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Awareness about pesticides in food and on agricultural crops has grown in recent years, but few people are aware that their bodies may contain heavy metals such as lead, copper, mercury or cadmium. Chlorella is a natural single celled algae that grows in water and is one of the highest plant sources of chlorophyll, a powerful cleanser and detoxifier. Now consumers can have the benefits of one of the richest wholefoods in the world in the form of supplements, such as Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella.

Heavy metals occur naturally but are widely used in agriculture and manufacturing – even in cosmetics, medicines, and children’s toys. They get into drinking water, food, air and soil and end up in our bodies. Mercury is put into teeth in amalgam fillings and lead is prevalent in contaminated soil, lead-glazed pottery, household dust and buildings which still have original lead paint.

Heavy metals displace essential minerals like zinc, calcium and magnesium, interfere with the function of organs including the nervous system, and can cause infertility. Chlorella is one of the richest wholefood sources of chlorophyll, which bio-chelates with heavy metals excreting them from the body.

An array of health benefits

There are many health benefits of Chlorella including:

• Boosts the immune system to fight disease and illness
• Cleanses the bowel, improves digestion and relieves constipation
• Improves energy levels and mental awareness
• Regulates blood sugar levels
• Protects the liver by removing toxins
• Increases production of interferon in the body which naturally fights viruses including cancer
• Balances the body’s acid/alkaline levels
• Lowers blood pressure
• Detoxifies and cleanses the body of toxins including heavy metals

High in chlorophyll and nutrients

In addition to removing heavy metals from the body, chlorella aids the absorption of iron which is essential for healthy blood cells. Its nutrients are bio-chelated – surrounded by amino acids – which makes them more easily absorbed by the body.

Its numerous nutrients include:

• Very high levels of chlorophyll - 280mg/10gms
• 19 of the 22 amino acids the body needs including all eight essential amino acids
• More protein than chicken or beef - 58 per cent per 100g
• All the B vitamins including B12, and Vitamins C and E
• All the main minerals – calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, copper and chromium
• Fatty acids – including GLA (gamma lineolic acid) also found in evening primrose oil
• Plenty of carotenoids, which are anti-ageing antioxidants, fighting free radicals that cause cell damage

Claim to fame

Chlorella has been well researched over the years and was considered as a possible solution to the world’s food shortage problem in the 1940s, due to its rich source of nutrients. It was also seriously considered as a food for astronauts in the 1960s.

Who takes it?

For anyone who feels that they need a boost to their health, due to illness or because they feel sluggish, chlorella is extremely effective. It can be taken in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet as it helps to flush out toxins which often lead to weight gain.

How to take it

It is important to drink plenty of water when taking Chlorella to help the body to detoxify.

Recommended dose is:

Tablets (500mg) – 1-2 tablets per day increasing gradually to 6 per day
Powder – 1 gram per day (half small teaspoon), increasing gradually to 2g per day (small teaspoon)

Where to purchase

The newly launched Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella is available from Xynergy Health Products,, 08456 585858 selected health food stores, including Nutricentre,, Revital,

Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella Powder, 100g, £9.95; 200g, £17.95; 500g, £39.90; 1kg, £71.90.
Synergy Natural Organic Chlorella Tablets, 200 tablets £12.95; 500 tablets, £27.95; 1,000 tablets £49.90.

For further information, samples, photographs, please contact: Brian Morris, Xynergy Health Products, 08456 585858,,
or Five PR, 01737 555322,

March 2008


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