on average per day.

- For an overview of the sites functionality visit:

- A dedicated media section is available here:

UnLtd – The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs

- UnLtd is a unique and dynamic organisation whose mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of social entrepreneurs

- UnLtd provides a complete package of funding and support, to help these individuals make their ideas a reality.

- Since launching in 2002, UnLtd has supported over 7000 individuals across the UK.

- For more information visit our website at

UnLtdWorld is powered by Elgg
- Elgg is an open platform that allows anyone to build socially aware applications.

- Launch Partners -


Everyclick is a search engine with a difference. It works just like any other major search engine but the difference with Everyclick is that you can raise money for your favourite charity. What’s more, you can choose which charity you would like to support from over 170,000 UK charities. Everycllick has already raised over £380,000 for charity . There are no sign up fees or hidden charges, it's free giving. Revenue is generated by our advertisers.

“UnLtdWorld is a great opportunity to create great social impact in the real world through using popular online social network tools.”
Polly Gowers Co-Founder and CEO,


Fuse Jobs is the UK’s only jobsite specialising in entry-level and lower-level vacancies and jobseekers. It supports jobseekers looking for their first job, returning to work after a break in employment or looking to move into new careers/sectors. Fuse Jobs work extensively with charities, government funded training providers, schools, colleges, libraries and many more intermediaries. Currently amalgamating over 20,000 vacancies across, London, there are plan for a nationwide launch and direct employer services during 2008.

“Fuse Jobs is looking forward to working closely with UnLtdWorld as we partner in rolling out our social networking tools aimed at helping jobseekers into work, helping careers advisors share best practice, and supporting companies in their diversity recruitment.”


Horsesmouth is an online social network with a real social purpose. The objective is to harness “user generated” wisdom and goodwill in order to replicate and scale the benefits of mentoring across the physical barriers of geography, circumstance and opportunity. We all learn from life yet we are rarely asked to share those lessons - even though most of us feel we want to “give something back”; and often in times of choice and challenge in lfe the most reassuring or inspiring voice is the voice of the person who’s been in our shoes before. So, whether we’re starting a business or starting a family, successfully living with cancer or coping with life as a carer, is a community in which every one of us can give and gain. Horsesmouth is built around the core function of one-to-one mentoring and has made it safe, sane, fun and rewarding for both individuals and partner organisations. A Community Interest Company, was launched in January and already has over 5000 registered members.

“horsesmouth is delighted to partner with UnLtdWorld. This is an innovative and ambitious project that has set out not to reinvent wheels but to get wheels in motion in the social enterprise movement through collaboration, communication and capacity building. This exciting platform will have a real multiplier effect on the impact that the sector can make”. MT Rainey. Founder and CEO


When compared with the momentous changes we’ve witnessed over the past 50 years in technology, lifestyles and the global economy, the practice of management and the management of talent has changed at a snails pace. Since 1998 JGP’s mission has been focused on changing this. We provide expertise to hundreds of organisation to help them identify, attract, recruit develop and retain the talent of today and tomorrow – using technology – at a fraction of the existing cost and time to hire.
JGP is retained by hundreds of employers in the public, private and not for profit sector and now has over 750,000 talented people using our platforms each month and are now responsible for up to 86% of the hires our clients make


“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be associated with Unltd’s new social networking venture and have followed its development with interest since the outset. These types of social utilities are re-writing the rules for how organisations network and collaborate with each other and benefit from each others’ opinions, connections and capabilities. As a regular user since its launch, already we have been impressed by the take-up amongst the social enterprise community, and the benefits of the interactions we have had. Having learnt about some of the developments in the pipeline, this is a service to the community that will go from strength to strength”

Make Your Mark is the national campaign to create an enterprise culture among young people in the UK. We do this by giving people in their teens and twenties the inspiration and opportunity to turn their ideas into reality, whether that's through starting businesses or social enterprises, or by making an idea happen at work. This year, Make Your Mark co-founded Global Entrepreneurship Week, which will include Enterprise Week, our flagship event which takes place in November each year.
Make Your Mark: Change Lives aims to inspire young people to use enterprising ideas for social or environmental change. The campaign brings together national partners across the fields of enterprise and education to deliver a number of activities during the year. It is co-ordinated by Make Your Mark and the Social Enterprise Coalition with support from the Office of the Third Sector.
"The Make Your Mark campaign is really excited about partnering with UnLtdWorld in its bold effort to leverage the power of social networking for entrepreneurial social change."


Polecat works with individual clients to help them understand why social innovation through web technology is valuable to their business or mission, surface where social innovation is already taking place, how to harness web technologies and the web sector to create social innovation solutions, and what the impact is of that online social innovation.
Polecat is also a product company. The Polecat Index, our flagship product, provides a rating and ranking mechanism for the best use of social innovation on the web. This is currently in development assessing organizations within the Corporate Responsibility Sector and Creative Media Sector.

“UnLtdWorld is a profoundly useful online platform for Polecat. Through the UnLtdWorld beta, we are already engaging with many of the people we need to connect and collaborate with - people driving social impact in the real world. As the UnLtdWorld user base and presence grows, which it undoubtedly will, we can only see UnLtdWorld becoming more and more critical to the fabric of the way we do business”
Jim Lawn – Founder Polecat


Promise Aid is a free online community for people who want support to achieve their goals and make a difference.
It is a special place that helps you make and keep positive lifestyle promises such as quit smoking, lose weight, be more green and support a good cause. Promise Aid encourages users to commit to action by joining promise clubs where they can share ideas, browse resources and get encouragement from like-minded people.
“I have found UnLtdWorld to be a fantastic resource to discover amazing
projects and like-minded people. I am delighted to work in partnership with UnLtdWorld. I see it as a great opportunity to reach people who are enterprising, ambitious and have so much to offer the world.”


Rummble is an easy way to share all your favourite places around the world and to find out who is nearby who you know, or who will be visiting the same city as you when you travel. Rummble is working with UnLtdWorld to deliver best in class location based services to compliment and enhance the UnLtdWorld community.

The Rummble team is excited to be working with UnLtdWorld which is helping social entrepreneurs to improve our world. Rummble is a carbon neutral company. Rummble works on the web and your mobile phone via SMS or mobile internet (WAP) site.


ruralnet|uk has been at the leading edge in the delivery of online services for 10 years. It launched its online community, ruralnet|online, a decade ago in the spring of 1998. In the same year it expanded
ruralnet|online to allow others to brand the network as their own and share the online services that developed. The most well know shared service is 'Experts Online' and this now supports more than 3,000 rural and non-rural users spread across many online networks.

In 2006, ruralnet|uk started the Online Services Collaboration Group (OSCG) which is based on the principles of open collaboration and innovation in the delivery of online services. We are therefore very pleased to be a founder partner of UnLtdWorld. The UnLtd World network, the online tools and the open way in which these are provided will enable us to make our online services more accessible and increase our impact as a regeneration charity.


The School for Social Entrepreneurs was founded in 1997 by Michael Young and exists to provide training and opportunities to enable people to use their creative and entrepreneurial abilities more fully for social benefit.
The SSE runs year-long, practical learning programmes aimed at helping develop the individual entrepreneur and their organisation simultaneously: our approach, and belief, is that social change is people-powered, and that the most valuable assets and resources we have are human ones.

Following successful Millennium Awards programmes around the UK, the SSE expanded outside its base in Bethnal Green, London, and the network of SSEs around the UK continues to grow. Over 400 SSE Fellows will have completed programmes by the end of March 2008.
“As a founding partner of UnLtd, SSE is delighted to support this exciting initiative. Whilst offline relationships remain crucial, new technology (particularly web 2.0 and social networking) has great potential to radically change the way that social entrepreneurs interact, connect and support each other. UnLtdWorld looks like playing its part in fulfilling that potential”. - SSE Network Director Nick Temple


School of Everything is the place to come if you have something to teach or something you want to learn. Whether it's advanced astrophysics or how to speak Arabic, yoga or how to play the saxophone, we match up students and teachers in any subject and help them meet face-to-face or over the web. It's not just a tool for people who already make a living as "teachers" - we believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Our goal is to create the tools that make possible a new education system, built from the bottom up.


"Quite simply, we at Social Enterprise magazine think UnLtdWorld is the most exciting thing to hit the social entrepreneurship movement to date. Nothing short of a revolution in the way people who want to change the world through business can link up to share ideas, knowledge, opinion, emotion and inspiration. In the coming weeks, we'll be working with UnLtd World to launch our own interactive daily news service called Social Enterprise Live, which will offer a rich source of online news nourishment to all those who are hungry for positive change. Vive la revolution!"
Tim West, Editor, Social Enterprise magazine

Social Enterprise magazine aims to be the most engaging, informative and useful resource for entrepreneurs who are passionate about changing lives, building communities and nurturing the environment. Through our redesigned monthly magazine and online news service, our mission is to help bring together social entrepreneurs and social enterprises in a space where they can learn about and inspire one another – and tell the rest of the world what they’re missing! We will be telling your stories, uncovering the news, expressing controversial opinions, digging deep into the big issues, leading debate and setting agendas. More than 30,000 people visit our website each month and over 2,000 receive our printed magazine or email bulletin. Working with UnLtd World, we will be launching a major new interactive news resource, Social Enterprise Live, which will be free to access and buzzing with news, features, opinions and practical information delivered in a completely new way. You can find our current site at:, or email us at for further information.

SOCIALINVESTMENTS is a free, online resource for investors in social business, providing well-written information on companies that create clear social value. It will launch on March 17th 2008.

WALKIT has a mission to get people walking more in towns and cities. It’s an A-to-B online walking route planner that lets people generate a customized walking map, journey time, calorie burn and even a carbon saving. Already launched in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Newcastle, will be live in all the UK’s main cities by the end of 2008.

“Social entrepreneurs normally have similar mindsets – they’re frustrated by people putting barriers in the way of things that can improve our quality of life. And they want to make change happen, fast! UnLtdWorld will hopefully help pull down those barriers and accelerate that change.”

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