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New Barracuda Web Site Firewall Offers Complete Protection against Site Vulnerabilities, Extends Affordable PCI Compliance to SMBs

Basingstoke, UK - April 8, 2008 –Barracuda Networks Inc., the worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances, today launched the Barracuda Web Site Firewall product line, the industry’s most cost-effective Web application security appliance. The Barracuda Web Site Firewall leverages the capabilities of the award-winning Web Application Controller product line acquired from NetContinuum in September 2007. Targeted at businesses of all sizes requiring Web application security and PCI compliance, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall starts at £3,699.

“Hackers are increasingly taking advantage of Web sites that do not have ample protection against major Web application attacks, and many of these sites belong to small and medium businesses,” said Stephen Pao, vice president of product management for Barracuda Networks. “Until now, Web application security products have largely been targeted at large enterprises that have expansive IT budgets, leaving SMBs without an affordable option. The Barracuda Web Site Firewall delivers a powerful, easy-to-use solution for the ‘rest of us.’”

By harnessing the same powerful protection offered by the Barracuda Web Application Controllers, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall secures Web sites against data theft, denial of service or defacement. As a full proxy, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall blocks or cloaks attacks, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks or buffer overflows, while preventing outbound sensitive data leakage. To minimise ongoing administration associated with security, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall automatically receives Energize Updates for the latest policy definitions, security updates and attack definitions. In addition, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall features the same user interface and management framework common to all Barracuda Networks products, including the Barracuda Spam Firewall and Barracuda Web Filter.

The Barracuda Web Site Firewall product line integrates varied degrees of traffic management capabilities, including SSL offloading, hardware-based SSL acceleration and load balancing, which increases both performance and availability of the applications.

Affordable PCI compliance

In addition to ensuring the integrity and availability of a business’ Web site, the Barracuda Web Site Firewall also enables Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance for mainstream businesses that use their Web site or other Web applications to conduct retail transactions with customers.

“The Internet has enabled small and medium businesses to operate on a global scale, making it imperative that these businesses also have a means with which they can secure transactions containing credit card or other personal account data with customers all over the world,” said Pao. “With the Barracuda Web Site Firewall, businesses can afford a comprehensive set of technologies designed to protect against unauthorised access to this sensitive information.”

PCI DSS Section 6.6 mandates that all businesses with Web application access to credit card or other account information complete an extensive audit of their Web applications or install a Web application firewall by June 30, 2008. The Barracuda Web Site Firewall fulfils major PCI DSS requirements including:

· Data protection – Proxies all inbound and outbound Web traffic to insulate Web servers from direct attacks

· Encryption – Provides SSL encryption even if the application or server does not enable SSL encryption for inbound or outbound traffic

· Vulnerability protection – Safeguards custom development, legacy and third-party applications from known zero-day attacks as well as the industry-accepted top 10 Web application vulnerabilities

· Access restriction – Utilises roles-based administration to enforce security policies for accessing systems and SSL administration

Pricing and Availability

The Barracuda Web Site Firewall 360, 460 and 660 models are currently available, starting at £3,699. International pricing varies by region. Barracuda Networks will also continue to support the Barracuda Web Application Firewall NC 1100 AF and NC 2000 AF as well as Barracuda Application Gateway NC 500 AG, NC 1100 AG and NC 2000 AG products. For more information, on the Barracuda Web Site Firewall and Barracuda Web Application Controller product lines, visit

About Barracuda Networks Inc.

Barracuda Networks Inc. isthe worldwide leader in email and Web security appliances. Barracuda Networks also provides world-class IM protection, application server load balancing and message archiving appliances. More than 50,000 companies, including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Harvard University, IBM, L'Oreal, NASA and Europcar, are protecting their networks with Barracuda Networks’ solutions. Barracuda Networks' success is due to its ability to deliver easy to use, comprehensive solutions that solve the most serious issues facing customer networks without unnecessary add-ons, maintenance, lengthy installations or per user license fees. Barracuda Networks is privately held with its headquarters in Campbell, California. Barracuda Networks has offices in eight international locations and distributors in more than 80 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

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